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Top 20 Magento Websites From World-Famous Brands

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Magento is the platform that powered more than 12% of all the online stores in the world. Do you know why people love this platform? It’s because all of the Magento websites are well-structured, SEO-optimized, and stunning. Let’s take a look at 20 representatives of Magento websites in this blog post.

These Magento Websites Will Inspire You…

This list is created based on the UI/UX, loading, and responsiveness. What a coincidence, the list includes many popular brands worldwide. 

1. Moschino


The next name of the Magento websites list is a luxury fashion house from Italy founded in 1983 – Moschino. The products that Moschino specialized in are leather accessories, shoes, luggage, and fragrances.

With the Magento platform, Moschino can incorporate the animation on the homepage, implement the Instagram feed. Moreover, the categories and product catalogs are very intuitive.

2. CocaCola Store


Maybe we don’t need an introduction because Coca-Cola is beloved all over the world by people of all ages. Not only increase the market share by using the offline distribution system, but this brand also takes advantage of e-commerce. Due to the booming of online shopping, Coca-Cola entrusted Magento with its brand in 2014.

To give the website more functionality with advanced marketing features, Coca-cola chose the Magento commerce edition. 

With this scalable and flexible platform, Coca-cola has been successful in engaging with the customer. Specifically, Coca-cola created the “Where’s my name?” campaign on the website and more than 600,000 names captured in the database via Magento.

Also, Coca-cola Store should be one of the best Magento websites examples because of its UI design, which will impress the customer at first sight. The site is adjusted every holiday and designed to focus on personalization. 

3. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Magento websites list

It will be flawed if Christian Louboutin is not mentioned in this Magento websites list. This iconic footwear brand made the history of fashion. Besides that, this brand also releases handbags, accessories, and cosmetics.

Christian Louboutin’s website is not outstanding because of its features results from its minimalist. This site focuses on the products; hence the fantastic shopping experience is made of visual merchandising and the fast loading speed.

There are more secrets to creating an impressive website like Christian Louboutin’s, find out more here.

4. Jaguar


A well-known athletic sports car and luxurious sedans- Jaguar is also in the top 20 Magento websites list. This website is directly launched for the Jaguar I-PACE – the first Jaguar’s fully-electric car.

At first sight, Jaguar created a four-step progress bar with appealing design and convenient functionality to draw the customers. Thus, this makes it easy for customers to select the model they need.

Moreover, Jaguar’s website concentrates on personalization. Walking through those steps above, the customers can choose the preferred details, color palette, and create his/her design.

5. Ford Accessories

Ford accessories

There’s probably no one in the world who hasn’t heard of Ford. This brand is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. It chose Magento to create its accessories online website. Ford Accessories Online store will also appear on the list of Magento websites.

The site will not impress us by its design but the functionality will. The product catalog varies depending on the users’ car model selected on the homepage. This is how they optimized the user experience.

6. Land Rover

Land Rover Magento websites

Apart from the Land Rover main website, the brand has added an online store to sell clothing and accessories. This website even sells gifts and other products like keyrings, mugs, baseball caps, etc.

The brand name goes impeccably well with the layout, design, and user-friendliness. Moreover, to enhance the customer experience, the checkout process is quite simple.

7. Chopard

Chopard Magento Websites

Chopard – the luxurious Swiss watchmaker, is now using Magento 2 for its website.

It’s undeniable that this website has an elegant and gorgeous design to keep the customers stay longer. Besides, the site also facilitates the users to maintain their wishlist and choose the appropriate options. 

8. Swatch


Unlike Chopard, Swatch has a bold and colorful design. The point that makes Swatch different from other websites is that you can directly design a watch yourself in the Customization section.

9. Byredo


The last name is Byredo – a European brand famous for perfumes, body care, and hand care products. This brand is one of the pioneers to upgrade its website to Magento 2. With the platform, Byredo’s site is allowed to have easier customization, improved organization, etc.

Minimal and sleek is the style of Byredo, and we can see it on the website. The blocky style fits well with the brand and makes it more appealing.

10. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Magento websites

Helly Hansen is always mentioned because of its one of the most well-known Magento websites. They provide sailing, skiing, and outdoor apparel with stores located in more than 40 countries.

This company has a long history and deeply-rooted traditions. It was founded in 1977. At first, the company’s products were made to help people with severe climatic conditions. Along with the evolution of the fashion industry, Helly Hansen not only brings us professional-grade gears to stay dry, warm, and safe but also fashion clothing.

In 2016, the company built its website on Magento 2 platform to increase online selling. The site is a global one which operates 30 stores in 6 languages.

11. Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is a famous makeup brand in Britain. Founded in 2009 and reached great success,  this brand is not only renowned in England anymore but also internationally. Their makeup brushes are signature and become the bestsellers all over the world.

The beauty and cosmetics industry nowadays is developing at an unbelievable pace. Sigma Beauty saw them as a chance. They need a scalable platform to get them to market quickly and create an engaging experience for beauty enthusiasts and global retailers. Thus, they choose Magento 2.

The unique point of Sigma Beauty’s website is that they not only show the products for us but also offer us a list of approved vendors. Moreover, this website has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface

12. Monin


Another successful brand on the top Magento websites list is Monin. With more than 100 years of experience. Monin is a world brand in manufacturing syrups, concentrated flavors, mixes, sauces, liquors, sweeteners, etc. Those products are provided with more than 200 flavors.

As a growing business, Monin’ decided to expand its market share by building a website. The critical point is they need a high-performing platform to fit with a multi-national and robust customer base. In 2013, Monin successfully ran their Magento commerce 1 website. Then to adapt to the booming of online shopping, they decided to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 in 2018. 

The very first impression when accessing Monin’s website is the delicious it looks. I’m sure that the image appearing on their site will create engagement on-brand experience. 

According to the Magento case study, Monin increased their sales by over 400% after using the Magento platform. The conversion rate is also raised by 20%. Moreover, email-driven revenue increased by 10%. Hence, the decision of Monin to upgrade the website to Magento Commerce 2 brought them many positive results.

At Monin’s website, we can find not only their products but also recipes and tips. Monin offers its customers an exclusive experience on the site. With the Magento content management system, Monin brings all of the products, recipes, blogs, and how-to videos together to attract the customer. Besides, Magento multi-language also brings customers the most comfortable experience for Monin to expand their brand to the world’s markets.

13. Olympus


Olympus Corporation is the leading provider of optics products and medical and surgical equipment from Japan. They are another example of Magento websites.

Magento helps Olympus to communicate with the customers via the website by the following: excellent website navigation, informative product descriptions, comparison list, etc.

Roughly a 70% share of the global endoscopy market is accounted for by Olympus. The 2019 annual revenue of Olympus is $7,145 billion came from both offline and online operations. And Olympus uses Magento Enterprise as a CMS for its achievements.

14. Omega Watches

Omega watches

Another super sleek Magento website with so many impressive details is Omega Watches. 

The most important feature of this website is helping people locate the product they want to buy in the location finder display throughout the site. Then recommend the nearest shop for the customers (including both own stores and third-party stockists).

Additionally, the website design is clear and eye-catchy.

15. Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea

Along with many brands, Ahmad Tea also chooses the Magento platform for its website. The company has a minimalistic, and beautifully designed web store on Magento with a wide range of teas and other products.

Founded in 1986 in England, Ahmad Tea is now the most popular family business. They grow tea in seven countries (including China, Sri-Lanka) and sell them worldwide. Besides, they also sell teawares and giftset. 

Its Magento-based online store stands out with a wide range of teas, beverage recipes, a selection of bespoke teaware and exciting articles, and a partnership program for cafes, restaurants, and caterers and hotels. 

Also, Magento features like personalized search, cross-sell, assistance in choosing gifts, and mixes of teas are implemented to the website. This website is no longer a tea shop, but a valuable resource of fine goods and inspiration for tea-lovers.

16. Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is one of the most reliable online homeware, furniture, and textiles retailers in the UK.  It’s not a surprise that this brand is in the top Magento websites list too. At first, Cox & Cox used Magento 1 for its website. To offer its users a powerful and flexible platform and expand its range, Magento 2 is chosen to use in 2016.

Visiting the Cox & Cox website, everyone will be impressed by a wide range of beautiful visual images. Besides, Magento helps Cox & Cox maintain its e-commerce features: strong main navigation panel,  numerous sorting and filtering options, etc.

17. Paul Smith

Paul Smith Magento websites

Paul Smith is a brilliant fashion designer from Britain and desires to expand his business to the world. Hence, he decided to choose the Magento platform for his e-commerce business.

Paul Smith is worth to be appeared in this Magento websites list because of its outstanding performance. The super-fast checkout process makes this website become one of the best Magento websites.

Moreover, the visitors will fall in love with the website’s design, color, balance, and the energy it brought. Everything that you can expect will appear on Paul Smith’s website – a sizing guide, a wish list, a store finder, or a care guideline. All the things on the website are very useful and easy to navigate.

18. Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is a department store chain in Britain specializing in fashion for everyone, food & wine, homeware, gift, etc. This is one of the biggest Magento stores with a massive number of products. Moreover, the look of this website is stylish. Besides, the filter is good. This website brings an elegant feeling to the customer with plenty of high-end imagery.

19. Boodles


Keeping up with modern trends and cutting-edge technology is a must for an excellent jewelry company like Boodles. They need a platform that supports the omnichannel experience. Moreover, it needs to connect the online experience with in-store activity (book an appointment at the store directly on the website). So, Magento 2 is the right choice for Boodles.

Magento 2 helps the brand boost website speed and allows it to expand the markets.

Instead of using the homepage to promote products like other websites, Boodles choose to share a short film about how they create the products. This will keep the customers on the site longer.

20. Urbanista

Urbanista Magento websites list

Urbanista is a modern website that provides headphones and earphones. This business was established in 2010 in Stockholm – Sweden.

Through the website, we can get a feel for the product and the lifestyle the brand represents. 

The product pages are awe-inspiring with bold photography, video content, and specific descriptions, which makes the customer the most convenient. 

Wrapping up 

And above is a complete list of the top 20 Magento websites from widely known companies.

If you desire to make a fantastic Magento website like those brands, you can find more information about Tigren’s Magento website development service and get your free quote here.

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April LeeTop 20 Magento Websites From World-Famous Brands

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