20+ Outstanding Progressive Web Apps Examples (PWAs) In 2022

examples of progressive web apps

If you want to provide your customers with a better experience on their website but don’t have enough budget to build a native app, it’s time to consider building a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Before that, let’s look at 40 Progressive Web Apps examples and discover many potential benefits that you might achieve.

What Is A Progressive Web App?

Converting usual websites to PWAs has been a hot topic over the last year, so you might probably hear something about it. This new technology encompasses modern web APIs to provide users with an experience on par with native apps.

Owing to the PWA, we can build fast-loading dynamic apps with full-screen mode, push notifications, and a place on the customers’ home screen – without any hassle associated with downloading, installing, and updating the apps.

Additionally, PWAs can work offline, allowing users to continue browsing the app even when the network connection is poor or absent, which is impossible for a mobile browser or native app.

Go deeper into Progressive Web App’s technologies, it utilizes service workers, web app manifests, and other web-platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to deliver app-like experiences.

Is PWA Necessary When We Have Already Had A Mobile App?

Yes, why not? PWAs have several advantages over native apps. For example, it’s easier to persuade customers to install a PWA than a native app. While the users need to click on the “Add to home screen” button and wait for a few seconds to install the PWA, they have to go to an app store, search, download, and install the app.

Not yet, PWA accounts for less data storage than the native app. In short, if your store can offer both the PWA and mobile app, it will be the greatest thing for the customers.

Has anyone adopted Progressive Web Application and got success?

Yes, many businesses developed their unique PWAs and gained tremendous success. In this article, we will show you several impressive examples of PWAs this year.

Outstanding Examples of Progressive Web App

progressive web apps pwas

1. Lancome

Another well-known brand that applied the PWA technology successfully is Lancome cosmetics. At Lancome, they found a paradox that although mobile users have risen dramatically in recent years, their mobile web conversions are very low compared to desktop conversions.

After that, they built a mobile app, but it satisfied Lancome’s loyal customers who have regular purchase needs and are willing to download the app. Finally, they decided to build a PWA, and here is what they got: a 15% decline in bounce rates, a 50% increase in mobile sessions, 17% growth in conversion rates, etc.

Lancome progressive web apps pwas

Instead of updating their underlying site minimally, Lancôme looked to the modern web technologies – PWA to provide an immersive, app-like experience. They took advantage of service workers to deliver reliable performance on unstable networks and push notifications for re-engagement.

Their best-in-class PWA achieves a performance score of 94/100 on Lighthouse, an automated tool for improving web page quality.

2. Alibaba

As you might know, Alibaba is one of the largest online B2B firms globally, which has served more than 200 different countries. Therefore, delivering a great mobile experience is always their first concern.

pwa examples no need for app store

First, they focused on developing the mobile web and mobile app with nice design and user-friendly functionality. However, they gradually realized that these are not perfect tools for customer engagement and then came up with a solution – building a PWA.

Fortunately, this is a wise strategy when they experienced an explosion in their conversion rate (76%). Additionally, their PWA is immensely effective in engaging the users on the site since the number of active users grew by 30%.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is a famous e-commerce business where you can find nearly everything from clothing, accessories, electronics, pet products, and home appliances.

Because of being a part of the Alibaba Group, they also followed the Progressive Web App strategy and have seen a lot of positive results.

After a short period of time applying the PWA, AliExpress’s conversions increase sharply by 104%. Besides, their users visit more pages per session and spend more time per session on average.

pwa examples no need for app store

4. Trivago

Trivago is a travel site that utilizes Progressive Web App technology to deliver seamless interactions to its customers. Trivago PWA has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for travelers to compare prices of different hotels, read the reviews, or book a selected hotel. Also, it contributes to minimizing the search marketing effort for the hotel owners.

pwa examples trivago trivago pwa

With the power of PWA, Trivago’s hotel search engine recorded a noticeably better result than its native app. Moreover, its hotel booking click-through rate experienced a dramatic growth of 97%.

5. Twitter Lite

progressive web applications case studies

Introduced by Twitter in 2017, Twitter Lite, in fact, is a PWA with the awesome features of both modern web and native app. It enabled faster performance and higher user engagement on the mobile web and significantly increased ad clickthroughs and time spent on the mobile web.

Surprisingly, nearly 80% more tweets were recorded via Twitter Lite than before via the native app. Moreover, the bounce rate saw a decline of 20%. Not yet, a lot of web push messages appear even when the PWA is closed.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is by far the most familiar website when we look for creative ideas. However, its conversion to signups and mobile app installations is too low (roughly 1%). That’s why they moved on to PWA.

Pinterest PWA is a fast and data-friendly solution for users, offering low bandwidth usage, push notifications, and offline support. Therefore, Pinterest achieved many impressive results: higher revenue from user-generated ads (increasing by 45%), higher ad click-through rate (rising by 50%), and improved user engagement.

pinterest Pinterest PWA

7. Jumia Travel

Jumia is another name in our outstanding examples of PWA list. The target customers of this company are vacationers or business travelers in Africa.

pwa apps list

Before PWA, Jumia introduced its native apps for both iOS and Android, but the company’s traffic only increased exponentially from the release of PWA. The booking rate on hotels and flights grew by over 30% and the bounce rate dropped by nearly a half.

8. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is the leading online travel agency in India. Before launching the PWA, they went through continuous high bound rates and expensive customer acquisition costs.

To deal with that, MakeMyTrip decided to invest in PWA with the aim of bringing their user experience to the next level while spending their budget more effectively.

Fortunately, their users are very interested in the new technology, proven by a three-fold increase in engagement rate and over 150% growth in traffic.

pwa websites for desktop users

9. Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas is a well-known US online health and supplement firm. With the help of PWA, Pure Formulas overcame an array of problems from high cart abandonment rates, slow page load speed, and stagnant checkout.

pwa builder

More specifically, its PWA brings about a 20% boost in conversion rate across all modern browsers, a 20% rise in revenue, and a 10% increase in order value on average.

10. Flipkart

Another impressive case is the PWA of Flipkart – the largest Indian e-commerce store. Their PWA is called Flipkart Lite that plays an important role in boosting conversions (70% increase), re-engaging their customers, and stimulating time spent on site.

Also, it’s worth noting that since most of the mobile users in India are accessing the site via a 2G network, PWA’s fast-loading page feature and offline functionality are precious.

According to the Flipkart survey, more than half of their visits come from this modern technology. Moreover, the engagement rate from their great PWA is much higher than from other sources (mobile web and native app).

11. Wego

progressive web app examples

Wego’s PWA delivers smooth experiences for its users thanks to the instant page load. In addition, its mobile conversion rate grew sharply by 95%, and the drop-off rate decreased by 20%.

Besides, the automatic fill-in function for logged-in users on the app also plays an important role in enhancing the user experience.

12. OLX

OLX is another Indian business on this list that applied PWA successfully. Their user engagement rate escalated by 250%, and the click-through rate increased by roughly 150%.

All are thanked by its PWA with amazing features such as push notifications, offline mode, and background sync.

13. Continental AG

continental magazin pwa

Unlike other examples of PWA, only a sector of Continental AG – the corporate magazine – was implemented as a PWA. 

This PWA is four times faster on mobile devices than the previous mobile website. Besides, the push notification feature plays a significant role in updating users with the news.

14. Nau.ch

pwa demo

The PWA of Nau.ch is the major point of contact for online news in Switzerland about people, politics, business, and worldwide news. Its number of installations is immense impressive (400 times) within only two days after the launch.

15. Tourimus

Tourismus’s PWA looks like a digital guide to lead its visitors to interesting places of pop music. More particularly, the users can navigate through various cities by entering their location and getting relevant multimedia content. This PWA brings about a unique experience that we cannot find in other examples of PWA.

nrw tourismus pwa

16. Lotto

Thanks to the fast loading time of Lotto’s PWA, its users who are lottery players find it more exciting to start playing. After implementing the PWA, Lotto can be accessed quickly at any time. As a result, the conversion rate is boosted by 50%.

17. Petlove

petlove pwa

Petlove’s PWA gained an admired three-fold increase in sales revenue. Compared to its previous native app, the PWA consumes significantly less data and brings about a higher amount of monthly traffic.

18. Treebo

treebo hotels pwa

Treebo, an Indian hotel booking service provider, witnessed a five-fold increase in the click-through rate last year. Moreover, the number of returning users was tripled, an impressive achievement compared to other examples of PWA.

19. George At Asda

George at Asda, a famous British clothing brand, gained over 30% growth in mobile conversion after launching its PWA. Not yet, 20% more page views per visit and a nearly 30% increase in retention time were noted thanks to the PWA.

20. Infobae

infobae pwa

The Argentina digital news agency – Infobae – achieved impressively 230% longer sessions with the help of PWA. Also, the bounce rate is very low (less than 5%). Meanwhile, that of Infobae’s mobile site is more than 50%.

21. Financial Times

financial times pwa

The PWA of Financial Times, the world’s leading global business publication, enables faster loading and toggling of articles since they are initially loaded and stored locally – even in offline mode. This PWA can be reached on the phone within just 1-2 seconds.

22. BMW

The PWA of BMW helps it to outweigh a lot of competitors with lightning load speed. Apart from it, the PWA provides useful and valuable content, which goes beyond the automotive industry. Therefore, BMW’s customers spend three times more time on the PWA than its previous mobile site.

23. Netmoms

pwa example

Netmoms is one of the most trusted parenting websites offering expert advice about pregnancy, baby, children, health, etc. Its PWA is developed to deliver information quickly for busy moms.

24. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps nowadays, allowing users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users. With the release of PWA, Tinder even attracts more and more users to join and stay.

tinder pwa

25. Telegram

telegram pwa

Telegram is a prevalent mobile chat service provider. Its PWA is simple, easy to use, and extremely fast. Nearly 50% more sessions per user and retention time were recorded to prove the success of Telegram’s PWA.

26. Starbucks

The last name in our list is Starbucks’s PWA. It is very eye-catching and user-friendly, which behaves like an app and works effectively in areas with weak network connections.

By using this PWA, the customers can browse the Starbucks menu and make an online order with ease.

pwa starbucks

And The List Goes On…

Besides the above examples, there are still a lot of big companies that are using this technology, for example, Virgin America, Forbes, Book My Show, Washington Post, Fandango, Flipboard, Settled UK, The Weather Channel, Google Maps Go, Nasa, Instagram Lite, Uber, Adidas, Puma, American Eager,

[more PWA examples]

How To Build Your Own Progressive Web App?

You probably realize the powerful capabilities and potentials of PWA via our examples of Progressive Web Apps. Up to now, this technology has been widely applied across industries, from media, entertainment, travel to social networks and e-commerce.

If you want to transform your e-commerce website to an advanced Progressive Web App, Tigren can help. Find more information about our PWA development services and ready-made solutions here.

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