Hack Way To 10X Conversion Rate for Ecommerce Store With Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension

magento 2 daily deal extension
As you might know, one of the most powerful methods to boost sales in the short period of time for Magento e-commerce stores is holding promotion campaigns. Is there any tool that can help us to do it at ease? Yes, with Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension by Tigren, you are allowed to create and manage unlimited deals with attractive discounts effortlessly. Let’s discover how this Daily Deal module works and how it can help to improve the conversion rates on your Magento website. magento 2 daily deal tigren1. Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension: Features
The Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension by Tigren will provide you with the following major features: – Create multiple daily deals to stimulate customers’ purchases – Allow store visitors to see Today, Upcoming and Expired deals – Display a time countdown for each deal on the front-end – Show hot deals in the Category, Product and Daily Deal pages – Allow customers to subscribe to get new deal notifications – Get sales report from all deals (including daily sale and total sale) To begin with, the Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension is a convenient tool helping you to creating, displaying and managing deals at ease on your e-commerce store. In general, there are 3 types of deals: Today Deals (including the deals that are happening), Upcoming Deals (including deals that will be valid in the near future), and the Previous Deal (including deals that are expired and invalid now). magento daily deal extension It’s up to you to show all of the deals or just Today Deals. However, we highly recommend you to make all 3 deal types visible for several reasons. For example, displaying Expired Deals will help the customers know how often you hold promotions, which interesting product on sale that they have missed, and so on. From that, the buyers might actively visit your site more often to update new deals. At the same time, the Upcoming Deals can draw the customers’ attention and “tell” them to prepare their budget for nearing amazing sales. Click here to see Front-end and Back-end demos of Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension. Another great core feature of the Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2 is that there is a time countdown running for each deal. Owing to that, the viewers would know that your deals are limited and might be urged to make a buying decision more rapidly. For the purchasers who are attracted by your deals, they can easily subscribe to be informed once a new deal is released on your Magento store. deal of the day magento extension Last but not least, from the backend the Magento store owners are able to export a detailed report of sales from their deals, which will calculate the number of daily sales and revenue from that). daily deal magento 2 extension download magento 2 daily deal extension

2. Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension: Back-end

2.1. Settings

The Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension is very easy to use. After installing the module appropriately, let’s start the configuration with the Settings, including the General Setting, Subscription Setting and Product Details Page Setting

2.1.1. General Setting

In the General Setting, you must enable the extension and choose to show/ not show the Previous and Coming Deals. Moreover, you are able to enable/ disable the social sharing feature, which allows the buyers to share your deals with their friends. Also, here you have to set a specific number of deals displayed on the Daily Deal page and the Category page sidebar. magento daily deal general settings

2.1.2. Subscription Setting

Here, you can turn on/off the deal subscription feature. If you enable it, you have to set up several email templates sending to the subscribers after they subscribe and when there is new deal notification. daily deal subscription

2.1.3. Product Details Page Setting

The last part in the Settings is the Product Page setting. Here, you are allowed to edit the timeleft label as well as choose whether to show the saving percentage (%) on the product page or not. daily deal product page setting

2.2. Manage Deals

The second important part in Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension configuration is Manage Deals, including creating a new deal, importing deals in batch and getting report for daily deals. Let’s figure out how to configure each part correctly.

2.2.1. Add New Deal

To add a new deal, first you have to go to the admin panel, navigate to DAILY DEAL, choose Manage Deals, and click on the Add New Deal orange button. (Admin Panel => DAILY DEAL => Manage Deals => Add New Deal). create daily deal in magento 2 In the Products tab, you have to select a specific product that you want to apply discount by marking on the check box. create deal in magento 2 In the Information tab, you have to set the Deal Title, Start and End time of the deal, Deal price and limited quantity for sale. After that, save the deal and flush the cache to complete. create new daily deal magento

2.2.2. Import Deal

Instead of creating the deals one by one, you can import all of the deals to save time in case of applying discount for multiple products. To do this, first click on the Import Deals button next to the Add New Deal button. import daily deals magento 2 After that, upload your CSV file to import your deals. If you don’t know how to create a CSV file with right format, just download the sample file to imitate. import magento 2 daily deal by csv file

2.2.3. Get Deal Report

To get the deal report, you have to choose a particular deal, click on Select and choose Report in the dropdown. After that, it will show a graph illustrating the total number of sold deal over a certain period. report of magento 2 daily deals

2.3. Manage Subscribers

To get the information of your daily deal subscribers, go to the admin panel, navigate to DAILY DEAL, and click on Manage Subscribers. Here it will show a list of your subscribers with their information (name, email, status of subscription request). The interesting thing is that besides accepting/dening the subscription requests, you will be able to add new subscribers in case that you have already had customer information. manage subscribers in magento daily deal extension

3. Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension: Front-end

On your storefront, the deals will be displayed in the Category page (on the sidebar), the Product page and the unique Daily Deal page. daily deals magento 2 module daily deal magento

4. Final Words

All things considered, Magento 2 Daily Deal is a must-have extension for all Magento e-commerce stores. It allows you to create as many deals as you want at ease to boost sales for your website. Download the extension here.

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