How To Reduce Marketing Cost And Still Get New Customers

how to reduce marketing cost while approaching more customers

In today’s competitive business landscape, every penny counts, especially when it comes to marketing. What if I told you there’s a way to reduce your marketing cost without compromising on attracting new customers?

It might sound too good to be true, but with the right strategy, it’s entirely possible. By rethinking traditional marketing approaches and embracing innovative tactics, you can achieve more with less.

If you’re ready to change the way you view marketing and take a journey into cost-efficient, high-impact strategies, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and redefine the art of affordable customer acquisition!

What Are Typical Expenses Often Spent On Marketing For The Store Brand?

common marketing costs

Many companies have been concentrating their marketing budgets on enhancing their brand image and increasing the efficiency of their operations.

This study will assist organizations in gaining a more holistic picture of their marketing efforts and determine whether goods, distribution methods, and marketing expenses should be extended, limited, or deleted.

As a general rule, the proportion of a company’s total revenue spent on marketing is the most widely used metric for measuring marketing costs. According to the company’s product or service, this percentage might vary from 0 to 100%.

It is worth noting that this percentage also changes depending on the industrial category. When introducing new goods or brands, repositioning current brands, or expanding existing brands into new areas or markets, this percentage tends to be high.

Several things will influence the marketing expenditure of a new firm. Usually, these fees cover things like:

  • Branding: Brand identity design and brand style.
  • Costs of crisis handling and promotional campaigns.
  • Expenses of making your events and promoting them.
  • Ads (Google ads and social ads – Facebook, Instagram…).
  • Promotional materials.

What To Consider Before Implementing Marketing Costs Saving Strategies?

A thorough and effective marketing plan is required for any organization, whether a global corporation or a freshly founded firm. Keep the following in mind to avoid going wrong or creating ineffective marketing strategies.

Identify potential customers

managing marketing expenses

Any marketer’s primary talent is the ability to target potential audiences. No one likes to lose money, regardless of how big or little the company is or how big or small the budget is.

However, advertising items and services to individuals who do not require them will cost you a lot of money. To make the most money, you need to figure out who is buying your goods.

Today, the most effective method for identifying new consumers is social media. You may develop surveys to learn more about each person’s wants, and you can run advertisements against the social network’s user information, etc. Other services offer user data in an easy-to-understand format, organized by area, hobbies, personality, etc., at meager costs.

Pay attention to current marketing trends

budget for marketing

The importance of novelty in the world of marketing cannot be overstated. Users will remember whoever discovers the most recent technique to contact customers and first appear on that marketing channel.

Furthermore, because the new trend is less well-known, there is less competition and lower costs. Everyone utilizes photos to draw in viewers, so why not try video? Why not use chatbots to reach out to people instead of sending emails for marketing?

Those are two instances of new marketing trends that have been utilized, with the first to identify and implement reaping the most considerable benefits. So, if you can see recent marketing trends that succeed, you can swiftly adjust and maximize your earnings.

How To Reduce Marketing Costs While Approaching More Customers?

Here are eight cost-efficient marketing tactics for beginners and small enterprises – eight affordable yet successful ways to attract customers.

1. Make your website become a PWA

cost of marketing

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are web apps built on top of website technology yet provide the same experience as native apps. Now let’s see why you should integrate PWA technology into your website to support marketing work.

PWA is good for SEO

Typically, companies would instantly consider using Google Ads to increase consumer reach and rank on Google as fast as feasible. However, doing so is not only expensive, but if you don’t know how to utilize it properly, it may be a costly investment because the effect of using Google Ads is just brief and short-term.

In this situation, PWA is the best option for businesses looking to save money on marketing because it has a long-term influence on boosting Google ranks and obtaining organic traffic. PWA was designed to improve the user experience on mobile, making it quicker and more convenient. Its design is still mobile-first and conforms to the recommended design principles.

Push Notification helps to attract users

The ability to deliver push notifications is one of the most useful features provided by Progressive Web Apps. Customers would know program information quicker and participate more if Progressive Web Apps firms give out notifications, which are more likely to be viewed than email or text messages, especially when marketing campaigns or promotions.

As a result, you could reach out to more clients for free because it is all a function of PWA. Furthermore, compared to typical marketing emails, the open rate and CTR are higher, and there is no price (regular email costs increase when you want to send to more people).

PWA helps increase conversion rate naturally

Bounce rates might be significant due to slow response times and poor performance. It indicates that people have abandoned your website and are looking for other options.

Fortunately, PWA can be used at fast speeds. Users may add the desired item to their cart and complete their transactions considerably faster utilizing this technology.

Location tracking may also be beneficial to marketers. They will reach the appropriate consumers at the right moment with this abandoned cart; messages will be sent to the buyers.

PWA helps build up your business reputation

PWAs are becoming more common in the corporate world. Today’s leading organizations will select PWA as their top solution due to the numerous benefits it provides. They will demonstrate that they are at the leading edge and give the most excellent experience for consumers by anticipating this novelty and efficiency.

As a result, PWA has assisted business owners in becoming more well-known in their sector while incurring no marketing or public relations expenses.

progressive web app

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2. Build profiles on every single popular social platform

saving on marketing costs

Most professionals would say that social media is the most effective marketing channel nowadays if you ask them. For every business, social media is a costless, available, and effective marketing tool.

According to estimates, Facebook has 3 billion members, with 2.1 billion of them being active monthly. Although the number of customers may decrease due to the controversy surrounding the exploitation of user information for political reasons (which is expected to cost the company a quarter of its users), it is still a staggering figure.

The most important benefit of social networks is that they give marketers access to a massive and detailed user database. You can tell whether a consumer is enthusiastic about your product or brand, comes back frequently, and is ready to pay for it.

Thanks to social media, you may also learn about that customer’s interests and consumption patterns. With this information, you can determine the location of your target audience and devise an effective outreach plan.

Furthermore, social media sites are an excellent way to develop consumer interactions. To establish a brand’s customer community, you may create a fan page or a group, and to extend your brand’s network, you can make a fan page or a group.

Social media platforms provide an easy way to implement content marketing, and if your material is appealing, you may save a lot of money on marketing. Rather than merely sharing deals and organizing events, you can utilize your fan page to offer helpful material about your products and services.

3. Focus on SEO for long-term benefits

cut marketing costs

SEO depends on search terms to direct people to the websites they need, rather than diverting and tempting them as traditional marketing does. You also don’t have showy product billboards when it comes to SEO. So they won’t feel duped, and they’ll have greater faith in and affection for your website.

As a result, as compared to the old technique, SEO has a more long-term and consistent effect and a higher level of prestige for the company. Although you will have to employ staff to perform SEO marketing to ensure the best quality for your website, the expense is not expensive. It successfully assures the business’s desired consumer reach.

4. Create interesting videos, optimize and upload those on Youtube (no ads are required)

cost reduction in sales and marketing

Video marketing is a popular marketing strategy that has shown to be quite effective. This is supported by the fact that consumers view a lot of videos every day.

Every day, up to 1 billion hours of video are seen on YouTube. That figure demonstrates the enormous potential of video marketing.

As a result, you may start a YouTube channel to promote and evaluate your items. If your video has many views, you can use it to make money while promoting your items to many people.

Video marketing is both an excellent and cost-effective method of marketing for small enterprises. Using stock footage and altering the length and quantity of information that comes out can help you save marketing costs on video.

It’s crucial to remember that video should be used to offer content, not merely to stimulate the user’s interest. Let’s present a straightforward narrative about an actual product to increase consumer trust. For example, clothing retailers may use haul videos and try-on videos to give buyers a better sense of the goods.

5. Use newsletter emails instead of promotional emails

newsletter emails

Every company, large or small, aspires to establish a professional and successful email marketing channel. It’s simple to show an impact and build long-term connections with consumers through email since it’s a direct method.

However, you should note that promotional emails can cost you a lot since you have to send your content via paid email marketing tools. Meanwhile, newsletter or transaction emails can be sent from your site without middleware so that it will save your marketing costs.

It is recommended to set up automated mailing on your site: once a customer registers as a member, send a thank-you email, a successful transaction notification email, a shopping cart reminder email, etc. Such services are not prohibitively expensive, but they are highly efficient in terms of conversion rates.

You should also customize the emails that are sent out. That is, various types of information should be delivered to different client groups. This improves each person’s experience by making them feel more cared for and involved. This isn’t difficult because there are services that give user data, or you can gather it yourself by surveying people while they’re using the service.

6. Hire micro-influencers instead of macro-influencers

micro influencers

Micro-Influencer is a phrase that refers to a group of “regular” people who have a significant amount of influence in their community. They frequently use social media and the Internet to share photos and material relating to their hobbies or areas of expertise. And, like a celebrity, they are liked and appreciated by many people, but their popularity is not as extensive.

Spending considerable money to engage a few celebs to market a company that is just getting started on digital channels might be a challenging problem. Some celebrities may even refuse to wear a particular brand. Meanwhile, hiring micro-influencers is typically less expensive, and they are more likely to work with most businesses.

Furthermore, a celebrity or an artist frequently has a huge fan following with a diverse range of interests, making it challenging to generate material that appeals to a broad audience. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, generally exclusively work in one sector.

Thus they are more specialized while having a smaller fan following. As a result, companies may reach out to their target consumer group more effectively when using micro-influencers in their campaigns.

7. Deploy affiliate marketing programs


Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a firm or a person gets compensated for bringing in new customers. It’s a typical strategy for increasing online sales and revenue. When done correctly, it can be quite profitable for both companies and their affiliates.

Affiliate marketing may help you expand your client base while lowering your marketing costs. Using an affiliate is a highly successful approach to get people interested in a product.

The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to pay anything to websites or individuals until the money from any sales they generate reaches your bank account. As a result, it’s a low-risk, low-cost approach to sell items and boost income.

Furthermore, you can combine employing micro-influencers in the same sector with affiliate marketing so that the two may complement each other and help you reach more consumers and increase earnings. And you’ll have affiliate marketers working across various channels.

Apart from it, CPA marketing, which is known as a style of the affiliate marketing model is very popular now. You should also consider using it to lower your marketing expenses.

8. Use free but powerful marketing tools

free marketing tools

One of the methods to help you save marketing costs in each activity is to use free online marketing tools to boost productivity and make day-to-day tasks more manageable. Here are many useful tools that serve different purposes for marketers:

  • Keyword Research: Keyword research will assist you in selecting high-value, low-competition keywords that will yield positive results for your website. Some tools can be mentioned for keyword research, such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, WordStream, etc.
  • Website Speed: You may use website speed test tools to check the speed of a page on a PC or a mobile device. Then they’ll make a list of the things that slow down your website. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights, Webpage Test, GTmetix, and so on to support this work.
  • Competitor Analysis: One of the most crucial tasks is competitor research when running an SEO or marketing strategy. Tools that can help you include SimilarWeb, Alexa, Quantcast, and others.
  • User Analytics: Understanding user behavior on your website will help you optimize UI/UX. You can refer to tools like Heap Analytics, Segment, FullStory, etc.
  • Email Marketing: Although email marketing services, in general, are costly, many of them allow us to send a certain amount of email at no cost. Therefore, if you are a small-to-medium business and do not need to send emails in bulk, it’s okay to use free packages.

9. Make use of marketing automation technologies

marketing automation

Marketing automation is software that assists marketing teams in planning, coordinating, and managing marketing efforts across many platforms.

Marketing automation technologies also aid in lead generation, customer behavior evaluation and tracking, and other metrics based on that customer’s response to marketing efforts, which then conduct various actions based on these metrics.

Furthermore, marketing automation will help you save marketing costs and time while reaching more consumers and improving sales. Tools to assist with marketing automation include chatbots for social media, an email autoresponder, etc.

Wrap up

Those mentioned above are low-cost yet efficient marketing methods for small enterprises and newcomers. To obtain the best outcomes, you should grasp the marketing notes provided at the beginning of the post before you begin working. From there, you may save money on needless marketing initiatives while also gaining loyal consumers.

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