Rescuing Your Magento Store With Proper Caching Strategies

Rescuing Your Magento Store With Proper Caching Strategies
Needless to say, Magento is one of the most prevalent e-commerce platform over the last 5 years, and a huge number of businesses have chosen Magento to move online. Although the initial development cost seems to be relatively high, the Magento store has a lot of amazing default features, responsive website design, fast checkout system, useful report, etc., which makes it worth the investment. Especially, for the large Magento store with varied product types, enormous inventory, multiple stores with a single back-end, going for Magento is ideal. However, since Magento is a big system operating with thousands of files, it requires powerful caching layers. Otherwise, it might lead to an immensely slow page low and create bad experience for the customers. From our experience, code optimization like MySQL query cache, Magento cache, PHP opcode cache, the server-side full page cache or application-side full page cache would contribute the Magento store worst/ best performance. magento caching
  • MySQL Query Caching: This can boost the performance of certain apps but unfortunately, scale poorly on multi-core architecture, which leads to sluggish query execution as a result.
  • PHP OpCode Caching: Several popular tools are APC, Xcache, eAccelerator, and Zend Opcache. The OpCode caches will work efficiently at the PHP code compilation and saves the compiled chunks. PHP Remember to install OpCode caching on your server and enable it to improve your Magento store performance considerably.
  • Magento Caching: This caching will contribute to prevent the repeated operations and irrelevant cache display and therefore is highly suggested in not only poor-performance Magento store.
  • Server-Side Full Page Caching: This type of full-page cache is recommended as it will result in agile page load time and server load, less hardware requirements, better SEO rating, and acceptable bounce rate of the Magento store.
  • Application-Side Full Page Caching: By applying this full-page cache, it will enhance the query processing and shows the result without page generation to the user. Although it is highly recommended for static page caching, it might conflict with the apps.
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