Top Product Page Examples That Inspire You In 2022

product page examples

What constitutes a great product page? To help you answer this question and effectively optimize your product detail pages, we’ll share examples of the best product pages based on the three most used platforms and why we think they’re so great.

What Is A Product Page?

A product page on any website displays an offering, describes its features, and provides customers with necessary information.

This includes specific specs, features, and information about the manufacturer and brand. Companies have innovative ways to present the product details, from text to images, videos.

Top Product Page Examples

Magento product pages examples

1. Chopard

product page best practices

Chopard, a famous watch company, impresses with an elegant and gentle product page design. 

What makes it great

  • Minimalist Design: Because of the complexity of the product, the Chorpad product page offers a very sophisticated yet stylish design.
  • More detailed product images: Knowing well that the USP of their product lies in its design, Chopard created a dynamic section centered on an enlarged product version and the accompanying description. These images amplify inventory insights, making a product appeal to potential customers.

2. Moschino

product pages

Moschino is an eCommerce famous in fashion. Their product page takes a lot of effort to ensure their above-the-fold converts immediately.

What makes it impressive

  • Great use of the above-the-fold section: Moschino takes a transparent approach by bringing all the essential information. They provide brief vital details and a sample of the model’s measurements for customers to visualize easily.
  • Strategic Cross-selling: The brand cleverly integrates accessories to create an extremely trendy outfit. Other clothing items are tagged to suit the bomber better, promoting upselling without seeming overwhelming intelligently.

3. Urbanista

product page ux

Urbanista is impressed by detailed and attractive descriptions, evoking customers’ interest and trust.

What makes it outstanding

  • A specific description: This product detail page tells some critical specs like noise cancellation and a set of headphones. But it also reveals how these features benefit in the long run.
  • Strategic fonts: In the copy of this page, font size is preferred to aid scanability. Urbanista uses larger fonts to highlight critical headings to drive a more significant value proposition. All other areas of the description are in a lower font for users who want to read through.

4. Christian Louboutin

product detail page examples

Christian Louboutin focuses on image and social networking as a high-end fashion brand.

What makes it stand out

  • Social-shared buttons: The brand allows visitors to share products on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This is a form of connecting customers with customers and advertising products in a brilliant way.
  • Language-change: The brand makes all the customers who visit their website comfortable by allowing them to use the language of their country. So no matter where you come from, no language barriers will appear.

Shopify product pages examples

1. KKW Fragrance

kkw fragrance

KKW Fragrance is a perfume company that builds trust with customers by letting customers read public reviews for themselves.

What makes it impressive

  • Customer reassurance: People love to follow what others have done, known as shopping psychology. So, in addition to reviews for social proof, KKW goes beyond the usual reviews and adds customer reassurance.
  • Unique Social Proof: KKW chooses community-driven social proof. They use their Instagram page to get loads of customer testimonial tags, implying all images are from genuine customers.

2. Gymshark


As a renowned sportswear supplier, Gymshark takes it one step further to help potential customers choose the right type of products.

What makes it great

  • Flexible Payment Options: Gymshark offers an alternative payment category for users who want to pay for products. This helps build credibility and incentivize potential clients to work on a budget.
  • Social buttons: Each product can be shared on social platforms, which helps them reach more customers and expand their reputation.

3. Fashion Nova

fashion nova

Fashion Nova is a brand that sells bold and impressive outfits for women. The highlight of this fashion brand is its ingenuity in cross-selling.

What makes it remarkable

  • Intelligent cross-selling: This fashion’s product page offers more recommendations to drive a cross-sell. The label suggests adding clothes of the same color and presents additional makeup items to match the outfits.
  • Clear reviews: Fashion Nova also provides reviews right under each product to let customers evaluate the quality of each item.

WooCommerce Product Pages Example

1. Root Science

root science

Root Science’s products pages follow a minimalism style, having a lot of white space which is pleasing to the eyes.

What makes it impressive

  • Minimalist Design: This is probably one of eCommerce’s most specific product pages. The page uses a monochrome scheme and bullet points to provide the details of the description.
  • Long-detailed description: As a skincare product, the brand understands that buyers need to be provided with sufficient information to buy with peace of mind. Thus they provide detailed descriptions from origin ingredients to directions on using them.

2. Porter & York


The grocer impresses with thoughtfulness on every product page.

What makes it excellent

  • Product story: Porter York focuses on telling the inspirational story behind each product. Detailed information will make customers feel secure and more impressed with the brand’s thoughtful preparation of each product.

3. Stroopwafels


Stroopwafels make an immediate impression with their eye-catching color design and brands identity.

What makes it outstanding

  • Images and visual appeal: This product page focuses on colors and cute, eye-catching icons. The brand cleverly designed the product page based on the brand’s distinctive colors, creating a fascinating association.
  • Brand story: Under each product, there are fascinating stories. Stories are about making the best use of cake recipes to create delicious desserts.

Wrap Up 

So above are the top product page examples for your inspiration!

E-commerce product pages are the deciding factor in whether a potential customer will stay or exit your website after a visit. However, building it is not as easy as many merchants think. Therefore, you must find a legit development company to help you better design and develop your website.

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