5 Tips For Choosing An Excellent Magento 2 Migration Company

As a business owner, we must know that Magento has officially announced to end its support for Magento 1 since the end of June 2020. Therefore, if you are still using this outdated edition, it would be better to upgrade the website to Magento 2. Otherwise, you will be at risk of losing data or website downtime. The first thing you should do now is to find a trustworthy Magento 2 migration company.

But do you know how to choose an excellent agency that can accomplish the migration successfully?

If your answer is no or not sure about it, then you are in the right place.

Here we recommend five tips that will be useful for Magento merchants when selecting a Magento migration service provider.

1. Choose A Company With Years Of Experience In Magento 2 Migration

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The process of converting Magento 1 to 2 is not as easy as we might expect.

Actually, we have to build a new website from scratch on Magento 2. That’s why we cannot reuse the design, functions, or extensions of the Magento 1 store.

However, many merchants may be mistaken that the Magento migration procedure is not that complicated. Therefore, they randomly pick a service provider and hope to smooth the process.

But you know, things do not come up to their expectation.

Another misconception many store owners may have is that all Magento companies are good at migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2.

The truth is that different agencies have their strengths in various aspects. A company might be excellent at developing extensions or custom functions. But that does not mean it also shines at moving to Magento 2.

Hence, before hiring any Magento migration service provider, we should look at their profile, which will show us their experience, capabilities, and previous projects that they carried out.

A reliable Magento 2 Migration company must have lots of experience upgrading the old Magento version website to the new one. Some of them started providing this service since the release of Magento 2 in 2015.

Also, the Magento migration projects that an agency conducted will prove their staff’s skills and qualifications.

Considering this factor, you can partly decide whether it’s worth hiring a company or not.

2. Select A Service Provider That Shows You A Thorough Project Proposal

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Besides, whether a Magento migration service provider shows a comprehensive project proposal or not has a significant impact on our choice.

A clear and detailed plan that meets all of the requirements will demonstrate how professional an agency is.

A professional Magento 2 Migration company should give you the estimated development time of every stage in the Magento 2 migration process with its proposal.

Additionally, a professional proposal should also include the scope of the project, suggested solutions, and payment terms. Also, other aspects like the means of communication or how the Magento migration progress is reported are essential.

3. Look For A Magento 2 Migration Company Charging A Reasonable Price

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Pricing has always been one of the major concerns of any business owner.

When looking for a Magento migration service provider, it is advisable to choose one that offers a suitable price. The migration cost should fit your budget regardless of your business scale.

Additionally, remember not to hire any company that gives you ballpark quotes. Otherwise, there might be unexpected fees or add-ons that may exceed your budget.

Hence, a transparent agency in billing would be a wise choice.

It will not be the right choice if you agree to hourly costs. Instead, it is suggested that you ask for a quote for the whole project as mentioned above.

4. Consider An Agency That Provides Good Pre & Post-Services

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Another aspect that we should pay attention to is the service that an agency provides pre and post-Magento 2 migration.

Before implementing the process, the service provider will give us advice on what and how we should migrate to minimize the cost. As each agency offers different service packages, they should recommend the most suitable one that fulfills all the needs.

Besides, post-service is also essential as it is a means to strengthen the relationship between a company and its clients.

Most of the Magento 2 agencies offer three-month free support, while some charge a high fee for their post-service. There are just a few Magento 2 migration companies that are willing to support their customers in the next six months after the migration without any cost.

5. Prioritize A Magento Migration Agency That Offers Extra Services

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In addition to the services that are included in the Magento migration process, you should also consider further benefits that a company may offer.

Some extra services that many agencies provide these days consist of website performance optimization and Magento 2 training.

You may have to pay for these services, but the advantages they bring to you are immeasurable.

When you have your website performance-optimized, the developers will maximize the quality of your site’s images, coding, speed, and SEO basics. This helps to enhance user experience, avoid traffic drops, and paves the way for a higher rank of your online store in the search results after being released.

A matter that might come to us after moving to Magento 2 is that we are not familiar with the new platform. That’s why the Magento 2 training service is now available. 

This service equips you with crucial knowledge of Magento 2, and how to use and manage and operate your new website without any difficulty.

Tigren – Your Trusted Magento Migration Company

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It is undeniable that Magento migration has become an inevitable trend in the Magento community. Thus, more and more merchants are looking for an excellent Magento 2 migration company to upgrade their websites successfully.

With over 10 years of experience in Magento development and strong expertise in migrating Magento 1 to 2, Tigren is one of the best Magento 2 Migration companies at the moment.

By opting for Tigren’s Magento migration service, you will have your site upgraded with a surpassing interface and performance – in the shortest time possible and at a competitive price. After the development process, we will continue standing by and supporting in 3-6 months without extra fees.

Hundreds of migrations to Magento 2 have been carried out by our excellent team, have a look at some of our outstanding projects here. Send us your request now if you want to add your site to our long list of successful projects!