7 Limitations of Magento E-Commerce Website Development

limitations of magento e-commerce website development
As you might know, there has been a significant growth in the number of e-businesses who are investing on Magento E-commerce Website Development. It’s undeniable that Magento provides us with a wide range of benefits such as great default features – specialized for e-commerce, custom and responsive web design, mobile and SEO friendly, no hosting restrictions, allowed multiple websites/ languages/ currencies, and so on. However, there are several limitations when developing your store on Magento platform. This article will help you to find out and know how to overcome those disadvantages as well. Let’s get started!

1. Magento Might Be Slow On Small or Shared Servers

Actually, Magento provides fast page load by default but if you run your store on a shared hosting, it can result in super slow speed and cause frustrating customer experience. The reason is that Magento is a large system consisting of more than 20,000 files and 200 database tables so it requires powerful servers and caching layers. What is the solution? magento slow speed We have heard many clients’ complaints of Magento’s speed performance – but the reason is the same: inappropriate hosting environment and setup. If you have the same problem, do as the followings:
  • First, it is a must to utilize a dedicated hosting server to ensure your smooth operation.
  • Second, that host must be specialized for Magento. For example, between Godaddy and Magemojo dedicated servers, we will suggest our clients to go for Magemojo.
  • Thirdly, you should have a look at 50 Ways to Boost Your Magento Website Performance Immediately – Updated In 2018, a comprehensive guide for not only website speed but also overall performance.
  • Fourthly, if you have tried the above solutions but don’t see significant improvements, you should hire Magento experts/ find Magento optimization service to get the best results.

2. Lack of Magento Technical Support

Running an e-commerce website means that you have to prepare how to deal with many security threats or sudden downtime. However, many times our customers try to get in touch with the Magento technical support team in urgent cases but get late or no response. As a result, your trading was interrupted or even suffered. For this issue, we would like to offer 2 solutions: lack of magento support
  • There is a valuable source that the store owners can rely on to find the solutions for their problems, which is Magento forum. In this forum, the member can easily create a topic about their issues and wait for someone in the community to help. Moreover, there might be some cases in the past that are similar to yours, so that you should review the old topics and probably find a quick fix.
  • The second solution is to seek support from a professional Magento e-commerce website development company. In general, there are 2 types of support service: Pay as you go (PAYG), suitable for small businesses and urgent cases, and Monthly Support –designed for medium to large firms who need constant support.
Now, Tigren offers three Magento Monthly Support Packages with the aim of give your site 24/7 support while spending just a small budget for that. Find more about what are included in these packages and monthly cost here.  

3. Vague Information of Magento 1 End-of-life

With the announcement of Magento 2 in 2015, Magento officials declared that “Magento 1 will continue to be supported for 3 years following the release of Magento 2”. This means that from November 18th, 2018, Magento might stop supporting for the previous version and there might be no more security patches as well. On the other hand, Magento assures that the end of Magento 1 support will be announced at least 18 months in advances… but now we haven’t heard anything about that. We guess that all of the Magento 1 stores now are very worried about their “fate”. Moreover, even when Magento keeps providing their support for Magento 1, it does not mean that Magento 1 will get further feature improvements. So, the most feasible solution is? magento 1 end of support It is obvious that most of the Magento’s effort is now being put into Magento 2 e-commerce development whereas the first version has been gradually obsolete. So, why don’t you think about Magento 2 migration now? By doing that, whether Magento continues their support for Magento 1 or not is no longer your concern. More importantly, it’s a great chance to bring your current site to the next level, with better design and functionality.  

4. Magento 2 Migration/ Upgrade Takes Time, Money & Effort

As you might know, the Magento migration process is actually developing a new site on Magento 2 from scratch since we can’t move anything from the old site except the data (products, categories, orders and customers…). All of your Magento 1 themes and extensions are unable to migrate to the new site so that you have to buy all similar ones – but for Magento 2 version. As a result, it might come at a high cost. What is more, if you do not equip yourself with strong knowledge and experience on Magento migration, there is a high possibility of serious data loss during the upgrade process. Furthermore, it will take at least 1 month to migrate from Magento 1 to 2 on average. So, what should you do? magento development companyWe highly recommend you to partner with a reliable Magento e-commerce website development company who can help you to conduct the migration smoothly without data loss instead of DIY. By this way, you will have more time to concentrate on your selling and let professionals take care of your site. With nearly six years of experience on Magento development, Tigren Solutions will be able to help you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, in other words, build a new Magento 2 site – with the highest quality, in the shortest possible time and within your budget. Contact us to get more consultation and a free quotation for your project.  

5. Magento is Complicated For The Beginners

With a wide range of advanced capabilities and mass customization, Magento has created a real challenge to its users, especially to the beginners. Built on Zend framework and using MVC approach, customizing a Magento website is not that easy as with other e-commerce platforms. Any of your requests to do customization will take more time to make changes. It seems that Magento doesn’t apply object-oriented programming or other best practices as it has a heavy layered and complex code that takes a significant amount of time to learn and make changes. In other words, there is lot of space for you to be creative but “how to do it right” is not straightforward. Not yet, Magento technical documentation is available in limited space which makes it difficult to customize and modify the program. What is the solution? magento coding A possible solution is that the developers will have to be trained carefully and provide training for their clients as well. On the other hand, for admin of your Magento website, it’s recommended to get your staff some Magento training from a prestigious agency.  On the development front, it’s incredibly important to hire a firm or developer that possess extensive Magento expertise.  

6. Cost of Magento E-Commerce Website Development is Higher Than Other Platforms

Many people say that Magento e-commerce website development is more costly than other platforms. Therefore, most of the small e-businesses are not afford to build a Magento store. We have to admit that it might be true somehow. Magento is a bit more expensive compared to other e-commerce platforms out there, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Nevertheless, we think that owing to an extensive range of powerful tools and features, Magento would be worth your investment. Is there any solution for that? magento ecommerce development cost Yes. For small firms, going for Magento Community Edition, which is open source and therefore can be achieved at no cost, is a good idea. At the same time, the Magento Enterprise Edition would be more suitable for large online companies. Moreover, instead of working with Magento e-commerce website development agencies the in US, UK, or Australia, the store owners had better outsource their projects to a development firm located in Asia like Vietnam, India or Singapore. Due to the much lower labor cost, these companies can offer you an incredibly competitive price – while delivering the same product quality. There would be some barriers of different time zones or languages but they are not a big deal.  

7. Magento Still Has a Lot of Errors

fix magento errors The last common criticism about Magento e-commerce website development is that we still find a great deal of bugs in this platform. However, not only Magento but all e-commerce platforms have the same issue. The important thing is that Magento continues to evolve and has been improving notably over time owing to the contribution of the vast Magento community.  


All things considered, if you have a strong server, with a good hosting system, Magento e-commerce website development would become a powerful platform and deserve your investment. Besides, if you lack knowledge and experience on Magento, just find and partner with a reliable Magento agency, whose savvy coders will help you to get the ultimate benefits of Magento.   Read More:

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