Web Application Vs Website: Definitions, Examples, Detailed Comparisons

web application vs website

E-commerce is becoming more and more critical to businesses. This also leads to an increase in the need to acquire more knowledge about eCommerce technology. As a result, web application vs website – the two leading technologies to support online business today – has become a topic of interest.

With this in mind, today we will give the most essential and detailed information about these two types of the web!

Web App Vs Website: General Information

web app vs website

Because web apps have become so popular, many people often don’t see the difference between a web app and a website. However, the truth is they have a lot of contrasts.

Definition differences

Experts define a website as a collection of many web pages containing videos, photos, texts, and the like. They are identified with a common domain name and published on the webserver. After that, they are accessible through the internet.

Regarding web apps, it is an advanced version of a website. Users can access this application through the web as long as their connection is stable. They can perform various complicated tasks with it, such as calculating, sharing photos, shopping or even playing games.

Some examples

Website is the first type that appears on the Internet for users, it’s continued to be developed and used by many individuals and organizations. The most typical are news websites like NBC News, BBC, FoxNews, etc.

Web apps have also become popular in the business world. You may be using one every day. Some of the best examples are Facebook, Google Docs, Google Sheet, Gmail, etc. These websites have outstanding features with high interactivity.


As mentioned, a website is basically a collection of different HTML pages combined with some resources (image, audio, video, etc). They are also known as static websites.

A standard web app often has a three-layer structure. The web browser will be the outermost layer, displaying the web’s content. Then comes a class that uses dynamic web content technologies like PHP, Java, Python, etc. Finally is the database layer.

These three layers are also known as the web app’s presentation, application, and storage tiers. The workflow is as follows: User requests will be sent from the presentation layer to the middle one. This is where responsible for performing queries and updates against the database.

Web Application Vs Website: Detailed Comparisons

difference between website and web application

Interactive Interface

The websites’ interoperability is often relatively poor. All users can perform on these websites are usually only viewing, reading, and navigating between links.

The content on these websites usually displays the same to all visitors. Experts call these interfaces static web pages. Unless you’re a news media business, customers will get bored quickly with stores using this technology.

On the other hand, web apps have more diverse functions. Its unique programming structure helps support users with a series of complex and highly interactive operations such as drawing, playing music, etc. Common convenient functions such as posting information, uploading files, etc., are also available.

Features variety

The website is static, so it’s not difficult to understand when it has fewer features. Some websites even have only minimal functions such as blogs, uptime, maps, etc.

The functions of the web app are more complex and suitable for the enterprise’s business model. This website version is trendy in online sales, online auctions, and management activities.


Maintenance is an essential task that helps ensure the functional ability of any website, application, or software. The process helps fix bugs and update new features, bringing freshness to users.

In terms of maintainability and upgradeability alone, the website is the winner. Website edits usually won’t require a full re-compilation and deployment. Your development team just needs to update the HTML code.

However, for web apps, any change, no matter how small or big, requires the development team to re-compile and deploy the project from scratch. This can result in a big budget and a great inconvenience to the business.

Web Apps Vs Websites Summary: Similarities And Differences

web apps vs websites


The most significant likeness between web apps and websites is their programming languages. Essentially, a web app is also a website, but more advanced. Therefore, their codebases are built from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Besides, they all run on the web, so users need to remember the domain name and manipulate the browser bar to find them. In fact, currently on the market, only PWA can be installed on customers’ devices even though it also owns a web core.


The first web app and website difference is the interface. The web app has an app-like appearance that is highly convenient and user-friendly. In contrast, that of the website is relatively boring.

In addition, a web app’s architecture is much more complex than a website, so the number of this app type’s functions is also more varied. However, on the contrary, the time for development, maintenance, upgrade, and preparation budget is also more extensive.

Website Vs Web App: Which One Is More Effective For Your Business?

To choose between a web app and a website, you need to base it on many factors, for example, your budget, the product you offer, or your business model.

If your company is small and does not have considerable resources, you can choose a website as an economical option. However, if you have a big enough budget and are willing to find a way to bring in more revenue in the long run, then go for a web app.

However, in general, the web app is still more effective. It has so many advantages beyond a website in terms of interface and functionality. Businesses can go for a more developed web app option to offer their customers a better experience – from responsive to the progressive web app.

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Web Application Vs Website – Bottom Line

In short, web apps and websites are generally good companions for businesses. If you need to increase online sales through a website, then these are the ones you should consider. However, they are suitable for different types of businesses, you need to carefully evaluate the business situation and customer portraits to make the most accurate choice.

Above is all information about web application vs website. We hope it is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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