How to Set Up Multi Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Options?

magento 2 cash on delivery

There are a large number of Magento e-commerce stores are providing the cash on delivery payment method. As you might know, Magento 2 cash on delivery function is very basic, which allows us to create a COD option in the checkout process.

However, many store owners now want more than that, for example, they might want to apply different extra fees for buyers who choose COD payment methods, or to allow the purchasers to select the time of delivery. Besides, some e-businesses have developed the “cash” on delivery to “pay” on delivery that let the customers make their payment either by cash or cards.

So, how can the merchants apply different COD payment options in their online store? The simplest way to do that is by using this FREE Multi Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Module, which gives you an ability to generate up to 6 COD options! Now, we will show you how to apply the module in practical examples:

Apply Extra Fees for Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Based on Order Subtotals

Step 1: Navigate to Payment Methods configuration First, you have to access your Magento 2 backend, click on STORES and choose Configuration (under Settings). Then, expand the SALES section on the left menu and select Payment Methods.

magento 2 cash on delivery configuration

Step 2: Navigate to Cash On Delivery config As you can see, there are 6 COD options, including the Magento default one. You have to add more information for each option.

magento 2 cod options

Step 3: Create multiple COD options with different extra charges In this example, we will create 3 COD options. The buyers will be charged extra $10, $5, $0 for choosing COD if their order subtotals are under $100, from $100-200, and over $200 respectively. Based on the conditions, we will have the following config:

magento 2 cash on delivery extra charge

In each Magento 2 cash on delivery option, you will be able to set its title (shown on the frontend), select the countries that are allowed to select this option, write instruction, and set conditions for the subtotal. Remember to save the config and clear cache to complete.

Offer Different Choices of Delivery Time for COD

Step 1 & 2: Similar to the first example. 

Step 3: Create multiple COD options based on time of delivery Here, we will create different COD options so that the customers can choose the time of receiving their order – in the morning/ afternoon or within the office hours.

magento 2 cash on delivery time

You can set extra fees for each COD option if you want. It’s worth noting that the shippers will collect the subtotal plus this fee.

Offer Two Types of Direct Payment by Cash and Card

Step 1 & 2: Similar to the first example.

Step 3: Create 2 COD option based on the type of direct payment In the final example, we will create 2 Magento 2 COD options, allowing the customers to pay by their cash/ card.

magento 2 cod cash or card

Remember to save the config and clear cache to complete. 

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