Top 10 Ecommerce Website Design Agencies in New Zealand

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Welcome to our blog post where we spotlight the best ecommerce website design agencies in New Zealand. Having a great online store is key for businesses, and these agencies are the ones making it happen. They’re not just building websites; they’re creating powerful online shopping experiences that really stand out.

We’ve searched across New Zealand, from big cities to smaller towns, to find agencies that excel in ecommerce design. These teams are known for their amazing skills in making websites that look good and work well, helping businesses grow online.

If you’re planning to start or upgrade your online store, you’ll find helpful tips here on choosing the right agency to help you succeed in the online world. Let’s dive in and meet these top-notch digital designers!

1. Moustache Republic

Founded in 2007 and officially named Moustache Republic in 2013, this Auckland-based agency has expanded its reach to Sydney and Manila. Known for solving complex ecommerce challenges, they have built a strong reputation in New Zealand, Australia, and beyond.

The team at Moustache Republic combines business insight, creative design, and advanced technology to deliver exceptional ecommerce solutions. Their goal is to help businesses succeed online, both in local and global markets.

Clients like Jason Greenwood, eCommerce Manager at HealthPost, praise Moustache Republic for their effective support and adaptability, especially with unique tools and challenges.

2. Zapperr

Zapperr focuses on creating IT solutions that help businesses excel in today’s digital world. They’re all about innovation and empowering businesses with the latest technology. Here’s why Zapperr stands out:

  • Tech Expertise: They have a team that’s really good with the latest technology, ensuring your business stays ahead.
  • Tailored Solutions: They make technology solutions that are just right for your business’s specific needs.
  • Track Record: Zapperr has a history of doing great work in different industries, showing they’re capable and trustworthy.

Manjit Singh from Lifestyle Furniture says Zapperr built a great website on time and within budget. They were creative and knew their stuff, and they kept in touch through meetings and messages to get things just right.

3. MageBinary

MageBinary, an Auckland-based digital product studio, aims to be the most innovative in creating impactful, disruptive changes for people, businesses, and causes. Specializing in innovative digital solutions since 2012, MageBinary offers a range of services including digital strategy, UI/UX design, eCommerce development, and omnichannel integration.

MageBinary’s mantra is that codes and binary bring magic to reality. They don’t just follow the norm; they ‘hack’ solutions, systems, and traditional thinking. Their approach is rooted in constant improvement, fierce honesty, and dedication to their craft.

MageBinary’s achievements speak volumes:

  • Over 150 projects, handling large and complex tasks.
  • A combined 100+ million in revenue generated for their clients.
  • 10+ years of experience in delivering digital solutions.

4. Fuel Design

Fuel Design, based in Auckland, specializes in creating custom web design solutions and powerful eCommerce websites. With a focus on boutique, tailor-made designs, they’ve been assisting businesses since 2002 to enhance their online presence. Their in-house team’s expertise has been instrumental in growing numerous businesses in New Zealand and abroad.

Fuel Design stands out for their commitment to custom-designed websites, avoiding generic templates to ensure unique and personalized web solutions. With over 19 years in the industry, they have honed their specialization in boosting online sales, increasing exposure, and enhancing digital identities, while proudly remaining 100% New Zealand-owned and operated.

Their emphasis on ‘On-Build’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sets them apart. This foundational work is crucial for effective SEO, potentially saving clients significant costs in enhancing website visibility on search engines like Google.

5. Zeald

Zeald stands as New Zealand’s largest and most experienced website design and digital transformation agency, catering specifically to Kiwi businesses. Since its inception in 2001, Zeald has been at the forefront of digital technology, specializing in ecommerce and web development.

This agency’s journey, beginning in the small town of Mangawhai Heads by three determined individuals, has culminated in it becoming the go-to ecommerce and website design agency for small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand.

Zeald’s impact over the past two decades is significant:

  • They have worked with over 15,000 Kiwi businesses, aiding in their digital transformation.
  • Their proprietary ecommerce platform, ZEST, has processed more than NZ$2 billion.
  • More than 50,000 individuals have benefitted from Zeald’s digital education programmes, including seminars, webinars, workshops, and training sessions.

6. 123 Online

123 Online, founded in 2007, embarked on a mission to simplify the process for businesses to establish their online presence, using a friendly and jargon-free approach. Over 15 years and more than 2000 websites later, they have not only achieved this goal but have also evolved alongside the rapidly changing web landscape.

At its core, 123 Online focuses on making it easy and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses to acquire high-quality websites. They specialize in a range of services tailored to meet the digital needs of these businesses:

  • Website Design: Offering cost-effective solutions for professional website creation.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Implementing user-friendly CMS platforms for easy website management.
  • eCommerce Solutions: Providing the tools and expertise needed for businesses to operate successful online stores.

Their approach is centered on providing comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and affordable solutions, ensuring that businesses, regardless of size, can effectively leverage digital technologies for growth and success.

7. Koda

Koda Web Design, nestled in Auckland’s North Shore, emerged from a team of web designers and developers united by their shared passion for web technology. With a wealth of collective experience, they founded Koda Web to pursue excellence in web design and development.

At the heart of Koda Web is a vision to create websites that not only look exceptional but also add tangible value to business operations. The team is committed to surpassing customer expectations and delivering online solutions that embody excellence. Their approach prioritizes software and web solutions that complement and enhance business processes rather than dictating them.

Their development process emphasizes custom solutions, utilizing established frameworks like Laravel, Angular, and Ruby on Rails. This ensures that their code is up-to-date with industry standards, resulting in well-engineered, feature-rich web solutions.

8. FutureLab Digital

FutureLab Digital, established in 2011, has dedicated itself to identifying and implementing the right digital solutions for client-specific challenges. Their unique approach lies in how they partner with clients, aligning closely with their goals.

For over a decade, FutureLab Digital has specialized in developing high-performing websites and eCommerce platforms that resonate with business needs. They prioritize creating attractive, user-friendly web designs that empower businesses to flourish online. Their services include:

  • eCommerce Platforms and Website Development: Building robust online stores and websites.
  • Industry-Specific Web Design: Catering to a diverse range of industries with tailored designs.
  • Custom Web Applications and Automation: Creating unique applications like shipping systems and membership systems.

FutureLab Digital takes pride in their client-centric approach, where they align their strategies with the client’s objectives to ensure profitable and ROI-driven digital solutions. Their portfolio boasts collaborations with leading New Zealand companies across various industries, such as NZTech, Sostellar, Asia Pacific Healthcare Group, and many more.

9. Kiwi Website Design

Kiwi Website Design (KWD), established in 2011, embarked on a mission to convert promising ideas into tangible, successful outcomes. With a track record of serving thousands of clients and generating significant revenue, they have developed a proven growth formula that stands the test of time.

As a full-service digital agency, Kiwi Website Design specializes in:

  • Website Design: Crafting bespoke websites that cater to the unique needs of each business.
  • E-commerce Website Design: Developing robust online stores that offer seamless shopping experiences.
  • Graphic Design: Creating visually appealing designs that enhance brand identity.

KWD views each website as a virtual storefront, integral to a business’s online identity. They are committed to delivering the best possible web presence for every client, with a team that’s highly skilled in designing websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and effective.

10. Meta Digital

Meta Digital, established in 2002 by Norman McKenzie, has been at the forefront of digital innovation for two decades. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, this enthusiastic team of digital designers and web developers has created thousands of custom websites, ranging from simple brochure sites to complex eCommerce stores.

As a full-service website design and development studio, Meta Digital offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Website Design and Development: Creating visually appealing and functional websites.
  • eCommerce Development: Building robust online stores using platforms like Magento Commerce.
  • Content Management Systems: Expertise in WordPress, Drupal, and other popular CMS.

For over 20 years, Meta Digital has been a pillar in the Christchurch digital community, consistently delivering custom, high-quality digital solutions. Their experience, client-centric approach, and comprehensive service offerings make them a standout choice for businesses seeking digital excellence.

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