Top 4 Magento 2 Customer Segments Extensions on The Market

magento customer segmentation

Picture this: you know exactly what your customers want, when they want it, and how to reach out to them. With the right extensions, this can be your reality.

Today, we’re excited to share with you the best Magento 2 customer segments extensions on the market. These top picks will help you create personalized experiences, boost customer engagement, and increase your sales.

Let’s jump in and discover how to make every customer feel special!

1. Customer Segmentation Subscription by Aheadworks

The Customer Segmentation Subscription by Aheadworks for Magento 2 is a dynamic and robust tool designed for effective customer segmentation. This backend module excels in creating detailed segmentation rules that cater to the nuanced needs of customers, their purchasing behavior, brand loyalty, and various demographic and economic characteristics.

The extension is particularly adept at utilizing comprehensive customer data, including those from unregistered, logged-out, and guest shoppers. Its sophisticated algorithms facilitate the tracking of buyers’ sales histories, order details, addresses, and other personal information, ensuring swift and accurate data processing.

Key Features

  • Fast and Efficient Data Processing: The extension offers options to expedite reindexation, such as disabling rules and choosing store views, ensuring quick and accurate data handling.
  • Comprehensive Data Organization: A unified list encompasses both registered and guest customers, simplifying data management.
  • Inclusive Guest Customer Data Usage: Tracks data from unregistered, logged-out, and guest shoppers, providing a complete customer overview.


The pricing for the Customer Segmentation Subscription by Aheadworks is structured as follows:

  • First Year: $539.00 per year.
  • Subsequent Years: $200.00 per year.
  • Installation: Free of charge.

2. Customers Segmentation by Amasty

The Customer Segmentation extension by Amasty for Magento 2 is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies through detailed customer segmentation. This extension allows you to categorize customers and guest visitors based on a wide range of criteria, such as demographic data, shopping behaviors, order histories, and more.

With its capability to create dynamic and flexible segmentation rules, this module is essential for running targeted marketing campaigns and enhancing customer engagement.

Key Features

  • Diverse Criteria for Segmentation: Create segmentation lists based on various factors like customer data, shopping cart contents, order information, shipping and billing addresses, product views, and wishlist additions.
  • Detailed Customer Data Segmentation: Divide registered customers into groups using parameters like website activity, customer group, gender, name, last visit or registration date, birthday, email, and more.
  • Order-Based Segmentation: Develop rules based on specific order parameters such as time since the first or last completed order, payment and shipping methods used, total sales amount, and average order value.


The pricing for the Customers Segmentation extension by Amasty is as follows:

  • First Year: $919.00 per year.
  • Subsequent Years: $559.00 per year.

3. Customer Segmentation by Magezon

Magezon’s Customer Segmentation for Magento 2 is an essential tool designed to refine marketing efforts and enhance sales strategies. This extension allows for the segmentation of both registered and guest customers into distinct groups based on a variety of parameters.

The tool is adept at utilizing customer information, shopping cart data, and order history to create effective segmentation rules. It’s especially useful for businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies and drive sales through targeted campaigns.

Key Features

  • Rule-Based Customer Segmentation: Create unlimited segments for both registered and guest customers using a combination of conditions and rules.
  • Integration with Cart Price Rules: Enhances the functionality of Cart Price Rules by using created segments when setting conditions, allowing for more targeted campaigns.
  • Export Capability: Export customer segmentation lists in CSV or XML formats for further analysis or integration with other systems.


The total cost for the Customer Segmentation extension by Magezon is $149.00.

4.  Customer Segmentation Suite for Magento 2 by Mirasvit

mirasvit magento extension

The Customer Segmentation Suite for Magento 2 is a comprehensive marketing tool designed to enhance customer engagement and optimize marketing strategies. This extension allows merchants to divide customers into distinct segments based on various rules and criteria.

It’s an effective way to personalize communication and marketing efforts, ultimately reducing marketing costs and improving the efficiency of customer interactions. The extension is compatible with both registered and non-registered customers, providing a versatile solution for all types of customer interactions.

Key Features

  • Flexible Segmentation Rules: Segment customers based on a wide array of criteria, including customer attributes (like gender), billing/shipping address attributes, order history, shopping cart contents, and more.
  • Personalized Discounts: Use customer segments in cart price rules to offer personalized discounts, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing sales potential.
  • Dynamic Customer Group Management: Automatically move customers between different groups depending on the segment they belong to, maintaining a dynamic and responsive customer database.


This pricing structure offers options for different Magento editions, ensuring that businesses of various scales can access this powerful tool.

  • Open Source (CE): $149
  • Commerce (EE): $298
  • Commerce on Cloud (ECE): $348
  • Lifetime Access to Source Code
  • Free Support and Updates for 1 Year
  • Updates and Support Prolongation: $90

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