Headless PWA Frontend For Magento: Thorough Understanding In 5 Mins

headless pwa frontend for magento

With the rapid development of technology and e-commerce, the online store needs to be constantly upgraded. Experts have created web apps from regular websites, then Progressive Web App (PWA), and now headless PWA. In essence, this new PWA technology also contains two layers like a typical website. However, many people still don’t understand their importance, especially the headless PWA frontend for Magento.

This lack of knowledge can lead to some significant consequences. So if you are also not sure about it, scroll down to learn more!

What Is A Headless Magento PWA Frontend?

What is Headless Magento PWA?

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To put it simply, Magento PWA is a web application specially designed using Magento. Specifically, developers apply modern web technologies to build website structures and create the proper interface capable of delivering a good and helpful customer experience.

PWAs often have an app-like look, feel, and function. It has many powerful functions like push notifications, offline mode, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the headless. Headless technology helps websites have a discrete structure, separating frontend and backend. This architecture allows the website’s components to be less dependent on each other.

From here, we can understand headless Magento PWA is a PWA designed with Magento and using headless technology.

What is Headless PWA Frontend for Magento?

As mentioned, the headless Magento PWA includes the backend and frontend. However, they are not directly connected like the typical monolithic structure; instead, they link through APIs.

The headless Magento PWA frontend refers to the presentation layer of the headless PWA, which is supported by the Magento backend. It is what users see and interact with when visiting your website and app. You can understand it is the interface of your PWA.

Benefits Of Having A Headless PWA Frontend For Magento

Benefits of PWA

3 to 5 times faster page speed

This is the most crucial PWA strength. Thanks to this advantage, the shop owner can upgrade the customer experience. As a result, retention and conversion rates also increase.

PWA not only improves basic store speed but also has an optimized loading process. Specifically, it will always cache data at the first run so that the customer’s return or reload activities will be much faster.

Besides, PWA prioritizes finishing loading what customers are interested in first (banners, photos, contents). This makes users feel that PWA loads much faster than typical web apps. 

As a result, the customer browsing process will be much more comfortable. They can smoothly search items, easily view product details, and enjoy fast checkout.

Great App-like UX

magento pwa

PWA provides a good placeholder, smooth transitions, and granular loading, which is a genuinely app-like feeling right in the browser. The page loading process will create a sense of agility and minor discomfort for the user.

PWA owns unique features that make the customer’s shopping process enjoyable, such as product comparison, wishlist, social media sharing, etc.

Finally, the features and interfaces of the PWA are all presented in a systematic, convenient, and uncluttered manner across multiple devices. Customers can easily find what they need, whether on a phone or a computer.

High retention rate

Reliance on network connectivity is a significant weakness of eCommerce. Unstable internet can disrupt the customer’s shopping process, reducing conversion rates.

PWA can solve this problem with offline mode. This mode allows customers to continue accessing and searching for their favorite products even when in a bad connection.

The PWA will still cache customer activities during this time. All data will be sent to the main server when the internet is back.

Benefits of a headless frontend

High flexibility and limitless customization

Thanks to the discrete structure of headless technology, Magento headless changes in the backend will have no impact on the frontend and vice versa. This reduces the development and maintenance effort and the risks that may go with it. Now you can maintain and upgrade your digital store at any time without affecting business performance at all.

On the other hand, the headless frontend also makes your PWA’s technology integration more flexible. You may change the backend once the old technology no longer meets your requirements.

You also connect with only one API with market-leading business support software like MailChimp. In short, you can change and integrate any technology you want without any technical hurdles.

Omnichannel support

omnichannel support

With headless eCommerce, businesses have more freedom in building friendly touchpoints. Developers are able to design the frontend more meticulously without worrying about the backend.

Moreover, businesses can instantly build sales interfaces that fit any device they need. For example, your customers tend to switch from computer shopping channels to phone shopping channels. Instead of redoing the website completely, you only build the front. This saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

Thanks to these features, you can reach customers with the most suitable store interface on any channel.

Benefits of Having A Headless PWA Frontend For Magento

The headless Magento PWA Frontend benefit is the perfect combination of all the above elements.

So you’ll have both a web app and an app with powerful features, SEO optimized ability, and a customer-friendly interface even though you only spend money building only one PWA. 

As a result, your ability to stimulate demand, increase sales and take care of your customers will grow immensely.

A Trusted Headless Solution Provider For You

If you are having trouble finding a PWA developer, contact Tigren. We not only provide custom Magento PWA development solutions but also ready-made Magento 2 PWA themes for businesses.

We have ten years of experience building online business solutions for multiple industries. Our team is all professional, skilled, and dedicated.

Secondly, with our experience, we have successfully built the optimal website building process. It will help reduce the cost and time to market as much as possible.

Moreover, we implement a free support policy for a certain amount of time to ensure you have a great start with our headless website.

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Bottom Line

The headless PWA frontend for Magento is part of headless technology. Numerous experts have confirmed that it can bring many unexpected results for online retailers thanks to its excellent structure. However, because it has only been promoted in recent years, it is still unknown to some business owners and users. Therefore, this technique has not yet gained a place worthy of its potential in the online retail market.

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