How To Set BCC For Customer Welcome Email In Magento?

how to set bcc for customer welcome email in magento 2


Set BCC for the welcome emails that are sent to the new customers when they register new accounts.


  • The 1st method:

In your custom module

– Rewrite model Mage_Customer_Model_Customer in config.xml


– Create Customer.php in path Vendor/Namespace/Model/Customer/Customer and override function _sendEmailTemplate

class Vendor_Namespace_Model_Customer_Customer extends Mage_Customer_Model_Customer
				protected function _sendEmailTemplate($template, $sender, $templateParams = array(), $storeId = null, $customerEmail = null)
					$customerEmail = ($customerEmail) ? $customerEmail : $this->getEmail();
					/** @var $mailer Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template_Mailer */
					$mailer = Mage::getModel('core/email_template_mailer');
					$emailInfo = Mage::getModel('core/email_info');
					$emailInfo->addTo($customerEmail, $this->getName());

					//add bbc
					$mailer->addBcc('[email protected]');
					// Set all required params and send emails
					$mailer->setSender(Mage::getStoreConfig($sender, $storeId));
					$mailer->setTemplateId(Mage::getStoreConfig($template, $storeId));
					return $this;
  • The 2nd method:

Add the following code

	$emailTemplateId='Youe email temlate';
	//Multiple BCC email address
	$add_bcc=array("[email protected]","[email protected]");
	//Multiple CC email address
	$add_cc=array("[email protected]","[email protected]");
	$email='[email protected]';
	$sender = Array('name' => 'test','email' => '[email protected]');
	$mailSubject='Your subject';
	$vars = Array('name' => 'Your message');

		->sendTransactional($emailTemplateId, $sender, $email, null, $vars, $storeId);

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