ShopEddies Magento 2 Progressive Web App (PWA) Go Live!

shopeddies magento 2 pwa release

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest Magento 2 PWA development project. Take a look now at After three months of hard work and dedication, ShopEddies Magento 2 Progressive Web App was released on January 1, 2020.

The PWA of ShopEddies has everything people often expect from a PWA, such as lightning speed, clean design, and app-like functions (e.g., icon on the home screen, fullscreen display, offline mode, push notification…). Besides, it is equipped with some advanced e-commerce features to provide the users’ best shopping experience.

ShopEddies’s Expectations and Our Challenges

The original website of ShopEddies was developed on Magento 2 platform. It used the default Magento 2 Luma Theme with customization. Therefore, the site looks not attractive, which was the first motivation for ShopEddies to convert their site to Magento 2 PWA.

Besides, ShopEddies page speed was not fast and responsive enough to satisfy mobile users – all conventional sites’ common limitations. At the same time, ShopEddies realized the vast potentials of PWA for Magento 2. That’s why they sent us a request for PWA development.

There were several Magento 2 extensions on the site, but when upgrading to Magento 2 PWA, ShopEddies only wanted to maintain Amasty’s Improved Layered Navigation and Amasty’s Product Part Finder. The thing is, any modules that have an impact on the Magento frontend cannot work on PWA properly without customization. It’s worth noting that PWA Storefront will replace the Magento frontend after development.

Furthermore, ShopEddies looked for a fast and convenient checkout page that was missing on their website.

Tigren Did Meet All The Expectations For ShopEddies Magento 2 PWA

We suggested using our ready-made Magento 2 Progressive Web App theme to help ShopEddies achieve their PWA in the shortest time possible. Their old website design will be replaced by this robust and well-designed Tigren PWA Storefront.

In terms of functionality, we needed to take a lot of customization work to ensure that the PWA is compatible with all essential features of required Amasty extensions.

For example, we customized and updated PWA API for the following features:

  • Shop by brand
  • Multiselect options/ multi-filter
  • Filter search box
  • Year-make-model filter
  • Part finders

Regards the checkout, we recommended ShopEddies convert from Magento default checkout to the modern One-step checkout. As a result, it helped to simplify the checkout process and provide a better customer experience.

Project Highlights

  1. Major Goal: Converting ShopEddies’s current Magento 2 website (based on Magento 2.3.x) to Magento 2 Progressive Web App.
  2. PWA Storefront Development:
    • Applying the default design of Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA theme
    • Changing the logo, favicon, colors, fonts, font sizes, banners of the theme to the match brand identity
  3. PWA API Development:
    • Core API supporting almost all of the Magento default features.
    • Advanced features (e.g., Product Part Finder, Improved Layered Navigation, One-step Checkout…).
    • PayPal & Braintree payment gateways integrated
  4. Time of Development: approximately 2 months.
  5. Project Involvement: Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, and Testers.
  6. Time of Support: Free 3 months of free support after launching ShopEddies Magento 2 PWA.

Project: “Before and After

Let’s look at ShopEddies’s original website and how it looks and feels after being integrated with Magento 2 Progressive Web App.

It’s worth noting that the most significant changes are added app-like features that can be experienced mostly on mobile devices. In other words, the following pictures cannot tell you everything. It would help if you visited to discover this interesting PWA.

Home page

The new PWA storefront design is simple but elegant enough to make ShopEddies’s products stand out. All banners were re-organized on only one banner slider.

When the visitors hover on any category on the menu bar on the website, it will not show anything. When they click on it, it will go directly to the selected category page.

Meanwhile, when the users hover on the PWA menu bar, it will show the categories and sub-categories for the users to choose.

Category page

Red is the major color in expressing ShopEddies’s brand identity. The new PWA is shown in more positions such as the selected category, add to cart buttons, filter, and search buttons.

After integrating with PWA, the category page remains an array of improved layered navigation & product finder features.

Product page

There is no significant difference between the product details page of the ShopEddies website and PWA. However, when the customers add the item to the cart, there is no slow page reload on the PWA.

Shopping Cart page

The cart page on the original website is the same as Magento default, whereas, on the PWA, it nicely matches the brand style and color throughout the site.

Checkout page

As you can see, the 2-step checkout of Magento 2 default was upgraded to the fast and mobile-friendly One-step checkout.

New Account Registration Page

Like other Magento 2 websites, the users must access the Customer Login/ Create New Customer Account page to log in/ register a new account.

On the contrary, it will show the Login & Registration popup on the PWA so the customers can easily and quickly complete these steps and continue their purchases.

ShopEddies Magento 2 Website:

ShopEddies Magento 2 PWA:

My Account page

About ShopEddies

shopeddies magento 2 progressive web app case study

Founded in 2012, ShopEddies is a one-stop e-commerce store for worldwide customers looking for reasonable but high-quality parts for their cars, trucks, RVs, and power sports. Also, over 260,000 parts and accessories are being offered in the ShopEddies store.

Want To Build A PWA Like ShopEddies Magento 2 Progressive Web App?

Tigren was in charge of ShopEddies’s Magento 2 PWA Development project from beginning to end. If you want a similar powerful PWA, don’t hesitate to contact the Tigren team ([email protected]). We will examine your requirements and send you a free quote within 24 hours.

Find more about Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA Integration service here.

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