How To Add Sale Price for Products In Magento 2? (5 Minutes)

how to add sale price for products in magento 2 tutorial

As you might know, providing discounts and promotions is immensely effective for boosting sales in Magento eCommerce stores. Fortunately, Magento 2 allows us to easily set the sale price/ special price for any products from the backend. In this tutorial, we will show you 5 simple steps to add and apply discount prices for your items. Let’s get started!

  • Step 1: Open your Admin Panel, navigate to the “Catalog” section and choose the “Products” tab.

(Admin Panel => CATALOG => Products)

config special price in magento 2
  • Step 2: On the Products page, select a product that you want to set the sale price for.

You can click directly on each product line or click on the “Edit” button to choose a specific product.

set discount price on magento 2 backend
  • Step 3: On your selected products page, click on the “Advanced Pricing” section (under the “Price” setting)
add sale price on magento 2 tutorial
  • Step 4: Set a specific sale price for your chosen item.

Here, you can set the sale price for the product by entering a number on the “Special Price” field.

Next, you can set the exact start and end dates for applying this special price by clicking on the calendar icon. Both of those fields are optional, you can set or leave them empty if you haven’t defined the end date of the promotion or want to apply the sale price permanently.

Furthermore, you are able to choose whether to display the “Actual Price” or not by choosing an option in the drop-down (Use config, On Gesture, In Cart, Before Order Confirmation).

Click on the “Done” button when you complete the “Advanced Pricing” settings.

magento 2 special price configuration
  • Step 5: Save the product with the new config and check the result on your front end.
create magento 2 special price


We have shown you how to add the sale price for Magento 2 products step-by-step. Although it takes just a few minutes to set up the special price for an item, if you want to apply the new price for multiple products in your store, it might take a lot of time. Therefore, you should consider installing an extension (e.g.: Magento 2 Daily Deal extension) in order to apply the discount for a/ several/ all products fast and enjoy more advanced features.

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