How to Create Grouped Products in Magento 2

how to create grouped product in magento 2

Creating grouped products in Magento 2 can streamline your online store by offering customers a convenient way to buy related items together.

Whether you’re selling furniture sets, computer accessories, or skincare bundles, grouping products simplifies the shopping experience and can boost your sales.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to set up grouped products in Magento 2, making it easy for your customers to find and purchase everything they need in one go.

Let’s get started!

How to Create a Grouped Product in Magento 2

Follow these simple steps to create your first grouped product in Magento 2.

Step 1: Go to the Admin Panel, navigate to PRODUCTS, tap Catalog, and on Add Product choose Grouped Product.

(Admin Panel => PRODUCTS => Catalog => Add Product => Grouped Product)

Step 2: Select the Attribute Set. Here I will choose the Top. After that, there are more fields automatically updated, which are related to the Attribute Set that you have chosen.

magento 2 grouped product

Step 3: Fill in the Required Fields (Product Name, Price, Category, Description, etc).

grouped product magento 2

Step 4: Add an image representing the product group.

grouped product in magento 2

Step 5: Add Products to the group.

Select the products you want to be included in the group by checking on the box.

group product magento 2

Notes: You should use the filter function to search for needed products more easily.

magento grouped product

After selecting specific products, it will show a summary table of those items. Then, you must set the Quantity for each item in the group.

Notes: This is not the maximum quantity of each product to be sold but the number of that item in the group. For example, you can sell 2 red tops plus 3 green tops or just 1 for each in the set.

magento 2 product types

Finally, save the grouped product you have created and check on the front end.

magento 2 tutorial
magento 2 create product

And that’s how to create a grouped product in Magento 2.


What is a grouped product in Magento 2?

A grouped product in Magento 2 is a collection of simple, standalone products presented as a group on the eCommerce platform. Customers can purchase items from the group either individually or together, enhancing the shopping experience by offering complementary products in a single view.

What is the purpose of a grouped product?

A grouped product in Magento 2 serves to enhance the shopping experience by bundling related simple products into a single, convenient offering. This allows customers to purchase items individually or collectively, promoting complementary products and potentially increasing sales through bundled promotions.

What is the difference between bundle and grouped in Magento 2?

In Magento 2, bundle products allow customers to build a customizable product from various options, whereas grouped products are a collection of simple products presented as a group for sale. Bundle products offer dynamic pricing and customization, such as size or color, for each component. Grouped products, however, are sold as separate items but are displayed together to encourage the purchase of complementary products, without customization options for the individual items within the group.

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