18 Industries With Excellent Magento Website Examples In 2022

magento website examples

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms today. This can be proved thanks to various Magento website examples. 

We have listed out famous businesses that are currently using Magento websites, divided by their industries.

18 Industries With Exceptional Magento Website Examples

1. Cosmetics

examples of magento websites

Sigma Beauty, Just For Men, and Sanctuary are perfect examples of Magento websites to start this article. These brands have different products and target customers, but they all need a high-quality website. It will help them attract customers with beautiful images and a clean interface.

2. Shoes

magento websites list

Timberland, Hogl, and Christian Louboutin are well-known brands in the footwear industry. These shoe brands all need a simple but high-speed and visually sophisticated website. Magento is a high-performance unit that fulfills these brand desires to the fullest.

3. Clothes


Clothing is also a regular business with online shopping. Therefore, they also need a great quality website.

Moschino is a luxury clothes brand from Italy. Their Magento website has done a great job showing the luxurious beauty of each brand’s outfit design.

Harvey Nichols and Forever New sites are also great examples. Magento interfaces of both brands clearly show the youthfulness and modernity of their target customers.

4. Handbag

osprey london

Handbag companies like Kipling, Osprey London, all required a website that reflects the brand’s personality. 

They decided to choose Magento as their website building platform because it is incredibly customizable. As a result, the online branding process goes smoother for these businesses.

5. Home accessory

websites use magento

The home accessory is a relatively “sensitive” category. Since products are intended for decorative purposes, they need to be presented as beautifully, politely, and stylishly as possible on the website.

Understanding this, famous home accessory brands such as Graham & Green, Lladro, Wall Art Prints have chosen Magento as their platform to develop their online sales channels.

6. Glasses

best magento website examples

Vision Boutique and Warby Parker are famous examples of Magento websites in the field of eyewear. They have applied many outstanding features of Magento Shop to their website. Typical are the payment options, the product comparison function, the social sharing button, the feedback corner, and the like.

7. Lighting

tom dixon

Lighting is one of the most profitable products for businesses. However, it is not easy to sell globally.

Beaumotica, Tom Dixon, and EGLO didn’t let this weakness stop them. They choose Magento as their companion. Thanks to its optimized interface and outstanding performance, this platform became an efficient solution for their development.

8. Construction


Often, businesses operating in construction (such as QuestMark, BMN Bouwmaterialen, Lecot) are vital in terms of features. They pay special attention to inventory reporting ability, SEO, and the like. Magento’s website has fulfilled all their wishes.

9. Bed decor


It is uncontroversial that Soak&Sleep, Sleep Outfitters, and Coyuchi are the best Magento website examples in this category. These are all businesses specializing in bed decoration products.

Thanks to the Magento online store, these companies have now reduced their space and inventory costs. Since then, the company’s revenue and profit have both increased significantly.

10. Sweets

gertrude hawk

Monin is a syrup shop, Sugarfina is a luxury confectionery shop, and Gertrude Hawk is a chocolate shop. These three businesses are reputable sweets shops in the world.

However, these stores need an effective online distribution channel to reach and analyze their customers more efficiently and business growth. To do this, they chose Magento.

11. Accessories


Catbird, Daily Edited, and Add A Pearl are all well-known brands for women’s jewelry. These companies have invested a lot of effort into their Magento websites.

With a well-designed e-commerce site and striking images, these firms have seen a significant increase in sales.

12. Toys

a little lovely

It is impossible not to mention Fun Express, Rubik’s, and A Little Lovely when referring to toy business examples. These three businesses all choose Magento to make their websites. It helps them stay in touch with customers and reach new markets worldwide.

13. Health Services


Unlike the other industries, health service is an area that needs customers’ trust. So the challenge for NCare, Seniority, and the British Heart Foundation is finding a platform to support building websites that show professionalism. 

In addition, prices, payment gateways, service information also need to be shown as clearly as possible. They chose Magento to build their website, which effectively solved these requirements.

14. Technology


Magento Shop has met the requirement of HP, Asus, and Vizio. These companies have very high essentials for customer care and consistent experience because of their multinational business.

15. Furniture

signature hardware

Like home accessories and fashion, furniture is also a category that needs a beautiful, stylish, and easy-to-see website. Industry West, Cox&Cox, and Signature Hardware have trusted and chosen the Magento website for the highest aesthetic.

16. Drinks


Coca-Cola Store, Neverfail, Nestle Nespresso are all known beverage businesses. They need a professional and efficient online store to preserve their reputation. Magento is the best solution for their difficulties that meets all requirements.

17. Watch

chopard magento website examples

Currently, many watch businesses are using the Magento website. The brand’s customer segment is also diverse, from luxury to medium. 

Some good examples include Chopard, Omega Watches, and Timex. These brands have gorgeous or feature-rich Magento stores to retain customers.

18. Sport


Helly Hansen, Rossignol, Liverpool FC, and Björn Borg are indispensable names in the sportswear Magento websites list. These brands chose the Magento website to maximize profits and distribute their products worldwide.

How To Build A Good Magento Website?

To build a Magento website, you can either do it by yourself or hire an agency. Because Magento is more complicated than other platforms, it’s recommended that you build your own site in case you have knowledge about web development.

Or else, get a Magento development provider to do the work for you. They have enough knowledge and experience to create top-notch websites.

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In A Nutshell

Magento is rated as one of the top website building frameworks in the world. Therefore, it is quite understandable that many businesses in various industries prefer this platform.

Above are Magento website examples aggregated in 20 industries. In fact, the number of industries with businesses using Magento is much larger than that, but the article is quite long, so we will stop here. We hope it is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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