Magento 2 PWA Extensions Vs TigrenPWA Theme: Which One?

magento 2 pwa extensions vs tigrenpwa

PWA is one of the key tools to stay ahead in the competition among online retailers. All merchants hope to integrate PWA on their sites but are unsure of which installation solution would bring the best results. The two most common methods usually mentioned by providers are Magento 2 PWA extensions and Magento 2 PWA theme. 

The consultation from extension providers could let merchants mistake these two as similar PWA solutions. In fact, they are separate ways to build PWA and could bring different results. 

With the past experience of developing both PWA extensions and themes for Magento, we have seen that extensions still lack many features to help merchants create a true PWA store. By contrast, themes for Magento PWA fix most of those limitations.

Thus, we have stopped offering the Magento PWA plugin and moved our focus to the TigrenPWA theme only.

This post will provide merchants with a precise comparison between the two solutions and help them to make the best decision.

Let’s begin!

Fundamental Differences

1. Installation

Magento 2 PWA Extensions

It works like any other extensions merchants have installed previously on their store.

Customers purchase the extension and configure it in the back end. The installation process is simple and quickly done.

Merchants can install the plugins by the guide from providers or hire the developers to finish the process. 

TigrenPWA Theme

The process is more complicated than using the extension and takes more time. It is best to hire a team of developers at this stage. 

2. Website Structure (After Installation)

Magento 2 PWA Extensions

The website still maintains its old structure with frontend and backend. 

TigrenPWA Theme

Tigren’s Magento PWA theme will transform the original website structure (frontend and backend) to the new one with the PWA storefront and backend. These two layers are connected by API. 

3. PWA features

Magento 2 PWA Extension

Then new PWA features will be added to the website: Add to home screen, push notification, offline mode,…

The extension does not provide full functions from Progressive Web App to the store.

TigrenPWA Theme

As the theme upgrades the current store to PWA structure, the Progressive Web App functions (Offline mode, Background sync, Add to the home screen,…) all show excellent performance on site. 

Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA Theme also adds some improved features for the eCommerce store such as improved layered navigation, live chat, banner manager, Instagram feed, fastly cdn… 

Detailed Comparison

1. Technology

Magento PWA Extensions

Each extension provider codes in its own way and it may not follow the Magento standards. Thus, there would be a high chance that code conflict might occur and the current functions on the Magento website may suffer. 

As Magento constantly tries to improve the platform, the extension may no longer be compatible when Magento releases its new version. 

TigrenPWA Theme

The theme is built based on  Magento 2 PWA Studio, GraphQL, and ReactJS. The Magento coding standards are strictly followed and code conflict is no longer a problem.

2. Interface

Magento 2 PWA Extensions

As the website structure remains unchanged, the website interface stays the same.

TigrenPWA Theme

The frontend of the site is now replaced by the PWA storefront.

Merchants have 2 options:

The first is to use the design from TigrenPWA (customization possible for some basic elements like font, color, etc.)

Store owners can also ask to build a unique storefront for the website. 

Tigren’s PWA theme for Magento 2 also improves some limitations of the normal website: maintaining the header when loading to minimize waiting time; decreasing the loading time for preloaded pages to zero. 

3. Functions

Magento 2 PWA Extensions

Most extension providers claim to bring all PWA features to the website. However, most extension demonstrations still lack some core PWA functions. 

TigrenPWA Theme

The theme provides full PWA functions and maintains the default features from the Magento site.

Besides, we also provide additional advanced features designed for the e-commerce store. For further information, firms can check our Magento PWA theme demo.

Compared to other PWA themes on the market, our theme also owns the widest variety of features. 

4. Stability

Magento 2 PWA Extensions

Some extensions depend on Google API to operate and show unstable performance.

Thus, any changes from Google API will directly affect the store performance.

The updates from Magento like releasing a new version might result in code conflict if the extension is not updated. 

TigrenPWA Theme

Our theme is constantly updated with Magento PWA Studio.

We also provide 6-12 months of after-service support to ensure the new PWA store operates smoothly and does not encounter any issues.

5. Cost

Magento PWA Extensions

The prices for PWA extensions for Magento 2 are quite cheap (free to $200). This does not include the installation fee.

TigrenPWA Theme

The cost for the TigrenPWA theme (integration included) is $799 now. The price can be changed depending on how much merchants want to customize their stores.

It is obvious that the TigrenPWA theme is more expensive than other PWA extensions but the benefits that merchants receive are worth every penny.

The money spent on PWA theme investment will soon convert to the arrival of new customers, higher satisfaction level, and more online orders. 

TigrenPWA Theme Has Surpassed Magento PWA Extension In Most Aspects

Price would be the most outstanding advantage of choosing Magento 2 PWA extensions. While it still provides PWA features, the unstable performance or missing features from the original website or even PWA are some potential problems.

For the TigrenPWA theme, merchants can get full PWA functions delivered to the store with high-quality performance with additional advanced eCommerce features.

Besides, our post-service support also relieves merchants from the concern of paying an additional fee for fixing issues during operation. The cost is higher but merchants will soon be rewarded with rising sales revenues. 

If you want to build your Magento PWA now, consider our ready-made theme or custom Magento Progressive Web App development service, and contact us if you have any queries!