Top 10 Best Magento 2 Wishlist Extensions In 2023

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E-commerce is all about giving customers a seamless experience. One feature that shoppers adore? A wishlist!

Magento 2, a favorite among online retailers, boasts numerous wishlist extensions. But with so many options, how do you choose the best? Look no further! We’ve sifted through the noise and handpicked the Top 10 Magento 2 wishlist extensions for this year.

Want to elevate your online store and delight your customers? Dive into our curated list and find the perfect match for your business. Let’s get started!

What Is Magento 2 Wishlist Extension?

Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2 is an optimized feature that allows customers to create, copy, move and manage unlimited wishlists with their customer account so that it can help to make it accessible and suitable for your customer’s specific needs.

In addition, Magento 2 Wishlist Extension provides clients with a simple way to keep track of a product and aids in measuring customer interest in the product after a sale.

Tips To Choose A Proper Magento 2 Wishlist Extension

When choosing the most suitable Magento 2 Wishlist Extension for your website, you need to consider some tips such as: 

  • Check if the extensions are compatible with your Magento version.
  • Create a list of extensions and set a total budget beforehand to avoid spending too much money. For instance, various price segments for different Magento wishlist extensions range from $49 to 110$.
  • Don’t use an extension that its developers no longer support.
  • Always check the reviews and its extension providers.

Top 10 Best Magento 2 Wishlist Extension

1. WishList REST APIs by WebbyTroops Technologies Private Limited

wishlist by webbytroops

This module offers complete WishList functionality APIs, including adding, updating, deleting, or getting all items and moving them from WishList to the cart. You can access the WishList’s functions from any third-party platform, such as an ERP or mobile application, using these APIs (iOS, Windows, etc.).

Key Features

  • REST API support.
  • This module exposes several WishList resources like adding WishList items and removing and updating them.
  • High authentication security for the customer because these APIs are accessible by registered customers only.
  • Simple to manage WishList using other applications.


  • Open source: $35
  • Commerce: $99

2. Easy Guest Wishlist by Aurora Creation

easy guest wishlist by aurora

Easy Guest Wishlist extension from Aurora Creation is a module for improving customers’ experience in stores. This tool allows customers to add desired products to wishlists effortlessly even without creating an account. Users may create a thorough shopping list tailored to their requirements so they can place every order at the appointed time.

When a consumer logs in to their account, this extension also transfers things from their not-logged wishlist to the native wishlist. And it works both ways. This means wishlists are still accessible after the person signs out.

Key Features

  • Allow customers to add products to their wishlists while they aren’t logged in.
  • Move items from the guest wishlist to the native wishlist when logged in.
  • Add items to both wishlists while logged in.
  • Show unlogged wishlist updated with products added while logged on the logout.
  • Make sure your clients can save all the products they want anytime.
  • Raise the conversion rate by allowing your clients to access their wishlist and move the products to the basket when they are ready to purchase.


  • $69

3. Wishlist for Magento 2 by Mageplaza

wishlist for magento 2 by mageplaza

The Magento 2 Wishlist extension offers an excellent way for customers to organize all of their favorite items in multiple wishlists. For instance, its various wishlist categories make it easier for customers to manage and retrieve their wishlists.

Key Features

  • Popup + AJAX Add to Wishlist.
  • Create multiple wishlists.
  • Customers can edit, copy, and move items among various wishlists quickly.
  • Wishlist report: to clarify, Store owners can have the details on their products added to wishlists, including the product information, the counted number, and the added time.
  • Add a whole wishlist to the cart.


  • Open Source: $129/ first year
  • Commerce: $329/ first year

4. Magento Advanced Wishlist by Knowband

magento 2 wishlist extension

Magento Advanced Wishlist Extension facilitates the customer to save their favorite or shortlisted products for future purchases. Giving your customers the option to “Save Your Cart” will make it easier for them to recall what they are interested in. They may be more likely to buy it once having the time to consider it.

Key Features

  • Functionality to view “Save product list” of any customer.
  • Re-Price your products to increase the sale.
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Compatible with all Themes.
  • Allows customers to maintain a private wishlist.
  • Easily Customizable.
  • View Sales Report Analysis.


  • 72.24$

5. Multiple Wishlist by Magenest

multiple_wishlist by magenest

Multiple Wishlist extension helps customers create their favorite lists of products but also assists admins in gaining royalty from more customers and reduces the abandoned cart rate.

Key Features

  • Allowing customers to have as many wishlists as they want.
  • Adding items to the wishlists by popup.
  • Manage items in the wishlists, including a comment box.
  • Remaining items in the lists after adding them to the cart.
  • Easy configuration from the backend.


  • Open Source: free
  • Commerce: $2

6. Multiple Wishlists For Magento 2 by MageAnts

multiple_wishlists_for_magento_2 by mageants

Magento 2’s multiple wishlist feature enables store owners to let consumers build as many lists as they’d like. So that store owners may decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase sales with this wishlist extension solution.

Key Features

  • Create and control multiple wishlists.
  • Manage your favorite list.
  • Wishlists can be shared via email.
  • Add products via a convenient popup.
  • Customize the wishlist/favorite list page layout.
  • Remind customers of unfinished orders.


  • Open Source: $89
  • Commerce: $159

7.  Multiple Wishlists by BSS Commerce

multiple wishlist by bss

Customers can create and manage as many wishlists as they want with Multiple Wishlists from BSS Commerce. In Magento 2 Open Source edition, by default, users are allowed to have only one wishlist. Of course, this doesn’t make sense since there are many situations where they want to add products to separate lists and organize these desired items for different objectives. That’s why the team from BSS Commerce developed this extension.

Key Features

  • Allow customers to create many wishlists. 
  • Manage products in my wish list section.
  • Add items to wishlists via popup.
  • Keep products in the lists after adding to the cart.
  • Display the wishlist name in the backend for better customer insight.


  • 89$

8. Smart Wishlist by FMEextensions

smart wishlist by fme

Smart Wishlist extension allows customers to add products they want to a wishlist from any product, cart, CMS, or recently viewed products page. Instead of directing customers to the sign-in page by clicking the Wishlist button, the extension displays a popup for quick login. Once a user adds a product to the wishlist, the color of the wishlist icon changes. It’ll be easier for customers to differentiate between which product is on the list and which isn’t.

Key Features

  • Sign in Popup on Clicking the Wishlist Button.
  • Easy Differentiation Between Added & Non-Added Products.
  • Enable on Any Category and/or CMS Page.
  • Enable on Cart, Search Result and/or Recently Viewed Products Page.
  • Apply Recaptcha.


  • Open Source: $59,99
  • Commerce: $259,99

9. Multiple Wishlist by Amasty

multiple wishlist by amasty

Customers can save the products they liked with only one click using the Multiple Wishlists extension by Amasty. The module makes it simpler to keep track of product updates, which helps reduce store abandonment in situations where a color or size is unavailable.

In addition, the extension allows creating multiple wishlists for any occasion, leaving valuable notes, and sharing wishlists via email. Shop owners can identify product trends early on and timely restock to have stable sales in their online store.

Key Features

  • Allow customers to create multiple wishlists and requisition lists.
  • Convert wishlist to sales with the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • Leave valuable notes and comments for goods in wishlists.
  • Add products to the wishlist by SKU or product name.
  • See the most popular items to plan product stocks.


  • Open Source: $109
  • Commerce: $409

10. Guest Wishlist by webvisum GmbH


With the Guest Wishlist extension, users can save the products they like and share them, even without having an account. So that, it’s now easy to maintain track of product modifications, like color or size unavailability.

Key Features

  • Guest users can add products to wishlist.
  • Users can add unlimited products to wishlists and share them with others via emails or URLs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatible with different browsers.
  • Merging of guest wishlist to native wishlist after logging in.


  • $49


To sum up, one of the crucial reasons customers do not want to buy products when they need them is because of a messy wishlist, so that they cannot find out the product they want at once after adding numerous products to their wishlist. Consequently, this inconvenience will make them give up their purchase intention and not return to the wishlist.

Magento 2 Wishlist Extensions will allow your customers to create and add their favorite products to multiple wishlists quickly. Therefore, it will help you reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase conversion rate, boost sales, and know more about your customer’s interests.

You can get more helpful information about Magento Extensions on our blog. If you’re looking for a Magento support service to assist you in integrating extensions to boost your store’s performance, contact us at [email protected]. We can consult and help you in optimizing your Magento site.

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