How To Update PWA: A Guide For Both Users And Owners

How To Update Progressive Web App

Although Progressive Web App or PWA has only been around for a few years, it is already a new trend in the technology industry. It can even be seen as the most potential direction for developing a strong mobile website. However, because it is such a new term, there are still many headache questions, such as how to update progressive web app?

In fact, on the contrary of this confusion, using a PWA makes the new version development process extremely easy, completely effortless, and less time-consuming. So how to do it? Scroll down for more information!

Why Is A Progressive Web App Update Essential?

New updates from Magento

Like any other technology product, Magento releases annual updates. These updates will change certain features in the platform. That’s why keeping the old version of the PWA without updating according to Magento’s changes can cause conflicts. It may even lead to some serious errors for the website.

Add extensions and features

Keeping the same features for a long time can cause boredom for customers. It is even possible to fall behind competitors’ PWAs if you don’t have new features for a long time. 

That’s why it would help to have updated versions that bring new and useful features to your customers annually. This will help retain old customers and attract new customers better.

Fix bugs

Similar to a native app, you need to develop and mature PWA over time. After its first launch, bugs may arise in the application that is not present in the testing phase. This may significantly impact customer experience. Businesses should roll out some PWA updates to fix these errors quickly.

progressive web app update

New Interface

Besides new features, a different interface may also create a freshness for users, especially on special holidays. 

This upgrade will make customers more impressed with your brand and set you apart from others. 

You can also attach some sale promotions on the interface on big events. A huge revenue trigger will come as a result!

How To Update Progressive Web App?

As Users

It is quite simple to upgrade your PWA as a user. When there’s an update for PWA, a pop-up message will be displayed on your screen corner. This message clearly states that a new version is available and asks whether you will allow it. All you have to do is click OK, and the update process will run right after that.

At this point, the PWA will automatically reload the page in a few seconds. The latest content will be displayed on the interface. And done! This whole quick and convenient process happens in less than 1 minute!

As you can see, updating a PWA is undeniably simpler than updating a native app. For regular native apps, you will have to manually go to the App Store or Google Play and tap “update” to confirm downloading its latest version. 

Then you have to wait 3-5 minutes, depending on network speed and the update size. It’s so annoying especially when need to use the app immediately!

As Owners

The PWA updating process on the owner’s side also isn’t difficult. You don’t need many steps to get this done.

In essence, because PWA uses a single codebase, so to upgrade it, you only need to update one codebase. Thanks to this simplicity, the workload of technical staff is significantly reduced. Thereby reducing the cost and time of update development for your businesses.

After completing the code updating process, all you have to do is deploy the latest code. The PWA users will receive a pop-up update notification right after that. This process is generally faster than updating a regular native app.

In contrast to PWAs, native apps use multiple codebases. Therefore, the technical staff needs to write code for many different codebases to develop a new version. 

Not only that, you must re-submit to the app stores (Google Play, App Store). This is a really bothersome step because it will usually take you at least 1 week (if not more) to be approved. Only then can the users download the latest version.

It is easy to see that the native app’s upgrade development and launch process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Meanwhile, the PWA’s update release process is pretty simple and fast. 

This speed advantage is a premise to help businesses quickly fix interface errors, instantly update the latest promotions, and regularly add new functions for customers. Thereby increasing customer experience, loyalty, and sale.

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About Tigren

Updating the PWA is not difficult, but it is still immensely important. So it requires meticulousness and cautiousness. 

If you are not a technical coding person or a professional coding team, it is best to hire a credible outside unit to build your update in particular and your PWA in general. 

Confused about where to find such a team? We are Tigren and we believe we meet all the needed requirements to build you a great PWA.

Here are the two biggest reasons you should choose us:

First, we will use Magento PWA Studio to code your PWA.

This approach ensures the PWA follows Magento’s code standards, preventing conflicts right from the beginning. Also, in case of new Magento updates, a new PWA version will be automatically added accordingly.

This will save time, resources, and the cost of learning Magento’s changes. Your new PWA version will also be developed faster.

Second, we have a professional PWA developer team with years of industry experience. Our team has worked on projects for big companies worldwide, so you can trust our ability.

Bottom Line

PWA update is an important topic, this process is indispensable to ensure the app works well and retains customers. Although the process is quite simple and less time-consuming than a native app, it is a new technical term. Therefore, both users and owners should know how to update progressive web app to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Above is all information about the PWA updating process for both users and owners. Hope you have got more information on this topic!

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