How To Create Grouped Product In Magento 2?

how to create grouped product in magento 2

What Is Grouped Product In Magento 2?

The grouped product is a combination of multiple single products which are gathered in a group. It is worth noting that each of these items can be sold independently or as a component of the group. One more thing, when the customers add the grouped product into the shopping cart, it will show each product respectively.

For example, you can sell 3 yoga straps with different colors separately or group them and allow the customers to buy a set of three.

How To Create A Grouped Product In Magento 2?

There are only 5 steps to create a Grouped product. Here we will create a set of 3 women tees with various colors.

  • The 1st step: Go to the Admin Panel, navigate to PRODUCTS, tap Catalog, on Add Product choose Grouped Product

(Admin Panel => PRODUCTS => Catalog => Add Product => Grouped Product)

  • The 2nd step: Select the Attribute Set. Here I will choose the Top. After that, there are more fields automatically updated, which are related to the Attribute Set that you have chosen.
magento 2 grouped product
  • The 3rd step: Fill in the Required Fields (Product Name, Price, Category, Description, …)
grouped product magento 2
  • The 4th step: Add an image representing the product group
grouped product in magento 2
  • The 5th step: Add Products to the group

Select the products you want to be included in the group by checking on the box.

group product magento 2

You should use the filter function to search for needed products easier.

magento grouped product

After selecting specific products, it will show a summary table of those items. Then, you must set the Quantity for each item in the group.

Notes: This is not the maximum quantity of each product to be sold but the number of that item on the group. For example, you can sell 2 red tops plus 3 green tops or just 1 for each in the set.

magento 2 product types

Finally, save the grouped product you have created and check on the front-end.

magento 2 tutorial
magento 2 create product

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