Top 29+ Addictive PWA Games That Will Inspire You

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Progressive Web Apps are a growingly popular concept among e-commerce website developers. However, due to its tremendous benefits, this cutting-edge tech craze has piqued the interest of game developers. As a result, more and more PWA games are indeed being created.

This article will first highlight the overwhelming advantages that Progressive Web App draws to game development. Then the post will point out the top well-known PWA Games.

Why Do Game Developers Love PWA? 

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Progressive Web Apps provide game developers with the following valuable benefits:

Enhance UX for gamers

1/ Add to the home screen

One of the most impressive features of Progressive Web App is “Add to home screen” (A2HS). PWA games enable users to add their favorite games to their home screen in the shortest time and with at least effort.

Therefore, players no longer face-up the hassle of accessing App Store permissions or need to go through a complicated series of installing steps as a native game app.

2/ Offline mode

Making the game available even under a weak internet connection is a universally impressive feature of Progressive Web App. With offline mode, players will delight in a smooth and seamless gaming experience all the time.

3/ Low data usage

Game apps will unquestionably take up a lot of space and data usage. It may cause players to hesitate to download the game.

Meanwhile, most PWA games require 25 times less storage space and can reduce data usage by up to 90%. Consequently, players can enjoy the game without worrying about running out of storage or not having enough data usage while enjoying the game.

Cost less money to develop

A PWA game is less expensive to develop than a native game app. A low-level game like PingPong can cost around $200,000 and more than high-level games that require careful design, strategy, and a realistic approach. In contrast, the cost to develop a PWA game only starts at $5,000.

Stimulate accessibility

Typically, users here must go to the app stores and search for the game they want to download. In contrast, PWA Game can appear on the Google search results itself.

Second, one of the awesome things about PWA is its cross-platform functionality. Simply put, players can enjoy PWA games regardless of the device they are using. PWA games are compatible and work smoothly on computers, tablets, and phones running Android and iOS operating systems.

Thereby, Progressive Web App assists game developers in reaching a wider range of audiences and increasing the number of players.

The Best PWA Games You Should Know

The app stores are brimming with enormous games ranging from simple puzzle games to complex simulators and advanced RPGs.

With the advent of the PWA technology, many fan-favorite games are available on mobile and websites with a dizzying increase in numbers. Following is a list of the top PWA Games.

1/ The Cube

progressive web app pwa games

The Rubik cube must have been one of the greatest toys of all time. The Cube Game is by far a popular online 3D cube puzzle game that was created using PWA.

Gamers can play The Cube without having to download the app. It enables players to play a virtual Rubik cube whenever and wherever they want, even without an internet connection and regardless of the devices they use.

Despite being an electronic version, The Cube provides users with a similar experience of playing an original Rubik cube. The Cube will allow players to compete with themselves best time.

Furthermore, The Cube provides a great deal of customization such as cube size (players can select between 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5), flip type, color scheme, and scramble length.

2/ Pacman


Pacman is the second game that has successfully used PWA technology. The new Pacman PWA allows players to relive their adolescence. The appearance of the character in the shape of a yellow cake cruising the maze must have been very accustomed.

To eat all the Pac-Dots, move up, down, left, and right while avoiding the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. To pursue the next level, you must earn high scores by eating the fruit and running away from the Ghosts. It is easy to see why the gorgeous PAC-MAN is taking the world by storm, with simple rules but deep gameplay!

3/ Break Lock

break lock

Break Lock Game is a hybrid between Mastermind and Android pattern lock. It is a highly addictive game that helps players in mastering their intelligence and logical thinking.

The rule of the Break Lock Game is to connect the dots to find the correct lock pattern. Break Lock Game provides players with three modes: practice, challenge, and the countdown from easy to difficult levels.

4/ Tower Game 

tower game

Tower Game is the next game on this list. The goal of the Tower Game is to stack blocks dropped from the sky to build the tallest tower possible. Tower Game entices players with groovy music and eye-catching graphics.

It is an excellent game for killing time. Participants must be patient and have good hand-eye coordination, or else they will easily misplace blocks and topple buildings. The players will lose the game when they fail to place a block on the top of the tower three times.

5/ 2048 

must know pwa games

2048 has created a craze in the community because of the difficulty of the game. Amazingly, the favorite tile merge game powered by Progressive Web App is now faster than ever.

Swipe your screen up, down, left, or right to move in the appropriate direction of all the numerated squares. When two squares with the same number come into contact with each other, they merge to form a new title with a value equal to the sum of those two cells.

The goal is to build a place up to 2048. It sounds simple, but 2048 will consume a lot of the participants’ brains.

6/ Sudoku


When it comes to games that require logical and strategic thinking, it is impossible not to mention Sudoku. Now thousands of youngers around the globe are playing this game. Therefore, Sudoku addicts will surely cherish this Sudoku Progressive Web Application. With three difficulty levels (easy, medium, and difficult mode), Sudoku exceptionally creates many challenges for the participants, making them stick with the game all the time.

Every Sudoku puzzle has a single logically possible solution. To win the game, the player must enter a number in the missing space of 3×3 square so that all rows, columns, and diagonals have numbers from 1 to 9.

7/ Snake


Snake is another game that is strongly imprinted with childhood. This game is now installable and available on all devices, including desktops, phones, and tablets.

In Snake, the player begins as a three-square snake and grows by eating squares on the screen. The goal is to eat as many squares as possible without hitting the wall or biting its tail. However, the longer the Snake is, the faster it moves and the harder it is to control. As a result, Snake will turn players from love to hate, from ecstatic to irritated.

8/ Hangapp 


Hangapp is a stripped-down version of Hangman. To win the game, the participant must correctly guess the hidden word in a certain number of moves or until the hangman drawing is completed. It is a fun and entertaining game that helps players improve their vocabulary and spelling at the same time.

9/ Doodle Cricket

doodle cricket

It is a game designed specifically for cricket fans. The most lightweight mobile cricket match is now in all players’ hands! Doodle Cricket makes gamers fall in love at first sight with its amusing graphics and sounds.

The rules of Đoole cricket are straightforward. The snail will throw the ball to breach the wicket’s security. Thereby, the participant plays cricket and must hit the ball to defend the wicket’s security. The farther the player hits the ball, the higher the score.

10/ Gartic


Gartic is a drawing game where players must guess what the other players are drawing. Each room has a maximum capacity of 10 players. After that, the game will choose one person to start each round to select a random word while the other players try to guess the word. The player who scores more than 120 points first wins. It is a hilarious and addictive game.

Gartic is the most popular game right now. Accordingly, Gartic fans will undoubtedly be surprised and excited by Gartic PWA. They can now enjoy playing the game without taking up any space on their device.

11/ Tic Tac Toe 

tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe is an online version of the favorite board game Caro (X, O). The player who can place three corresponding marks in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row wins the game. Tic Tac Toe is a simple but striking game for brain training.

12/ The Circle 

The Circle

The circle is a game that tests the patience and agility of its players. The Circle rule is to move the white ball in and out of the circle to avoid hitting the black ball. There are currently nine free levels for players to challenge.

13/ Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

The next game using PWA technology is Jigsaw Puzzles. The game offers players a plethora of rich themes, each with numerous different images. As a result, users can freely select their favorite photos and begin jigsaw puzzles. It also allows users to upload their images to play.

14/ Dominoes 


Dominoes is the latest classic strategy game to be made available online. Dominoes PWA has a simple user interface that is easy to use. It is a fun game for two or four players without a Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, players can choose to single or multiple-player mode with easy to difficult levels. 

15/ Arrows Rain 

Arrows Rain

Arrows Rain is the best game to practice mastery of the left and right up and down keys. Destroying all falling arrows by pressing the key corresponding to the arrow direction on the screen is the main rule of Arrows Rains. In addition, the difficulty rises as the number of arrows increases and the drop time decreases. It is a game that will cause enormous participants to twist their brains and explode.

16/ Tetra 


Tetra is a modernized and optimized version of the classic block-failing game. Increasing the gaming experience with the full-screen mode is an outstanding benefit that Tetra PWA brings along.

17/ Mastermind 


Mastermind, like Break Lock, is a reasoning game in which the goal is to guess the four colors hidden at the top of the board.

Mastermind PWA has a beautiful and mysterious interface that helps to spark player interest. On top of that, the game has an add-to-home screen feature that allows players to access it directly from the main screen in less time and with less effort.

18/ Bubble Pairs

Bubble Pairs

Bubble Pairs is a classic memory game with new and unique elements that enhance the playing experience. Players must find a pair in hidden boxes of the same color, but the game has a twist that makes it more amusing and problematic.

Accordingly, Bubble Pairs has nearly 30 different levels. The higher the level, the more complex the situation. Besides, the design of Bubble Pairs is neatly and user-friendly. It has just enough animations and is very responsive.

19/ Little Alchemy 2 

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a PWA game for those who enjoy surprises. Millions of people love this crafting game. The PWA version includes more items, a new art style, and charming music.

By combining existing elements such as dust, air, earth, and fire to create a world from scratch, players can unleash their creativity and discover new items.

20/ Minesweeper

develop pwa games

Minesweeper is the next game on this list. Minesweeper PWA is an even better version of the classic mines game. The objective is to clear a rectangular board filled with hidden mines or bombs without blowing any of them up. Many people are drawn to this game because it provides players with both suspense and relaxation.

Additionally, this Progressive Web App Game is free, compatible with all devices, and involves an offline mode and a progress-saving function.

21/ Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is also a famous game that successfully launched PWA technology. The game ends when players remove all pairs of Mahjong tiles from the board. As a result, Mahjong Solitaire can be described as a wonderful and dynamic game.

22/ Geogee 

progressive web app games

The next sweetheart PWA game is Geogee. This game is the best fit for those who love to explore the world. Geogee allows players to test their knowledge and understanding of Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas regarding flags, capitals, Maps, Trivia, Borders, and population. Therefore, it is a meaningful game for broadening your global understanding.

23/ Photopieces


Photopieces is a game that triggers the player’s visual thinking. Arranging the missing pieces to create a complete picture in the shortest time is the aim of that game.

24/ Web Flap

pwa games examples

Web Flap is the PWA version of the original stormy game, Flappy Bird. This version provides players with the seeming experience as the original version. It is lighter and offers an offline mode that will surely satisfy participants like none before.

25/ Topple Trump 

Topple Trump

Another spirit quiz Progressive Web App Game that I want to mention here is Topple Trump. Players will select an answer in 30 seconds to fill in each of the horrible comments from Trump. To win the game, participants need to gain 270 points.

26/ Fidget Spinner

examples of pwa games

Fidget Spinner is a PWA Arcade Game that challenges how much you can spin the toy and at what speed. It is easy to play this PWA game. The longer and faster the spin, the more coins the player will have. Then, they can purchase new spinners using the winning coins. Fidget Spinner’s fascination is the unique, spectacular design of its spinners.

27/ Defend


Besides Fidget Spinner, Defend is also a thrilling PWA game that has received a lot of attention today. To begin with, Defend impresses players at first sight with its 3D space. Next, it also attracts participants by the way the game twists the brain. Defending your land from the attacks of other stones is the way to survive in this game.

28/ Memory Game

pwa games development

Memory Game was born to challenge the player’s memory limit. It requires the player to find all the pairs of numbers in this PWA game as quickly as possible.

29/ Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Paper Planes game provokes users’ interest with a splash screen with appealing images and effects of paper aircraft soaring over the globe. Players must strive to fly their paper plane as far as possible to win money to upgrade their paper plane.

30/ Color Troubles

pwa games list

Color Trouble, the final PWA game on this list, is a game for those who enjoy blending colors. The player will adjust the RGB value table to match the given color. For those who are artistically inclined, this will be the game that sparks creativity and inspiration.

Choosing PWA for Games Is A Wise Choice

best pwa games

There are still countless more games that have also been developed based on Progressive Web App technology such as Global Defense, High or Lower, Hextris and Which one, etc.

Without a doubt, Progressive Web Applications have become a renowned trend in the gaming world. Opting for PWA for your game development right away to unleash its advantages and shine a spotlight in this competition.