Fix Magento 2 “There Has Been An Error Processing Your Request” Error

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Let’s go to another issue that Magento 2 users often encounter.

Note that while you may have seen in Magento the “There has been an error processing your request” message more than a couple of times, the notification itself is NOT an error.

Rather than that, it is a notification for you about the errors happening in your system.

Why The System Sent This Message

warning! sorry, there was an error processing your request. please try again

The notification in Magento “There has been an error processing your request” can pop up in these cases:

  • Data exceeds server memory
  • New Magento 2 theme or extension is integrated
  • Magento 2 update
  • Template code is changed
  • Setting configuration

All of the above situations can lead to the system firing the alert.

However, the problem is that the notification doesn’t specify what the issues are. In order to resolve the errors, you first need to find them.

Here’s How To Debug Magento 2 “There has been an error processing your request”

To check where the exact issues are, you can follow either of the following methods.

Solution 1: Find the errors in the Log File manually

Check whether the notification includes an error log record number. If the record number is displayed, then:

Step 1: Access your Magento 2 server with ssh or FTP.

Step 2: Navigate the /var/report folder.

In the folder, you’ll be able to check out all generated error log files.

Step 3: Find and check the folder whose name is the same as the provided error log record number.

For instance, if the given record number is 5425678461978, the file path will be [Magento Root Directory]/var/report/5425678461978.

Thus, you can see all the details of where the error happened and know what to fix.

Solution 2: Enable exception printing errors

This approach is helpful when the system doesn’t give you a specific error log record number.

Step 1: Switch to developer mode. Run the following command:

php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

Step 2: Go to /pub/errors then rename local.xml.sample to local.xml

Step 3: Refresh your front end and check the detailed error message.

After knowing the exact problem, you can go and solve it. Consequently, the message “There has been an error processing your request” will disappear.


Dealing with the “There Has Been An Error Processing Your Request” error in Magento 2 can be a headache, but with the steps we’ve covered, you should be well on your way to resolving it.

With a little patience and attention to detail, you’ll have your Magento store running smoothly again in no time.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Magento community or professional support for help.

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