Most Effective Ways To Improve And Grow Your Magento Store In 2022

ways to improve and grow magento store

Markets are always in a state of flux. Additionally, firms need to adjust their business strategy to the present economic environment, notably the current COVID pandemic. Those who run their Magento stores should also adapt and update the circumstances to expand their businesses. So, what are the best ways to grow your Magento store in 2022? Let’s find out in this article!

Which Parts Of The Magento Store Need Enhancement?

1. Website design

magento 2 responsive design

Businesses today place a high value on attractive web designs since a beautiful website is the face of the company. It’s the first impression that a customer will have about the company.

First of all, a stunning website design helps customers remember you for a more extended time. A well-designed website makes it simple for Google to locate and appreciate you.

Not only that, an appealing Magento website design can help to reinforce your company’s brand value. Through the interface and operations of the firm, a nicely designed website presents a professional image. So to grow your Magento store, improving website design is essential.

2. User experience on multiple devices

In its most basic form, user experience on a website can be defined as providing comfort to customers when they access your website. Users now place more emphasis on their experience of being able to surf the website on different devices, whichever is most convenient for them.

If your customers are having trouble shopping with their mobile phones or tablets, it means you’re losing revenue every time someone leaves because it’s too difficult to buy on these devices.

A website that can satisfy the demands of users and make them feel thrilled and joyful every time they visit will make people remember it and return. Optimizing the user experience for Magento shop on multi-devices is one of the most important aspects of running a successful e-business.

3. Website performance

For visitors to your website, web performance and good practices are essential for a pleasant experience. In a way, website performance is a subset of web accessibility and stability.

If the performance of your Magento store is not improved, the number of site visits will also drop.

4. Website speed

Website speed is essential for keeping clients on your Magento store for an extended period. Faster web speed is excellent for your Google rankings and conversion advantages.

Visitors want a web page to load in two seconds or less, and often much less on mobile devices (where it usually takes longer). After 3 seconds, the same website visitors began to abandon sluggish websites.

To quickly measure and evaluate your current website speed, you can use a free web speed test tool.

Therefore, if your website is operating slowly, speeding it up is a must.

5. SEO & Marketing

grow you magento store 2022

SEO and marketing are aspects that an owner can’t miss out on if they want to be successful and extend their business.

Optimizing SEO in Magento and combining multiple marketing strategies will help your store be more widely known. The percentage of shoppers will also increase, which help to grow your Magento store.

6. Products to sell

Considering product development methods demonstrates that you are aware of the demands of your customers at the time. It will stimulate customers’ buying behaviour, leading to consumer love and attention for your shop. Also, by focusing on your product development, you’ll be able to remain your business’ position in the market or even become a pioneer and expand brand awareness.

7. Website functions

That isn’t to say that it ends there. The more additional features you add, the more accessible and speedier the purchase procedure on your website will be for your customers.

How To Grow Your Magento Store In 2022?

1. Revise the website interface

After operating the business for a time, many Magento shop owners learn that the website’s interface design might be becoming obsolete. To grow your Magento store, you should pay attention to your web design and upgrade it year by year.

The photos on the website play a vital part in creating an eye-catching storefront. You should check all of your banners and product images and make replacements if needed. The best ones should have decent sizes, in the right formats but still, deliver high quality.

Besides, you can find and learn from the best eCommerce website designs or popular trends for Magento web design.

If your firm does not have in-house developers to revise your site, you will need to hire a professional Magento development company. They will help you to apply a new theme/ customize the existing template/ build a new design from scratch to your taste.

2. Optimize user experience on multi-devices

Providing an excellent experience for an enormous number of consumers across devices is quite challenging. But here are some possible solutions you can apply:

Enable fully responsive design

Having a responsive web design is probably the most effective method to improve user experience, especially because consumers now tend to utilize numerous devices.

Responsive web design is a design style model that features a beautiful and aesthetic interface and a website layout with an elastic content presentation compatible with all screen devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It maintains an aesthetically consistent presentation of information regardless of screen resolution.

Customers will have a better user experience on your website owing to a responsive, relevant, and appealing design.

Websites that lack responsive design can seem disproportionate. The text might be challenging to read, the images are blurred/ distorted, and links can be hard to navigate. A responsive design makes the site easier to read and browse, which increases trust among potential consumers.

If your existing Magento website does not have a responsive design, there are two options for improvements. The first option is to purchase a new responsive design theme and install it on your website. The second method is hiring web developers to customize and transform your web template into a responsive one.

Upgrade to a Magento PWA

magento pwa demo

While responsive design can improve the look on mobile, the ideal approach for genuinely optimizing the user experience on mobile is to convert your website to Magento Progressive Web App (PWA).

When you research PWA benefits, you will see that it offers impressive capabilities to transform the user experience on your website.

  • PWA is fully responsive, allowing for smooth navigation and a better user experience.
  • It loads faster, which increases engagement and conversions.
  • It’s possible to use even when there is no Internet connection or under poor connectivity by preserving information from users’ most recent activities.
  • The ability to deliver push notifications is one of the most useful features provided by PWA. Customers will be more likely to read push notifications than emails or texts.
  • It accounts for an insignificant amount of data on users’ device storage.

There are several more advantages that PWA may provide to Magento business owners and customers, such as having a shortcut on the home screen for fast access, a simple update process of new features, and so on.

If you’re looking for a reputable PWA service provider, Tigren would be one of the top choices for you. Our Magento PWA development service ensures your new PWA is optimized for the best performance, with all core Magento and PWA features included.

3. Enhance website performance

One of the solutions essential to further grow your Magento Store is to optimize its performance. There are several reasons why Magento website performance will decrease individually. You can use the tool to check and resolve which problem your case belongs to.

In particular, if your store operates on the Magento 1 platform, you may now switch on Magento 2 or Magento 2 PWA for the complete optimization of website speed.

If you are concerned about not knowing where and how to start, let’s find a Magento development company you can trust.

TigrenPWA is one of the Magento 2 PWA development service providers with affordable prices and a good warranty policy. Also, it outperforms competitors in terms of pricing and design. As a result, you may conduct thorough research to make the best decision.

4. Accelerate web speed

The causes of slow loading pages are nearly the same as the causes of lousy website performance, as sluggish loading is one of the most common causes of decreased website performance. High quality and heavy upload photos, a developer who did not erase notes during website construction, or a significant number of consumers accessing a Magento shop, but the hosting provider has not changed to match, and so on are some of the most common causes.

Besides, you can refer to the solutions in the article New And Common Methods To Make Magento Websites Faster.

5. Develop SEO & marketing strategies

Many firms are tearing into the present e-commerce sector, which is a lucrative pie. The question is, “What marketing tactics should a Magento shop apply to grow and compete with their rivals?”.

Optimize SEO for both short and long-term benefits

Most people who use search engines like Google only visit websites on the first result page. Therefore, your Magento business will find it hard to survive if your site does not appear in the first search engine ranking pages, except for those who already know and goes to your shop directly.

If your sales website appears in searches but has inferior ranks, you still need to improve your SEO. Because you aren’t the only one working on SEO in Magento, it’s important to keep up with the competition to maintain a good place for your webshop.

Promote your Magento store on social media

Any marketing done through social media accounts and platforms, including organic postings and paid social media advertising, is called e-commerce media marketing. Users will know more about your Magento store if you publish posts regarding your items and your store.

According to recent studies, in the US, 42.17% of customers state that social media significantly impacts their shopping decisions. In comparison, 32.1% of consumers make a purchase that originates on a social networking site approximately once a month.

Offer meaningful gifts to customers

Pairing meaningful presents with shipping items can increase consumer satisfaction with your store’s services. They are more likely to continue to support your store’s following items after that.

Furthermore, you will obtain favourable evaluations and comments on your e-commerce business page after people enjoy it. More people will be aware of your business, making viral marketing more effective.

Boost business-customers connection with personal email marketing

improve your magento store

The cost of getting a new customer is 5 times more expensive than that of keeping an old one. Attracting new potential consumers is vital in communication strategies, but maintaining existing loyal customers for the long term is no less important.

Personalized email marketing is a crucial strategy for converting one-time clients into long-term consumers. Last year, over 44% of email users made at least one purchase based on promotional emails. 61% of customers want to get promotional emails weekly and 28% want emails to come in more frequently, so that are some numbers you’d want to utilize to boost sales.

Promote with influencers

Influencer marketing is an excellent communication channel if you want your business to be known. According to statistics, 60% of consumers opt to utilize a new brand after discovering it on Instagram.

Thus, working with influencers is one of the most straightforward methods to connect with and reach your target audience. Influencers frequently communicate with their fans and can establish trust and credibility with your target clients.

Do affiliate marketing

Performance-based marketing is another term for affiliate marketing.
Brands work with a variety of affiliates to advertise their products or services. The brand pays an affiliate a commission when their promotions result in a sale.

Affiliate marketing can earn considerable money and increase sales. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective lead-generating strategy. As a result, Affiliate marketing allows you to use your influence to your advantage.

To reach new audiences, you can work with many affiliates to significantly increase the number of leads and conversions in your sales funnel.

Offer options to save shipping costs

Many online shoppers abandon their shopping cart when the delivery options do not meet their demands or the shipping prices are too expensive.

Users want to acquire their items as fast as possible while also avoiding paying excessive shipping expenses. Also, they want to know other alternatives for reducing delivery expenses if they do not need to pick them up right away.

Therefore, you need to have optimum delivery speed rules but still prioritize the shipping price to customers. You can even offer initiatives to decrease or eliminate shipping expenses on special occasions.

6. Update products to sell

Developing goods based on client demands will have to be done differently, especially under the present COVID circumstance. Some businesses might focus on adapting current goods, while others can focus on innovations, but both forms of product development need a strategic plan to accomplish.

Here are some helpful product development techniques for promoting your product and being competitive in your market:

  • Improve current products & raise their worths.
  • Develop brand new products.
  • Discover new markets.

Check out the list of top trending products to sell in 2022 and get some ideas for your store.

To Sum Up

The e-commerce sector is notorious for its intense rivalry and fast demise. As a result, e-commerce businesses will have a tough time developing their stores ahead of their competition.

However, we hope that the solutions presented in this post have assisted you in finding solutions to grow your Magento store and seeing better results from them.