Convert A Website To A Progressive Web App: 7 Steps For Store Owners

convert website to pwa

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a relatively new achievement in web development. With so many advantages, PWA can bring enormous benefits to businesses. And if you are planning to upgrade your sales website but still wondering how to convert a website to a progressive web app, follow this step-by-step guide. 

What Is A PWA?

PWA is a web application that uses the latest web technology to provide users with a native application-like experience. This technology brings consistency between web and native apps and replaces both with a single instance.

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convert your website to a progressive web app

7 Steps To Convert A Website To A Progressive Web App 

1. Clearly define requirements


An excellent first impression is a key to the success of any website, so you clearly define what your design requirements are to make your company unique. Do you want to keep the original look or go for a new one?

If you need a new design, you have two options: using a ready-made PWA template or a custom design. Decide on a prospect before starting the transformation process.


Besides a beautiful visual, you need to prepare a solid website with optimized, user-friendly features. Legacy features are often not reasonably reusable on a PWA like the design. So you need to think carefully about reaching the functional requirements, including extension, payment, shipping, etc.

2. Find a suitable PWA development company

Progressive Web App is a new technology. Not all companies can provide a great PWA, so you need to choose a reputable company with rich experience in PWA development.

To determine the reputation of that company in the market, you should consult other customer reviews, companies’ portfolios, successful PWA projects, etc.

3. Sort the company list & contact to get quotes

After research, you may have a list of companies. Now it’s time to check out their quotes and work process.

Contact them and provide information about your requirements to see their services and price. Note down all the information you gather for the next step.

4. Select the company that provides the best quotes and solutions

Now you need to decide which agency suits your requirements.

Compare the companies on your list regarding different factors, from price, work process, skills, etc., then rank their overall performance accordingly. It’s recommended to pick a provider with a good price, but they should be able to guarantee the quality of the final work.

Also, you need to consider PWA solutions (e.g.: using plugin, theme, or custom development) suggested by the companies and figure out which meets your requirements and budget the most.

turn a website into a pwa

5. Development

Your PWA will be built after signing the contract and defining the terms of work with the web development company. Then you will work to provide all the needed information, from which the developers can regard when converting your website.

During the development process, you need to carefully monitor and check with the developers. If there are changes in the plan, it’s best to inform the developers early during this stage. Depending on the PWA development approach, the transformation time can take from 1 month to 4-5 months.

6. Testing

Because PWA is a new technology, the testing part needs special attention. Check if:

  • PWA functions run properly
  • PWA speed is optimized (both desktop & mobile)
  • The design is as required (both desktop & mobile)
  • Functions of the old website operate smoothly after upgrading to PWA 

This testing step is crucial. You should get involved in this step too. If there are errors or anything that doesn’t meet your requirements, ask them to fix them until you are satisfied.

7. Educate users & release PWA

Once everything is in place, do spend time educating your users about the upcoming PWA. Provide information about the PWA, so they can get used to it quickly when you switch to the new site.

You can record how-to videos, write guides, even invite potential clients to have a trial experience with the new PWA.

Consequently, if all goes well, you can release your PWA.


1. How much does it cost to convert a website to PWA?

The average cost of a PWA is between $1,000 and $30,000. However, this price fluctuates depending on the complexity of your website and the service provider.

2. How to make the process of converting website to a PWA easier?

To make converting the website to the PWA process more manageable, choose a legit web development company. You can contact Tigren to enjoy an affordable PWA development service.

We have had many successful projects with nearly ten years of experience in web development and six years working on PWA. We ensure that every feature is tested and the new PWA can deliver a smooth and engaging performance. You can opt for our ready-made TigrenPWA theme or request a custom PWA service to achieve the best result.

upgrade a website to a pwa

Wrap Up

In a world where cross-platform development is rapidly replacing the development address, the web of applications advances as the answer we are all looking for. If you follow this step-by-step guide, you will be able to convert your website into a progressive web application successfully. However, if you still have questions, contact us, and our team will answer them all.

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