Top 10 Best Magento 2 Daily Deal Extensions

magento 2 daily deal extension

For ecommerce business owners, finding the right strategies to boost online sales is crucial. That’s where daily deals come into play. If you’re looking to entice customers with unbeatable discounts, create a sense of urgency, and witness a surge in your revenue, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Magento 2 Daily Deal extensions on the current market. Say goodbye to ordinary sales and hello to a strategy that keeps customers coming back for more. So, if you’re ready to supercharge your e-commerce game, let’s get started on this journey to e-commerce success.

1. Daily Deals by Webkul Software

The Daily Deals extension by Webkul Software is a valuable tool for Magento 2 merchants looking to boost their sales and attract more customers. This extension empowers online store owners to offer products at discounted rates for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency and excitement among their customer base.

With the Daily Deals extension, administrators have the flexibility to enable the daily deal feature on specific products. They can easily configure and set time-specific deals for these products, which are prominently displayed on the storefront.

Key Features:

  • Enable or disable the deal status anytime for any product
  • Daily deals are visible on the product page, category page, search page, deal collection page
  • The countdown timer shows the remaining time left to avail of the deal
  • Shows deal value information – percent off and amount saved

Price: $98

2. Daily Deals Pro by oCode Commerce

The Daily Deals Pro extension by oCode Commerce is an excellent solution for Magento eCommerce store owners seeking to boost visitor engagement and drive sales through exciting, time-limited offers. This extension seamlessly integrates with your Magento store, introducing a Limited Time Deal feature that captivates visitors and encourages them to make quick purchases before the deals expire.

Daily Deals Pro can be easily integrated as a widget on both the Single page and Category page, ensuring that your deals are highly visible and accessible to customers. You can also position the widget in the left or right sidebars, depending on your website layout preferences.

Key Features:

  • Daily deals showcase
  • Motivational tool
  • Flexible deal management
  • Widget integration
  • Recurrence options

Price: $99

3. Daily Deals by MageAnts

MageAnts’ Daily Deals extension for Magento 2 is a powerful tool designed to enhance your eCommerce store’s promotional capabilities and boost customer engagement, ultimately increasing sales and conversion rates.

With the ability to offer daily attractive deals on your products, this extension not only grabs customers’ attention but also motivates them to make timely purchases, transforming them into loyal, repeat buyers.

Key Features:

  • Admin can create and display unlimited deals with appealing discount offers
  • Set a countdown timer with each deal created so that customers will be aware of the time left to avail of the deal
  • Admin can get and monitor the sales report of all the deals created using back end admin panel
  • Customers can subscribe to get notifications on every new deal created

Price: $249

4. Daily Deals by Milople

Milople’s Daily Deals extension for Magento 2 is a feature-rich and powerful tool designed to elevate your e-commerce store. This extension empowers online businesses to create limited-time offers, engage shoppers with regular deals, and ultimately boost conversions. It adds a sense of urgency and excitement to your store, effectively grabbing customers’ attention and increasing sales.

With this extension, you can use customized stickers and attractive designs to draw customers’ attention. These visual cues make your daily deals more appealing and eye-catching. The Daily Deals extension also features a countdown timer that highlights the deal of the day. This timer creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to make a purchase before the deal expires.

Key Features:

  • Schedule promotions for specific days, weekends, or even for an entire week that best matches your marketing strategies
  • Choose from a variety of deal types such as percentage discounts, fixed amount reductions, or even ‘Buy One Get One’ offers, catering to different customer preferences
  • Make your deals impossible to miss with eye-captivating call-to-action banners and labels that attract customers to explore your special offers.

Price: $206

5. Daily Deals by VDC Stores

The Daily Deals module by VDC Stores is a powerful extension for Magento 2 that empowers administrators to create compelling daily deals that customers simply can’t resist. The Daily Deals by VDC Stores provides a user-friendly interface for administrators. This allows them to enable or disable the daily deals effortlessly, ensuring complete control over the promotional offers.

One of the standout features of this extension is the eye-catching countdown timer that accompanies each daily deal. This timer creates a sense of urgency, compelling customers to act quickly if they want to avail of the special price. The countdown timer not only captures attention but also motivates customers to make a purchase decision promptly, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Key Features:

  • Add/Remove unlimited daily deals.
  • Choose different deals per product.
  • Display the timer below the price.

Price: $49

6. Magento 2 Daily Deal by Mageplaza

Mageplaza’s Magento 2 Daily Deal extension offers online stores the ability to feature compelling daily deals that not only entice new buyers but also convert them into loyal, repeat customers. Admins can effortlessly set up daily deals for specific products with just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of this extension is the inclusion of countdown timers alongside daily deals. These timers create a sense of urgency, informing customers of the limited time they have to avail of a special offer. The countdown timer not only motivates buyers to make quick purchasing decisions but also ensures they don’t miss out on a great deal.

Key Features:

  • Daily deals with countdown timer
  • Easy to configure limited daily deals
  • Easy to configure deal pages

Price: $149

7. Daily Deals For Magento 2 by MageBees

MageBees’ Daily Deals for Magento 2 extension is a versatile and robust tool that empowers online businesses to create multiple promotional campaigns and display them seamlessly throughout their store. This extension is up-to-date and compatible with the latest Magento version, ensuring that you can leverage its features without any compatibility issues.

With this extension, you have the ability to create and showcase multiple deals, providing your customers with a wide array of special offers. These deals can be strategically placed anywhere in your store, ensuring that your customers don’t miss out on exciting promotions.

Key Features:

  • Robust Product Listing Management
  • Flexible Timer Format
  • Create Custom Widgets

Price: $69

8. Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension by Mage World

Mage World’s Magento 2 Daily Deal extension is a powerful tool designed to enhance your sales promotions and increase revenue. This extension understands the importance of presenting deals in highly visible positions to attract customers. It allows you to showcase your deals in eye-catching positions throughout your store, ensuring that your promotions are prominently displayed.

This extension offers a range of sidebar utilities, including “Today’s Deal,” “Deals of the Week,” and “Active Deals” blocks. Customers can easily access these deals from anywhere on your site, increasing their attraction to your store. As a result, store owners can potentially boost revenue through enhanced customer engagement.

Key Features:

  • Know when the deals are expired with a countdown timer of Magento 2 daily deal extension
  • Noticed of the number of remaining items on each deal
  • Customize the color of the countdown timer
  • Change discount label and its background 

Price: $89

9. Magento 2 Daily Deals Extension by Plumrocket

Magento 2 Daily Deals extension by Mage World emerges as a powerful tool to promote and sell your products at compelling discounts for a limited time. Daily deals are a proven way to motivate customers to make quick purchasing decisions and keep them returning for more great offers. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this extension.

This extension is your go-to solution to create and promote daily deals for individual products or entire categories. It’s a powerful way to entice customers with limited-time discounts, encouraging them to take action swiftly before the deal expires. By doing so, you not only boost immediate sales but also cultivate a base of loyal customers who eagerly anticipate your cut-price offers.

Key Features:

  • Create Magento 2 Daily Deals and other events (Private Sales, Flash Sales, Sample Sales, Daily Deals and Limited Time Offers)
  • Manage Events from a separate event grid with event timeline and statistics
  • Set discount for each daily deal product included in the event
  • Сreate Private Daily Deals for VIP users by restricting access to selected customer groups

Price: $211.65

10. Daily Deals by Swissup Labs

The Daily Deals extension by Swissup Labs is a game-changing tool designed to boost your sales and customer engagement. This extension is meticulously developed for Magento, with a primary focus on driving sales growth. It enables you to showcase products and services at significant discounts for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency and motivating customers to make quick purchase decisions.

The extension provides multiple ways to notify visitors about ongoing deals. You can showcase the deal with a label, offer a link to the deal, or display a static block. These visual cues inform your customers that there’s a sale happening, capturing their attention and encouraging them to explore the offers.

Key Features:

  • Effortless daily deal creation
  • Visually attractive deal notifications
  • Boost conversion with landing pages
  • Flexible deal creation

Price: $79

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