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Magento vs WooCommerce. A Quick Comparison.

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Magento and WooCommerce can be considered as the two “biggest guys” in the e-commerce industry. There are a lot of prolix and complicated comparison articles with the aim of selecting the winner between two of them, which make us even more confused.

Therefore, we want to give you a short and concise analytics to simplify the problem. Although only the key points are mentioned, it’s enough to make a decision about which platform is suitable for your business.


There are 8 common characteristics between Magento and WooCommerce as the followings:

  • Open source
  • Easy to seek help from the community
  • Allow adding a blog to support SEO
  • Allow viewing Google Analytics
  • Thousands of free & premium themes
  • Easy to customize the design
  • Allow to upload unlimited products and manage them effectively
  • Plenty of free extensions


On the other hand, Magento differs greatly from WooCommerce in terms of target customers, features, hosting, and so on.

Magento WooCommerce
What is this? – The most popular e-commerce platform (account for more than a quarter of all online retailers)
– Designed specifically for e-commerce
– A strong plugin for the WordPress platform
– The 2nd most prevalent choice after Magento
Cost – Both free & paid – Completely free
Target customers – Medium to large e-commerce retailers, who hire agencies to set up & manage their stores – Small & medium-sized enterprises, who have little coding experience
Installation – Require technical skills – Easy, can DIY
Hosting – Run using dedicated servers or a cloud plan when the product portfolio grows
– Use large disk space
– Run using WordPress’s hosting
– Use little disk space, be light on server space
Features – Lots of features: Enable to cross-sell & up-sell your products, compare products, create coupon codes, use an advanced filter to navigate the products
– Provide different currencies, payment options, & multiple languages
– Manage many stores on the same account – via one dashboard
– Include APIs to connect with third-party solution
– Limited features: Allow to rate products & feature best sellers/ sale items through available widgets but require add-ons for more complicated things
– Sotiphicated navigation can be filtered by one attribute
– Include SSL support but require a certificate
Security – Many advanced features & dedicated patches to handle any possible vulnerabilities – Basic features


Actually, there is no ultimate answer to the question: “Who is the better between Magento and WooCommerce?”. You had better change the question to “Who is the better option for your business?” and I think now you have the answer for your own.

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magento vs woocommerce comparison
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April LeeMagento vs WooCommerce. A Quick Comparison.

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