20 Huge Advantages of Magento E-Commerce Development

magento e-commerce development advantages

Online shopping has become very common nowadays with the explosion of Magento E-commerce Development over the last few years. Although there are many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, and Volusion, Magento is still in the leading position with more than 250,000 users worldwide. There must be some reasons for that. In this article, I would like to give you 20 advantages of Magento E-commerce Website Development that make it a trend these days. Let’s get started!

1. Magento provides an open-source edition

As you might know, Magento has two editions: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Plenty of businesses favored the Open Source edition because:

  • It provides you with plenty of customization and eCommerce integration options.
  • It will even evolve more in the future.
  • It can be obtained at no cost for all the merchants. Just simply download and install Magento on your servers without paying any licensing fees.

2. Custom web design/ interface

In Magento, there are a variety of CSS customization options ready to use for your web design. Moreover, the Magento support team might give you valuable information on the latest trends and tips on responsive website design.

3. Mobile-friendly nature

Understanding that people nowadays tend to purchase things using their smartphones, Magento allows you to build responsive websites that are viewable on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices without any hassle. 

benefits of using magento

4. SEO support

When it comes to SEO, Magento provides a lot of opportunities for your products and services to appear on Google and other popular SERPs. To be more specific, it allows you to create friendly URLs and meta-implementation options required for SEO. As a result, Magento helps us to address different SEO issues from page traffic, duplicate content, indexing, etc.

5. Fast loading page

Magento is known for its incredibly fast-loading web pages. The faster your web loads, the faster information can be received by your store visitors, which sooner or later leads to a significant increase in your sales and conversion rates.

6. Flexible hosting options

Unlike some e-commerce platforms, Magento is a self-hosted platform. This means that it will give you the freedom to stay with any hosting solution provider of your choice.

7. Allowed multi-website generation

Magento gives you a great capability to host multiple websites on a single backend/ admin panel. In other words, with Magento, your stores can be set up separately with its unique product catalog, design, and features in the mutual business structure. 

Why is Magento best ecommerce platform

8. Multi-currency & language support

While the majority of current e-commerce platforms have no options in regards to varied currencies and languages, Magento e-commerce web development supports all currencies and languages across the globe. This feature would be immensely valuable for stores that target a wide geographical audience.

9. Third-party integration

By using Magento, you can easily integrate your site with different payment gateways and web applications such as PayPal, Google Shopping, MailChimp, eBay, QuickBooks, and many more.

10. Amazing default features

One of the best advantages of Magento e-commerce development is that it will bring about a variety of e-commerce features to your online store.

Magento comes packed with all you expect to have in an e-commerce website, from advanced search, wish lists, favorites, product comparisons, email lists, to different types of products, etc. These features would be a solid foundation for you to deliver a great experience and satisfaction to your users.

11. Magento is flexible

Regardless of your business’s scale, budget, requirements, and budget, you can still find a proper edition of Magento. For instance, Magento Go would be suitable for small firms, Magento Commerce is a perfect match for medium and large ones.

12. Convenience for developers and administrators

In Magento e-commerce development, the developers are able to update content, add new pages to the website, and link pages to the sub or main navigation with ease. At the same time, for the store owners/ administrators, it’s also simple to use even when they lack advanced programming skills and expertise. However, if you have any difficulties while managing your Magento store, you can seek help from a reliable Magento e-commerce website development company. 

Why should I Use Magento

13. Easy and fast checkout

The intelligent Magento shopping cart would help your customers to follow the process of purchasing their desired products step-by-step. In general, the checkout process is easy and fast, which therefore minimizes cart abandonment.

14. Easily integrated with Google services

Another great thing about Magento website development is that most of the Google services like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base can be integrated into your site effortlessly.

15. Simple and intelligent coding

Compared to other platforms, it can be said that Magento core code is not too complicated since it can be easily integrated with third-party coding. What is more, Magento would not be disrupted by extensions or add-ons of future upgrades.

16. Effective report system

From the back-end, you can get a detailed report on the website performance, indicating what “hot items” are now or what has been out of stock, and so on. From that, your business can come up with better strategies to boost sales. 

Is Magento a good ecommerce platform

17. Good for marketing

Magento e-commerce websites provide you with an array of useful tools to promote your business. Coupons, Private Sales, Catalog Pricing, Multi-Tier pricing, etc. to name a few. In addition, you can display some related products to enhance cross-selling and up-selling.

18. Helpful content management

Magento is equipped with an intuitive and highly visual page editor called What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Owing to this perfect tool, Magento store owners can easily make changes to their web pages without technical knowledge.

19. Secured e-commerce store

With Magento development, you can protect your store and effectively manage internal access with multi-level security permission. You are able to generate the secondary password in order to forbid unexpected breaches. Furthermore, Magento has CAPTCHA and PCI Data Security for utmost protection.

20. Vast Magento community

Up to now, there are more than 312,000 members participating in the Magento e-commerce development community. As a consequence, it’s not difficult to seek help when you find any problems with your site. 

why magento development

Do You Need Magento E-commerce Development Now?

It’s no doubt that Magento is an amazing e-commerce platform to satisfy all online shopping preferences. Limitless advantages of Magento e-commerce development include the secured shopping experience, seamless product management, easy third-party integration, and many more, which all help to drive your business growth.

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