How Long Does It Take To Build An E-commerce Mobile App For Magento Website?

build mobile app for magento website

When it comes to developing a mobile app for Magento website, one of the first concerns is the time it takes to build the app. If you turn to a developer to find the answer, we’re 80% sure that you will receive many vague answers, for example: “It depends”, “I don’t know”, “It’s hard to say”, etc. Here is the reason: Building a mobile app for Magento website indeed depends on numerous factors such as the type of app (progressive web app/ hybrid app/ native app/ …), the app complexity (number of features/ customers/…), the experience of developer(s), and your financial ability, and so on. Moreover, even when you have defined specifically all of these things, it will still be impractical to make an exact prediction for how much time you will spend on building a mobile app for Magento until it is released.

However, don’t panic since we are here to help you overcome this stage! With more than 10-year experience in Magento mobile app development, we are able to anticipate the right time for developing a Magento mobile app based on the following criterion:

Availability of The Ideas

  • Yes: If you have already had certain ideas and specific requirements of the desired app (design, functions, …), it would take 2-4 months to build the app.
  • No: Otherwise, you have to study and come up with some good ideas for the app creation in 1-2 months first, so it might take 4-6 months from kick-off to testing and then delivery.

Level of The App Complexity

The level of app complexity is the most pivotal factor in deciding the duration of developing a mobile app for your Magento store. In terms of back-end development, It will include the number and difficulty of functions, the supported platform(s), the audience size, and so on. Besides, front-end development mainly relates to user interface (UI) development.

Therefore, building a simple mobile e-commerce app can take 1-3 months while creating a complex one is a lengthy process, 4-8 months to become bug and glitch-free.

Type of The App

Up to now, there are various types of mobile apps for Magento such as native apps, hybrid apps, and progressive web apps.

  • Native Apps: Among the 3 most popular types of mobile apps, developing native apps takes the largest amount of time, cost, and effort. Since each native app is optimized for a single platform, an iOS app cannot run on Android and vice versa. Moreover, the average time to develop each version of the app is 6 months so you might need to spend 1 year serving the customers using either the iOS or Android operating system.
  • Hybrid Apps: Unlike native apps, you can build hybrid apps on a single base and add new features to different versions of apps. Therefore, developing hybrid apps is easier and faster than developing native apps. In general, it will take 3 months on average to build a hybrid mobile app for the Magento website from the scratch. Luckily, if you use our ready-made Magento 2 Mobile App Builder, you can create your app in just a few hours. Then, in case you want to customize some parts of the newly created app, you should consider using our customization service for a very reasonable fee. As a result, the maximum time to build your Magento hybrid app with customized features is just 1 month.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA): This is the latest technology of Google that competes with native/ hybrid apps due to using modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to mobile users. If you want to build a progressive web app, there are 2 most common options: applying a ready-made PWA theme (e.g.: TigrenPWA) to save your development time and cost, or developing a custom PWA from the ground up with Tigren’s PWA development service to meet your unique needs.

Size of The Team

All of the above estimations are made for just only one developer. If you possess more developers (e.g.: a team with 3-4 persons), the time for building the mobile app for the Magento website might be curtailed significantly.


All things considered, to clarify the needed time for mobile app development, we have to analyze the complexity level of the app, and the type of the app and know the size of the development team. If you still find it too complicated and want to estimate the time for a specific situation, please contact us and tell us your need. You can send an email directly to [email protected].

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