How To Change Magento 2 Favicon in 5 Minutes or Less

how to change favicon in magento 2

Favicon is short for “favorite icon,” which is a small icon on the tab of each browser page and in the address bar in some browsers. The standard sizes of the favicon are 16×16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels.

For Magento e-commerce websites, only the favicons saved in ICO (highly recommended), PNG, JPG, and SVG file types are accepted. In this Magento 2 tutorial, we will show you how to change the favicon in the Magento 2 back-end step-by-step.

How to Change Magento 2 Favicon

  • Step 1: Go to the admin panel, navigate to CONTENT and choose Configuration (under Design)

(Admin Panel => CONTENT => Configuration)

how to change favicon magento 2
  • Step 2: Choose a specific store view where you want to change the favicon
add, edit favicon in frontend magento 2
  • Step 3: Upload the favicon and add necessary information

First, expand the “HTML Head” section.

Here, you can upload a new favicon from your computer. Then, remember to enter the Page Title Default/ Prefix/ Suffix/ Description/ Keywords.

Save the configuration and clear cache to complete.

set magento 2 favicon

We have shown you how to change the favicon with ease in Magento 2. If you have any problems when following these instructions, please leave a comment below then we can help!

Some notes for creating the favicon for your Magento website:
1. You must create a 16×16 or 32×32 graphic image of your logo on any proper image editor.
2. You should find a free online tool to convert that file to the .ico format (E.g.: Redketchup,, Icoconvert, Convertico, etc.). Then, save the file to your computer.

Magento 2 Favicon

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