Progressive Web App Future: The Best Thing To Know This Year

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Progressive web apps have been an emerging trend in recent years. And perhaps you’re thinking of adopting it as well? Of course, before getting to the final decision, it’s useful to know what the future holds. This article will discuss trends regarding users’ experience and the progressive web app future.

Let’s get started! 

What Is A PWA?

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) uses both web and native app advantages by using modern web technologies and design patterns.

Web apps, in particular, are more discoverable than native apps. This is because visiting a website rather than installing an app is quicker and faster, and you can also share web apps by emailing a link.

Native apps, on the other hand, are more integrated with operating systems. As a result, they provide a more seamless experience for users. Instead of utilizing a browser, you can easily install a native app.

Fortunately, PWAs deliver all of this and more without abandoning any of the web’s best features.

Progressive Web App Future: Why It Will Be The Trend In 2022?

Mobile using experience improved

According to research, there are more than 6 billion smartphone users worldwide today. This number is expected to increase by several hundred million in the coming years.

With more people using their phones to shop, store owners must discover ways to improve the mobile user experience.

So now, you may ask, how does PWA help mobile users? Let’s take a look at some benefits of it! 

future of progressive web apps

Mobile-like behavior

PWAs have all of the advantages of a website, such as a database access and dynamic data. Moreover, they also have the appearance and feel of a native mobile app.

PWAs can do this thanks to current UX and UI frameworks which give a far better mobile experience.

PWAs are also still indexed by search engines like Google, which can increase the app’s visibility.

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Better Speed

Did you know that a 0.1-second increase in mobile site speed boosts retail conversion rates by 8.4%?

Fortunately, PWA has a faster loading time for mobile and desktop users. And the quicker your website performs, the faster your customers get to where they want to go. 

Each time a customer enters your store, the smart cache system retains their information. As a result, the buying experience on your website becomes more simplified and effortless with each visit.

Easy installation

Users must go to Google Play or the App Store to install native apps, search for the name, click the install button, and confirm the behavior. They must then wait for the download procedure to complete.

Thus, users are likely to feel frustrated and abandon the app download process because it is complicated and time-consuming.

On the other hand, PWA’s Add to Home Screen feature allows users to “install” PWA on their device with just a few taps. They can then access that website with just a single press on their home screen.

Easy new product check out

Checking out a new product entails many procedures. Then, each time customers want to update information about their online stores, they must repeat these steps. It takes a significant amount of time and works in the end.

The Add to Home Screen (A2HS) feature, on the other hand, creates a direct shortcut to the PWA on the user’s device. As a result, they may click on the icon whenever they wish and immediately access the website.

Work Offline

PWA’s offline mode feature helps users see certain pages when the Wi-Fi mode is off of the Internet connection is lost. 

When the Wi-Fi mode is turned off, or the Internet connection is lost, the PWA’s offline mode feature can help users see specific pages.

As a result, the purchasing procedure will stay constant, and the whole shopping experience will be much improved.

progressive web app future

Marketing strategies cost optimization

Businesses are likely to find more effective marketing solutions with lower costs soon.

While the figure for mobile users increases fastly, the push notification feature of PWA is the best choice for marketing strategies with zero cost. Let’s see some of its benefits!

Increase traffic to your website

Notification pop-ups attract the interest of the user. Thus, this may, to some extent can help to increase the number of visitors to the website. 

Develop customer communication

Ads, banners, posters, and leaflets may cost a lot of money for marketing solutions. On the other hand, PWA offers a free and effective Push Notifications feature. It helps approach targeted customers by creating contact and engagement between stores and shoppers.

Improve brand awareness

Push notifications, which are considered an effective marketing tool, notify consumers of coupons, special offers, last-minute deals, and more.

This feature also enhances brand recognition by including their logos in messaging. With regular marketing messages and a mild approach, PWA Push Notification is a great conversion trick that e-stores can’t ignore.

Rocket growth in the future

PWAs are incredibly simple to manage due to their platform independence and lack of installation difficulties. Therefore, various studies point to a very promising progressive web app future.

Additionally, many visionary companies applying PWA achieved good outcomes when in the first stage as an early adopter.

As a result, when in the second stage, the majority of remaining companies on the market are about to follow them. 

This, without a doubt, will lead to an explosive growth period of PWA.

How To Build A PWA?

There are two most common methods to build a PWA as below.

1. Installing A PWA Theme

pwa theme

The Progressive Web App theme will replace the old website structure (frontend and backend) with a new one that includes the PWA storefront and backend. API connects these two layers.

It takes more time to install a PWA Theme as it is more complicated. Therefore, it is better to employ a development team at this stage.

2. Building a custom PWA

This is more of an approach for big brands. Custom PWA allows businesses to have every detail adjust to their requirements, from design functions to advanced features. Of course, the cons are time and money spent on it.

For a custom PWA, it’ll take around 6 months to complete.

What Is The Best Company For PWA development?

It is important to have a good software partner for your business to develop PWA. Therefore, Tigren can be your best choice. 

We are one of the leading Progressive Web App development agencies. With over six years of expertise, we have executed several successful projects ranging from small to large.

TigrenPWA, our ready-to-use PWA theme for any Magento website, is a novel option for PWA integration. While cost and time are the most critical factors for organizations, TigrenPWA has been proven to be both quick and cost-effective. 

Wrap Up

Without a doubt, there will be fast growth in the popularity of PWA in 2022. Moreover, store owners need to sense the change in the industry to meet the demand of customers.

Progressive web app future is forecasted to be in a stage of explosive growth. Therefore, businesses need to develop PWA and find an excellent companion to help them.

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