How To Enhance User Experience In Magento Websites?

enhance user experience in magento

Rich user experience (UX) is one of the strongest weapons that can support Magento websites in achieving their revenues and reputation goals in the e-commerce industry race. To win this competitive battle now is the right time for you to start investing in your own Magento website’s UX and outweigh other rival companies.

If you have no idea of how to reinforce this essential factor and are looking for some practical tips to improve it, you have come to the right place. This article is written just for you and your business!

Let’s look at these specific guides on how to create better user experiences for your Magento website.

Any New Method To Raise Magento User Experience?

Why Is UX Important To Magento Websites?

UX or user experience is the impression a user has once he comes into direct interaction with a specific system.

For instance, users may feel either satisfied or disappointed with the web’s performance when browsing Magento stores. That feeling is referred to as a user experience.  

Generally speaking, the ultimate goal of every modern business is all about profit. That’s why improving UX is a must, and it is high time for merchants to start investing in UX on their sites.

So, what kinds of contribution does UX make to Magento stores?

Higher Sales

As a matter of fact, the feeling of satisfaction usually makes customers stay longer on the website, thus boosting conversion rate and user engagement. There are also higher chances that customers will purchase more, which leads to an increase in sales of businesses.

Customer Loyalty

Moreover, positive experiences can help keep a user loyal to a brand. If you provide your visitors with a smooth journey, a clean layout design, or quick speed, they will come back several times to revisit and even introduce your online store to their circle of friends. In doing so, your website’s organic traffic will increase substantially.

On the contrary, a bad UX will make you lose customers into the welcoming arms of rival companies until you have gotten rid of sources of disappointment, confusion, or frustration.

Common Approaches To Deliver Better User Experience In Magento Stores

There is a multitude of tips and guides on how Magento businesses can fix their UX problems and enhance them to a better level. Here are some of the most common and useful ways to do that:

1. Invest In The Mobile Version Of The Website

Mobile devices are taking the world by storm and account for more than 50% of the annual revenues of e-businesses.

For the past few years, the number of smartphone users worldwide has reached nearly 3 billion. It indicates that Magento store owners must focus on accessibility, discoverability, and efficiency to optimize on-the-go interactive experiences.

As a result, merchants should look for a mobile-first approach. Thanks to its responsiveness, a mobile-first design allows users from different platforms to easily access your Magento store.

2. Improve Page Load Speed

Users usually exit a website if they have to wait longer than 5-7 seconds. This explains why most of the Magento websites, which often load slowly, are likely to lose a lot of potential customers.

Three common reasons are leading to Magento’s slow page load speed:

  • The large size of the website components
  • Too many page redirects and plugins
  • The great number of products on site

In order to fix these problems, Magento store owners need to reduce the file size of all media assets, leverage caching, simplify product categories, etc. However, solving them one by one can be quite complicated and time-consuming. In this case, the most effective solution seems to be converting your Magento website into Magento PWA.

3. Create Smooth Navigation

Simple and smooth navigation is the core of a good user experience in Magento websites. Therefore, navigation of Magento stores should be seamless and kink-free when visitors browse to find the products that they are looking for or want to buy. 

In order to deliver convenient navigation for users, Magento websites must ensure:

  • Concise and clear links on the navigation bar
  • The navigation bar is placed at the top of the size
  • Categories and subcategories are intuitive

To make it less intricate, businesses should invest in more innovative website templates for their e-commerce stores. 

4. Fix 404 Pages

Errored pages can cause disturbance to users while surfing the site, thus generating distrust and reducing the conversion rate.

That’s why Magento stores need to keep their sites clear and fix any 404 errors as soon as possible.

5. Optimize Search Box And Filtering

The search box is a traditional yet efficient tool that helps customers find any products quickly.

A tip is that business owners should add an enhanced filtering feature to the search boxes because it can make users browse the product catalog even quicker.

The filter usually includes colors, price range, sizes, brands, etc. 

6. Include Informative Product Description

An informative description of the product provides users with the knowledge and basic understanding before making any purchase decision.

Merchants can even write their own unique descriptions for each item instead of leaving those blank or the same. In doing so, customers will feel a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

The shop visitors usually want to follow the businesses and brands on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter because it helps update the latest news in a blink of an eye.

By placing some social media links on the website, business owners help their users quickly connect to their accounts and share their favorite content on other social platforms.

Any New Method To Raise Magento User Experience?

To help Magento websites apply the useful tips above, many technological breakthroughs such as Responsive Website Design, Progressive Web App, Accelerated Mobile Pages, etc., have been introduced during the past few years.

Among them, the most effective solution is to develop a Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). 

magento 2 user experience

Quick Explanation

PWA is a combination of regular websites and native apps, which means it offers all distinctive features of these two. With a broad range of innovative abilities, PWA can help Magento stores escalate their UX in many aspects. Let’s have a look at how PWA technology improves better UX.

Mobile-friendly Design 

PWA is a mobile-first technological solution. It prioritizes mobile usage and provides an entirely separate design version for smartphone or tablet users. In this way, users feel more comfortable looking and browsing your Magento store.

Useful functions

Magento PWA stores also allow users to experience an app-like environment without any downloading at all. These app-mimicking features include home screen icons, splash page, push notifications, etc., that are handy for users.

They will only lose a tiny portion of storage space on the phone to add this Magento PWA icon to the home screen instead of hundreds of MB like a native app. 

Besides, Magento PWA can perform well even when the network around is weak or undetectable, thanks to its offline work mode. It is very annoying and intimidating for users when they suddenly lose access to normal websites due to the weak Internet. But with progressive web apps, users no longer need to worry, and they can continue to surf product categories without any intervention. 

Lightning Speed

PWA helps Magento websites improve their UX by fastening the page load speed. No users would like to wait for a long response, and just a one-second delay makes them leave your site as well as reduce satisfaction.

If your Magento site takes more than 5 seconds to load, it is high time you switch to the Magento PWA version. With PWA technology integrated, your site can take less than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, users will keep wandering your store and are even more likely to return next time.

Strong Security

PWA runs over HTTPS, and these are well-protected browsers. Therefore, users can be reassured about the security of the Magento PWA. Their private information relating to address, age, or name is also unrevealed by any chance.

Less Technical Problems

The storefront of your Magento PWA is connected with the backend via strong APIs. Any problems or bugs appearing at the backend might not immediately impact the frontend. As a result, it will minimize possible errors on the storefront and disrupt the user experience.

Overall, it seems PWA can fix almost all the problems merchants often face regarding the user experience on Magento websites. Besides, this technology makes it easier and more convenient for users to browse Magento websites on smartphones or tablets. Better experiences also mean that there are higher chances they will come back again in the future. In the long run, your Magento business will witness remarkable growth in revenues.

How To Build A Magento Progressive Web App?

There are various ways to integrate the Progressive Web App technology into Magento websites. However, each method delivers a different result. For example, if you install a PWA extension for Magento, only minor features of PWA are added while most parts of your site remain the same.

On the contrary, if you apply a ready-made Magento PWA theme, your site structure will be changed (the PWA storefront replaces the front-end), and it becomes an actual PWA.

Among available PWA themes for Magento 2, TigrenPWA is the most outstanding one, with an array of built-in features and various storefront options. Find more about our exclusive theme and custom Magento PWA solutions to get started.

improve magento user experience

Wrapping Up

It is undeniable that improving user experience plays a vital role in helping businesses build long-lasting relationships with customers. Having an excellent user experience in Magento websites also gives merchants gold opportunities to improve conversion rate and organic traffic, gradually leading to higher sales and massive popularity.

To reach these goals, every business must bear in mind that they need a strong and capable technological solution, and the most outstanding one is to use the Progressive Web App approach. Still, before integrating this technology, they should go through research and related information and find out a suitable Magento PWA provider.

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