11+ Best PWA Plugins for WordPress (Updated 2024)

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A proper PWA plugin for WordPress can benefit your sites and customers’ experience. Therefore, this article will show the best PWA Plugins for WordPress. Let’s start and choose the best one!

Why Should You Go For PWA?

Progressive web apps (PWA) help businesses increase conversions, page visits, and session lengths. In addition, PWAs also provide a better web experience to mobile users. They are also a good option for businesses that don’t invest much in developing their mobile app. To sum up, here are some of the benefits to reap:

  • Offline support
  • Less data usage
  • Faster loading times
  • Improved performance
  • Engaging user experiences
  • Always updated app

Why Should You Use WordPress PWA Plugins For Your Site?

A PWA typically requires extensive development work. You must recruit developers and make a big financial commitment. But, you can cut down a lot if you have a WordPress website. Starting from 50$, you can properly create your own PWA.

There are now several WordPress PWA plugins that allow you to transform your website into a PWA. You can build a basic mobile app for your online magazine or add an online ordering system to your restaurant website. Using a WordPress PWA plugin, you can set it up by yourself.

Best PWA Plugins For WordPress

1. PWA for WP & AMP By Magazine3

pwa by magazine3

This WordPress PWA Plugin enables you to insert the power of progressive Web Apps for your AMP and WP easily. Besides, you can give your audience the APP-like experience, which will get your website to their home screen and works instantly like an APP with offline support.


  • AMP Support: Full PWA compatibility for AMP
  • Cache Expire option added
  • APP Banners in Home-screen
  • Web App Manifest
  • Offline Support
  • Full Screen & Splash Screen
  • Continuous Development
  • Dashboard System Status helps you understand the setup status of the PWA.

2. Super Progressive Web Apps By SuperPWA

super pwa by superpwa

Progressive Web Apps is a new technology combining the best mobile web and apps to produce an improved mobile web experience. They may be accessed from the home screen and are loaded on the phone like regular apps (web apps). In addition, you may instantly convert your WordPress website into a Progressive Web App by utilizing this plugin.


  • Generate a manifest for your website and add it to the head of your website.
  • Set PWA icon system.
  • Set the splash screen’s background color.
  • “Add to home screen” notice.
  • Aggressive caching of pages using CacheStorage API.
  • Offline working.
  • Set custom offline page

3. Progressive WordPress (PWA) By Nico Martin

pwa by nico martin

Progressive WordPress enables you to insert advanced web app features for your website in the easiest way. In addition, this WordPress PWA Plugin also allows users to add your site to their home screen. Moreover, this plugin can effectively maintain user engagement on your website by sending push notifications.


  • Add to homescreen
  • Offline Usage
  • Send push notifications from the WP Admin interface
  • Supports Accelerated Mobile Pages

4. PWA By PWA Plugin Contributors

pwa by pwa plugin contributors

PWA is a wonderful WordPress PWA Plugin which is an excellent place for you to implement support for Web App Manifest, HTTPS, and Service Workers in WordPress. Moreover, this plugin is reliable and can load instantly without displaying the down sour even in uncertain network conditions.


  • Respond quickly to user interactions
  • Load instantly and never show the down sour
  • Feel like a natural app on the device
  • Provide the PWA building blocks

5. PWA — easy way to Progressive Web App By Marcin Pietrzak

pwa by marcin

This plugin helps turn your site into a PWA, which has the best of mobile web and the best of mobile app features to create a superior mobile web experience. They may be accessed from the home screen and are loaded on the phone like regular apps (web apps).


  • “Add To Home Screen” notice. 
  •  Users can ‘install your website’ on the home screen of their device
  • Add shortcuts for the context menu
  • Easy and quick in setting up Progressive Web App

6. WP-AppKit – Mobile apps and PWA for WordPress By Uncategorized Creations

wp appkit

WP-Appkit is an excellent way for you to convey a reliable and fast experience on the web used for mobiles. In addition, with this plugin, you can generate PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and mobile apps for your WP site with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScrip.


  • PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Easy online compilation
  • Create app themes
  • Native support of WordPress
  • Full support of progressive web apps
  • Android support
  • Hook into our API to add the features you need

7. WordPress Mobile Pack – Mobile Plugin for Progressive Web Apps & Hybrid Mobile Apps By WPMobilePack.com

wp mobile pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is a great WordPress PWA Plugin that you can use to transform your site’s content into a progressive mobile web application. Furthermore, using this plugin, you can alter the mobile web app’s design to make it more consistent with your brand identity. It works cross-platform and cross-browser for the best audience reach.


  • Choose what pages you want to display
  • Access to multiple app themes
  • Customize your mobile web app’s appearance
  • Loading the mobile web application
  • Add to Homescreen

8. PWA for WordPress By PWA for WordPress Developers Group

pwa for wp

To make your WordPress website a PWA, PWA for WordPress integrates two files, “Manifest” and “ServiceWorker,” into your website. Web application configurations are contained in the Manifest file, a json file. The JavaScript file ServiceWorker manages how PWA operates.


  • Set expiration time of caches
  • Configurations of web applications
  • Convert your WordPress website into a PWA
  • Control PWA’s functions
  • Fine-tune the cache

9. Progressive Web Apps By PWAThemes.com

progressive web app by pwathemes

The WordPress Progressive Web Apps plugin helps bloggers, publishers, and content creators go beyond responsive web design and ‘appify’ their existing mobile presence. Besides, The WordPress Progressive Web Apps plugin includes one FREE mobile PWA (MOSAIC), which is customizable (colors, fonts, appearance) via the WordPress admin area. The PWA is supported on Safari, Google Chrome, and Android Native Browser.


  • Customizable mobile PWA
  • Rich UI/UX
  • Monetization
  • Translations
  • Analytics
  • Add to Homescreen
  • Offline Mode
  • Web Push Notifications

10. WebSuite PWA By Publishers Toolbox

websuite pwa

WebSuite PWA is a helpful plugin for those who wish to turn their WP site into progressive web applications with integrated AMP support. It has multiple App themes and display configurations to choose from and is supported on all smartphones and tablets. The PWA will be compatible with many browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Android Native Browser.


  • Easily integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Add the mobile web application to the home screen.
  • Increase engagement by sending web alerts.
  • Customize the appearance.
  • Preview display settings.

11. Hyper PWA By Rickey Gu

best pwa plugin for wordpress

Hyper PWA plugin is developed based on the web. dev and Workbox provide Manifest and Service Worker. This plugin can convert a WordPress site into a Progressive Web App with sufficient features.


  • Provide Manifest and Service Worker.
  • Publish to App Stores.
  • Add to Home Screen.
  • Work in Offline Mode.
  • Support Push Notifications.
  • Compatible with AMP, OneSignal, Firebase.

12. Smart PWA By Toro Unit

smart pwa toro unit

Smart PWA is an open-source software that helps convert your site to Progressive Web Apps simply and easily.


  • Add manifest.
  • Offline support.


1. Can you create a PWA with WordPress?

Yes, you can also create PWA with WordPress. Using the plugins listed above is the easiest way to do this.

2. Is PWA still in use today?

Although PWA has received a lot of controversial opinions around people’s inflated expectations of it since 2020, until now, PWA is still in use by many major companies, including Twitter and Alibaba. They utilize PWAs in their digital strategies and reap many benefits from this next development chapter.

3. Is PWA worth it?

Yes! PWA can bring many benefits to your website in particular and your business in general. Some benefits we can list are: 

  • All capabilities are delivered at once
  • Optimized costs and time effectiveness when building your site
  • Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • PWA leverages the power of headless commerce
  • Better SEO results
  • Decreased Bounce Rate

4. Is PWA the future?

PWA is becoming increasingly popular, first among major players, then smaller enterprises. Google claims it as “the future of the mobile app. Numerous well-known websites, like Telegram, AliExpress, FlipBoard, and even the PWA versions of famous PWA games like 2048 or Web Flap, are PWAs.

Bottom Line

PWA is now progressively becoming the “near future,” especially for the e-commerce business, due to its incredible benefits in increasing sales and optimizing time and cost when developing a website.

Take your first steps to get your own PWA today with the Best PWA Plugins for WordPress we have recommended in this post.

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