How to Build An Ecommerce Website Like Flipkart

build ecommerce website like flipkart

One of the bright names that dominated the ecommerce world during the pandemic time is Flipkart. So successful and inspiring of a growth process is that it has become a world-renowned case study for others to learn to build an ecommerce website like Flipkart.

This step-by-step ecommerce building guide will explain the powerhouse driving Flipkart’s success. We will also reveal how to create and retain a memorable customer experience in the buying journey and how you can transfer these insights to your practice.

An Overview Of Flipkart

If there is only one thing to introduce about Flipkart and explain why you should learn to build a website like Flipkart, it is the fact that Flipkart beats Amazon over customer satisfaction in a sales war in India in 2021. 

They gained a greater favorable influence among Indian consumers. They topped the brand equity with a 9.7 score, even with the fierce competition from Amazon.

Started in 2007 by the duo Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Flipkart has become India’s dominant ecommerce platform. At first, this gigantic marketplace was just a mini Amazon, selling books through websites. 

Then the time for ecommerce came in India, and Flipkart started expanding to a diverse list of options, including music CDs, mobile phones, movies, and more and more. Just like that, the platform gathered its momentum, and its fame escalated.

Over 80 million products across all kinds of categories, selling to over 160 million monthly users. However, in 2018, the company sold itself to the giant retail chain Walmart, marking a new era for the Indian ecommerce superstar.   

4 Advantages of An Ecommerce Website Like Flipkart 

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So what does Flipkart do that make it so successful, outgrowing the low initial investment of $5,600 to reach the world-class multi-billion game within 15 years? What are some of its secrets that steal customers away?

1. Direct Connection To Support Consumers

Besides letting the customers rely on single merchants or vendors, Flipkart stays actively in supporting its customers, including facilitating any misunderstanding or conflict that might arise in hardly resolvable situations. 

Their website acts as a trusted source for filing a complaint, has a strict refund policy, and searches for information and warranty factors. Making it easy and streamlined for the using process of both sides will only make Flipkart more reliable, profitable, and enjoyable in the eyes of users. 

2. One-stop Shopping 

What is it like to have a place where you can come up and look for literally anything, right in the reach of your hands, at every second, anywhere?

That’s the alluring and the killing power of big ecommerce platforms. They save you time on finding certain shelves of products but still allow access to a variety of goods within each category for you to catch your match. 

3. Competitive Prices With Daily Offers

Everybody loves a good deal. Getting decently qualified goods at a dime is undoubtedly tempting, especially when you need to buy something every day, just imagine how much you would save after a year.

Flipkart works as a marketplace for sellers to offer their local products and buyers from anywhere to outsource for cheaper goods. As exciting as it already is, Flipkart opens room for daily limited offers, a ticking boom to encourage more transactions, freshly come, freshly served.

4. Presence On Search Engine 

After carefully designing the platform site, Flipkart is ready to spread the net and pull in customers. By ensuring its strong presence on the result pages enabled by specific keywords and images, Flipkart secures excellent visibility and a massive amount of on-demand traffic. 

Key Ecommerce Features Of Flipkart That You Can Adopt From

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For Buyers

A Comprehensive Review System

The one thing that stands out from the crowd is Flipkart’s site space dedicated to customers review and feedback. It can be very risky to buy stuff from a new store via your phone or computer, especially when all you know about that store is through product pictures and short little descriptions. 

But when you come to Flipkart, you are exposed to many criteria to demonstrate social proof, such as the product and the merchant rating, the address, the review area with specific assessment factors, and the room for consumers to post any questions to the sellers. 

Featured Products

All the most qualified products, either the best prices in the industry or the best rate from previous purchases, will most likely appear on the first page. 

They also created a Flipkart Assured product badge for verified goods that have gone under 6 times, checking to assure you get exactly what you order with swift (and free for some) delivery.

Smart Search And Smart Filters

You can easily add products and stores to your wishlist with one touch right on the portfolio page and save them for later. A handy cart view button stays uptight on the upper right side when you need it. 

Next to it, all searches can be filtered through an impressive list of numerous factors: categories, brands, ratings, gender, availability, Flipkart-assured products, price ranges, discounts, and offers.

Social Media Adoption

Having social media associations helps merchants boost their brand presence and echo. As merchants receive more traffic, the platform also increases its users. 

And while the number of vendors grows, the room for reviews also needs expansions, and nothing can beat opinions originating from social media sites. 

Live Chat

Let customers step closer to witness and experience what’s behind those virtual walls with a live chat feature for merchants. 

Hop on a call, invite your community to join, casually interact and allow your offerings to be seen in a way that creates trust, authority, and much deeper connections. 

Secured And Simplified Checkout Process

Another red flag notice for any roaring ecommerce place is to implement all-cost protections for users’ sensitive data. The world is moving fast on the digital transformation, leaving room for high-damaging and widespread impacting man-in-the-middle attacks to increase. 

A simplified ecommerce checkout page preferably comes with various payment options, delivery services, and the least corruption possible. 

Easy Returns-And-Refunds Policy

A good and clear policy for returns and refunds will seize risky feelings and encourage newcomers to fill up their first orders and imply a promise over the product quality up to your expectation by viewing images and social approval.

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For Sellers

Tracking Data And Performance Analysis

Being a marketplace, it is Flipkart’s duty to facilitate both vendors and consumers in their quests to exchange goods and services. It is a reliable data tracking system for merchants that collects, sorts, and analyzes multiple measurements that matter.

Numbers and orders can flip in unawareness without good statistics boards and charts. These will help store owners understand the meaning behind their performance to see if they have used their resources effectively yet.

Order’s Management Panel

Flipkart thoroughly understands its vendors’ needs. Having a management panel to take control of the customers’ orders will allow you to serve them better, from as little as sending them precisely the things they ordered to fulfilling their unique requests and creating lasting impressions in their eyes.

Customer Management System

When your product lines grow, your customer base expands. To reduce risks, build trust and attract sales, vendors encourage visitors to interact with real people behind the screen. 

It could be product recommendations, a closer view of product materials, or inquiries. That’s when you’ll get flows of chats and extra customer-driven services and need a hand from the CMS or customer management system.

SEO Management

You know that Flipkart is a marketplace. So optimizing for an appearance on Google is not enough, optimizing for a higher appearance on the Flipkart searches is rather more critical.

Find the way to stay highly visible on the platform and further beyond with a factful, useful SEO support system.

4 Steps to Successfully Build An Ecommerce Website Like Flipkart

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1. Strategic Research

Deep dive into qualified reports and the latest data on the market you’re about to operate in. Find a lucrative field to start off strong for later expansion. Chase down the size and intensity of the competition and define your competitive edge. 

While doing so, don’t forget to look into what you own, see if you can utilize them as an advantage, and serve customers better in this constantly evolving world.

2. Define Your Customer Range

Even if you aim big for your ecommerce site, you have to own one particular market and experience it before you get a chance to jump over other niches. 

Like Flipkart chose to provide books as a start, they managed to build a small loyal community of users who trust and always come back for them. And look how easily they were able to scale up later on.

3. Build Your Online Presence

Decision On An Ecommerce Development Service

This step could be altered down below according to your demand. But in case you’re new to ecommerce and all the techy things, you should spend quality time choosing a trusted partner if you need their consultation and advice.

Building an online platform is the stepping stone for your online business, as every interaction with the customers you have is going through it. You only need to do it once, so do it properly, and the final result will repay your effort.

Decide On An Ecommerce Platform

If you want to be majorly in charge of your store, look for a robust and highly scalable platform such as Magento. With Magento Open Source Edition, you only need to pay for hosting and domain service. 

In return, you own it with no monthly payments, tons of robust features, and convenient space for integrations and support. But if you’re new and want something simple, easy to start selling right away, look for SaaS, in short for software as a service like Shopify. 

Decide On The Design Of Your Online Store

Here comes the headache and pricey talk of them all, the website design. It is just fine whether you decide on a minimal yet aesthetic vibe or a themed design with expressive elements.

As long as your target base finds it exciting and thrilled to experience around, easy to navigate, and fulfill their functional need, that’s the only right answer. 

Careful Decision On Payment-Gateway Options

Now, look at the payment gateways you would want to appear on your website. Some gateways can require different integration support than others but don’t forget the security sign behind every gateway. 


Testing is inevitable for the launch of an eCommerce website. With multi-million content currently on display, not to mention the involvement of funds and sensitive data exchanging, Flipkart must go through a strict health check frequently by testing experts. 

None of these can leave for luck. It’s like planning for failure.

4. Launching And Promoting

After launching, we advise you to stay close to your website development agency in case of any instability or incompatibility occurs during the launch of the new store.

In early times, try to work on the top locations on SERP for small-size keywords, and SEO is recommended as organic reach is the highest quality. Authentically show yourself and put effort into getting favorable customer reviews.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Large-Scale Ecommerce Site Like Flipkart?

The average cost of building a large-scale eCommerce website varies around: $50,000 to $500,000 and more. The range has excluded an important annual fee for after-services expenses and maintenance.

Generally, to create a website like Amazon or Flipkart, you should expect about $60,000-$80,000 to be the least. But these websites are bringing them back billions and billions of money days and nights. 

As the demand for eCommerce rises, the domestic supply isn’t increasing as follows, and many local eCommerce website development agencies are simply too expensive to reach out to.

Building an in-house IT team is the worst. You have to provide them even when there’s little to no work and won’t be assured that your time and money will be in good hands.

Remember that the best quality and best fit will beat the ultimate saving and fluff like the latest technologies. You’re investing in a quality eCommerce website to run a business and not to save your budget or impress other websites.

That leaves us with the outsourcing option, a result of global trade. One familiar area with escalating reputation and a wide range of services belongs to Vietnamese developers. Quick turnaround time for a low hourly rate.

Wrap Up

Starting early with a flair for a new online business opportunity, setting a firm foundation for the eCommerce evolution to come, and investing heavily in customer satisfaction. Those are the 3 sustainable strategies Flipkart embarked on a couple of years ago to grow into a technical empire like today.

We hope you have gained more insight about building an eCommerce website like Flipkart and have inspired you to start your online business idea as soon as possible.

And if you ever need an expert to talk through your good plan, Tigren Ecommerce Development Company is glad to help. We have over a decade of experience with high-converting eCommerce development projects worldwide. 

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