What Is A React PWA? A Detailed Explanation

Websites are the premise for e-commerce to develop, so they must be constantly upgraded to suit technology and consumer psychology changes. From static websites, scientists have developed dynamic websites, web apps, and progressive web apps. Besides, they are also constantly researching to develop powerful frameworks, typically the React Progressive Web App – React PWA, a new trend of eStore.

While most developers currently understand this technique, merchants still have difficulty accessing it. If you have the same problem, this article will help you solve this question completely. We will provide everything you need to know about this technology!

A React Progressive Web App: General Information

What is React?

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First, you need to understand the concept of React. React, or ReactJS is an entirely free, open-source JavaScript library created by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2013. Its primary function is to build user interfaces for web apps (specifically for single-page applications). The components designed by developers using this technique are highly interactive.

Unlike other frameworks, React is easier to use and seamlessly integrates with other libraries. Therefore, it allows scalability and helps to reduce the risk and rate of bugs in the programming process. In addition, thanks to React’s unique features, it also brings a lot of convenience to programmers, such as reusable UI components.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is an upgraded version of web apps. It uses special techniques like service workers, manifests, etc., combined with continuous enhancement to give users app-like experiences.

PWA does not only look like a native app but it can also be downloaded and installed just like a standard application. This is because, unlike typical web apps, the PWA does not only runs on the webserver but is also distributed through it. However, in essence, PWA is still a website so that it can work across operating systems and devices.

What is a React PWA?

You can simply understand a React PWA are PWAs built using the React framework. The PWA building process is more complicated than normal web applications so errors will appear frequently. The React PWA combination dramatically reduces the workload of developers since coding is much easier, and a lot of bugs won’t happen. As a result, React framework helps indirectly reduce the cost of building applications for businesses.

Seeing the benefits, many businesses are applying PWA React to their business model. Successful applications are Shopeddies, Boonthavorn, American Eagle, Shopteenee, Akira Beauty, Unified Experience Solutions, etc. These businesses have enhanced the user experience via mobile devices, significantly increasing conversion rates.

The Outstanding Strengths Of React PWA

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React Is One Of The Best Frameworks For PWA Development

First, there’s no denying that React is one of the best frameworks for building PWAs. It can bring users a lot of benefits.

As mentioned, React helps to minimize errors, reducing the time and cost of development. On the other hand, PWA’s performances will be much better because the responsiveness and interactivity of the React interfaces are very high. In particular, developers can easily integrate React into most other libraries, which breaks a considerable limitation in the PWA development process.

In addition, React has a vast user community. Therefore, you can quickly seek help in case of errors.

Finally, the potential of React PWA is enormous. The unit currently distributing React is Meta, they have a rich financial potential and a team of experienced researchers. In the future, React will be improved and become even more powerful. PWAs built from this framework will also benefit from that.

What A React Progressive Web App Can Bring

As you know, PWA has many strengths, such as fast speed, app-like look and feel, diverse functions, offline mode, ability to stimulate demand, etc. And React PWA enhances these capabilities. This means your PWA will be faster, and its features will be more efficient.

On the other hand, React PWA’s profitability is enormous.

A typical PWA will require a sizable budget ($1,000 to $50,000 depending on complexity). Because the investment costs are pretty high, businesses will need about three months to a year to break even. Yet, because React helps reduce errors, the development team’s workload is also lowered, reducing implementation time and budget. Moreover, React PWA has many advantages in terms of performance, so its conversion rate is much higher.

In addition, React PWA is capable of providing users with a dynamic, interactive experience across all platforms and devices. PWA is a website, so its codebase is entirely independent of any operating system. Therefore, you can bring a perfect and consistent experience for customers. These experiences will be highly interactive because React is one of the leading UI building tools today.

Finally, although PWAs and React framework individually have no direct impact on SEO, a properly developed React PWA has the potential to improve retention, conversions, and the like metrics, thereby gaining approval by Google.

Bottom Line

Many experts have recognized that the React Progressive Web App has many outstanding strengths compared to other PWAs and web apps in general. However, it is quite unfortunate that there are still very few people who understand it today. Therefore, not many eStore dares to apply it to their business model.

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Nevertheless, it means that you can be a pioneer by adopting this technology. If you’re looking for a professional React PWA development company, Tigren is one of your best candidates. Our team is experts in building PWA with React framework. Take a tour of our products and contact us at [email protected] if you want a powerful React PWA like our clients.

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