Top 8 Fantastic Magento 2 Development Tools In 2023

Magento is one of the top chosen eCommerce platforms on the planet and for various criteria. It’s comprehensive, simple to use, and always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. In this article, we’ll look at 8 fantastic Magento 2 development tools that are popular for developers.

From development frameworks to security solutions, these tools will make your life as a Magento developer much easier. So whether you’re just getting started with Magento, or you’re an experienced coder looking for new opportunities, read on for more information about these outstanding tools!

1. Magento Debug

One of the most effective tools for Magento developers is Magento Debug. For developers to better understand the script, it is helpful to specify request attributes. Magento Debug is essentially a developer debug toolbar similar to the Magento development toolbar, with the exception of aesthetics. The features of both tools are almost identical aside from that.

Magento Debug is a useful tool because it allows you to track down and identify errors in your Magento store. This can help prevent potential issues and ultimately save you time and money. In addition, Magento Debug also provides tips on how to fix the problem so that it no longer affects system performance or customer experience.

2. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is a modern PHP IDE that helps you effectively classify and manage numerous eCommerce projects. The PHPStorm Magento 2 extension is ideal for auto-complete and code creation from the existing Magento store. Furthermore, it can be used to browse and navigate the extensive Magento 2 source code.

Among other things, it has GraphQL navigation line markers, class method development, and declaration examination. The PHPStorm Live Templates tool is useful when you need to reproduce the same code structure without sacrificing the code’s quality in a number of different locations.

Although picking an IDE to work with is undoubtedly a matter of habit and taste, PHPStorm is typically appropriate for Magento development.

3. MageTools

MageTools is one of the most potent development tools for creating Zend-powered Magento websites. The MageTools’ ability to help decrease the amount of repetitious work is by far its most significant advantage. With the help of this plugin, you may execute instructions and streamline the workflow rather than switching between several tools and the admin system.

Additionally, this fantastic tool speeds the development process by establishing a controller or module. For developers, moving data to the Magento admin and MySQL database is also made simpler. Programmers can easily carry out instructions, greatly enhancing the efficiency of work.

4. Xdebug

You may debug your PHP with the extension Xdebug. The following provides instructions on setting up Xdebug and PhpStorm to debug in your local environment, though you are free to use any IDE of your choosing. This enables you to observe and address problems that develop as a result of obstacles.

You can add breakpoints and stop the code from running at each one using Xdebug. You can see the different outputs after just one function execution and avoid wasting time on troubleshooting your code or other tasks. It assists in debugging PHP programs by utilizing the DBGp debugging protocol. You can use this application to help you profile specifics of PHP scripts.

5. Git

Git serves as the hub for all code management, development, and deployment for your Adobe Commerce websites and stores hosted on cloud infrastructure. It’s obvious that Git is distributed version control system. It calls itself “the stupid content tracker” in its advertising (man git).

Git does not consider the contents of files, so to speak. Every file in the directory where it is installed is kept in a copy by the program. A new copy of a file will also be stored each time it is modified. Because all of these files are kept locally on the same system as your website, they will run exceptionally quickly.

Git is a distributed system, therefore making remote copies of the Git database is simple. It also offers quick and comprehensive capabilities for comparing various versions of a Git database to identify variations between the databases because it is a developer tool.

6. EcomDev PHPUnit

EcomDev PHPUnit is the name that follows ours on the list. So, to sum it up, this third-party Magento extension enables you to integrate the PHPUnit framework smoothly. This extension allows for quicker testing of Magento modules, blocks, controller actions, and other layout rendering processes.

Using the PHPUnit framework, you can easily test features, modules, blocks, controller actions, helpers, and layout rendering with this Magento extension. The issue should be fixed, and Magento developers should be urged to use test-driven development techniques.

You may observe during run-time how additional test objects gradually gain control of the available systems and objects up until someone makes a secure test database connection. As a result, neither the Magento database nor the core files are altered or modified.

7. Magento Stack Exchange

This is not a literal “tool” per se, but it’s too helpful to be left out. For users of the Magento eCommerce platform, there is a question-and-answer forum called Magento Stack Exchange. You created and maintained it as a member of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A websites. We’re constructing a library of thorough responses to any queries regarding the Magento eCommerce platform with your assistance.

Finding answers is the focus of this website. It is not a platform for discussion. There is no small talk. Good responses get more votes and move up the list. Accepting merely indicates that it was successful for the person who asked the question, not that it was the best response.

8. Easy Template Pth Hints

The front and back ends of the Magento store’s template path suggestions are turned on by this utility. A developer may rapidly locate and sync paths for blocks and template files in line with the theme by using the path suggestion tool. When you type searches into the URL bar, it turns on.

To activate the template path and hints, it operates similarly to Joomla. Using a variety of methods, you may make the template paths for your front-end and back-end programs simpler.

Use simple template path instructions in some of the most well-liked Magento development tools to make your development process run more smoothly and effectively. In this manner, you’ll be able to quickly locate the documents and folders required for your project. You can save time and hassle while working on your projects by applying these tips.

Wrap Up

Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform today. Not only this but Magento is also famous for its security and customizability. As such, it tends to become one of the most sought-after development tools as well. Thus, if you are considering hiring Magento developers for your business expansion plans, do not forget that we can offer you reliable and affordable solutions.

At Tigren, we have over 10 years of experience in Magento Development so you can rest assured about our performance! Contact us now for a free consultation!

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