How To Change Email Templates In Magento 2?

How to change email template in magento 2

In many cases, you would like to customize the Magento email templates to better suits your business and even make you stand out in the market. If all Magento stores use the identical email templates of Magento and send them to the customers, how boring it would be, right?

In this tutorial, we will show you clearly how to change/ edit/ customize the email templates content in Magento 2. It takes you only a few minutes to do this directly in the Magento admin panel.

Step 1: First, you must go to the Admin Panel, navigate to the MARKETING section in the sidebar and then choose the Email Templates.

(Admin Panel => MARKETING => Email Templates)

magento edit email templates

Step 2: Click on Add New Template button to create a new email template.

magento change email template

Step 3: Select the template that you want to customize among available templates Magento provides, and then click on the Load Template button. After that, the chosen template will be loaded and the Template Subject and Template Content fields will be automatically filled.

how to change email template in magento

Step 4: Customize the template content as you want. You can set a new name for the template, modify the Template Subject, edit the Template Content and add more Template Styles. 

magento create custom email template

It’s worth noting that you can insert multiple variables into the Template Content such as the store name, store hours, zip/ postal code, billing address, shipping address, and so on.

custom email template in magento

Finally, remember to save the template you’ve just created.

We have given you detailed instructions on how to customize the email template in Magento. The thing is that although Magento allows us to edit the email content, there is still only one email template sent to all of the customers.

In other words, no matter who your buyers are (guest, general, retailer, or wholesaler), what they buy, and by which payment and shipping methods, the purchasers will receive the same Order/ Shipment/ Invoice/… email templates.

This is a huge constraint of Magento but luckily there is a great solution for that. By using the Multiple Order Emails Extension for Magento 2, you will be able to create a dozen of email templates and send them to the right customers based on a predefined set of rules. Find more information here.


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