How to Configure Free Shipping in Magento 2

how to configure free shipping in magento 2

Are you ready to boost your online store’s appeal with free shipping? In this post, we’ll show you easy steps to add this great feature to your Magento 2 site.

There’s no doubt that Free Shipping is a competitive necessity for some online retailers. Although there are certain costs associated with this shipping method, what it can bring about is much greater.

This can make your customers happier and even increase your sales. Let’s begin and see how you can make shopping on your site even better!

Step 1: Go to Store Configuration

Go to the admin panel, navigate to STORES and choose Configuration (under Settings).

(Admin Panel => STORES => Settings)

setup free shipping magento 2

Step 2: Choose the Shipping Method

Expand SALES in the left menu and choose Shipping Methods in the dropdown.

(SALES => Shipping Methods)

config free shipping method in magento 2

Step 3: Set up Free Shipping

Expand the Free Shipping field and set it up according to these steps:

  1. Enable the free shipping by setting Enabled to Yes.
  2. You can edit the title of this method or keep it simple as Free Shipping.
  3. Add a short name for this shipping method in the Method Name field.
  4. Set a Minimum Order Amount to enjoy free shipping at your store.
  5. Write a short error message appearing when this shipping method is unavailable.
  6. Select the countries where the free shipping is applied.
  7. Set Sort Order for free shipping among other shipping methods. For example, if you set 0 for free shipping, it will appear in the first place.
  8. Save the config to complete.
free shipping magento 2

Step 4: Set up Cart Price Rule for Free Shipping

After you’ve set up free shipping, now it’s time to configure it to suitable orders. On the admin panel, click on Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules. Click on Add New Rule and start filling in the information.

  • Rule Name: Set up the name of the rule.
  • Description: Fill in a short description for the rule so that all admins can see what it does.
  • Active: Toggle the status to Yes.
  • Websites: Choose the website that you want to apply the rule to.
  • Customer Groups: Assign the appropriate groups of customers for the rule.
  • Coupon: Select the coupon that applied to the rule. You can also set the limit for your coupon with the Uses per Customer field.

Next, click on the Actions tab below. Here, there are 3 fields that you need to configure.

  • Apply: Select Percent of product price discount.
  • Apply to Shipping Amount: Set the status to Yes.
  • Free Shipping: Select For matching items only.

Finally, click Save and you’re done. Go to the front end to see if the free shipping is applied according to your setup. It might take a while for the rule to work, you can try to clear cache as well.

If you have any problems when following this tutorial, feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below. See you in the next tutorials!

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