What Is Magento PWA Studio? – Full Explanation

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“What is Magento PWA Studio?”. If you’ve been doing e-commerce with Magento and looked for a way to improve your site’s performance, you probably heard this term at least once. Magento first introduced their PWA Studio to integrate this modern-day technology into Magento-based websites in 2015. 

So it’s time to break down everything you should know about Magento PWA Studio and how it aids in enhancing your business.

What Is PWA?

PWA stands for progressive web application, the innovative web app for the modern-day advanced experience. PWA’s competence is to bring the best out of native apps and websites, benefiting both businesses and end-users. 

Core Features

Add to home screen

No installation and loading time is needed like native apps, with this cool feature, mobile users can have your brand icon on the home screen instantly after a few clicks. 

Now that customers are regularly reminded of your brand while using their mobile devices, they would feel harder to resist the temptation to shop online. 

Push notifications

magento pwa development services

This feature has long been a special weapon of native apps, the little pop-ups that remind, notify, and engage with end-users. Data shows that, on average, the opt-in rate for Android users is 81% and 51% for iOS.  

With a progressive web app, now e-commerce businesses can send private messages to customers and enjoy high traffic and conversions in return. 

Offline mode

Unlike other regular websites that go blank completely when the internet connection is lost, PWA allows users to revisit all of the pages they have loaded before. In this way, online shoppers won’t be interrupted in their search for desired items. 

Optimised loading speed

For first-time visitors to click a website link, it may take 1 to 2 secs to load. But from the second time revisiting the pages onward, the PWA will be loaded instantly, right after the users’ interaction. 

Many people now are used to social media with fast-moving content, which doesn’t tend to wait on virtue. 5 or 6 seconds might be too slow for the majority of them. 

The Magento PWA Studio

What Does It Provide?

PWA Studio is a handy set of modern tools and libraries that let you build, set up, and test your PWA storefront right on the Magento backend. 

You get 3 main parts with PWA Studio. First is the PWA buildpack, which includes project setup tools, configuration management, and extensibility framework. 

The second is custom React hooks and components. And finally is the Venia theme package. 

magento pwa studio

Advantages of Magento PWA Studio 

Magento 2 Compatibility

Magento PWA Studio supports Magento 2.3 and above. This is super beneficial for Magento stores since most of them now operate on Magento 2.

Also, because the PWA Studio is from Adobe – Magento provider, meaning it’s built in compliance with the code standard of Magento. This will help avoid any code conflict issues and let PWA run smoothly on top of Magento.

Easier integration into Magento

Everything from the application builder you get is configured and ready to use. Developers can stay ahead a couple of hours handling the application builder’s setup. 

Furthermore, developers can take out and only use parts of the PWA Studio for Magento. This gives flexibility as well as reduces the complexity of the PWA development.

Also, the PWA studio provides an extensive range of ready-made elements that can be used right away as they are. Yet, they are available for modification if necessary. 

Out-of-the-box Architecture and Framework Application

Accelerate the PWA building process with ease and high accuracy with PWA Studio out-of-the-box architecture. Apart from the installation and configuration are open to working on, no more change is needed as it is built as a ready-to-use software.

You can take advantage of this resilient framework that has been tested rigorously by Magento to create your online store and start selling sooner. Or you can merge some custom solutions into this out-of-the-box software for an adaptable framework that best meets your expectations.

Fast Updating and Maintenance Process

Both the Magento version and PWA studio get updates simultaneously, so no effort is needed to learn the Magento updates to fix PWA operation like other PWA solutions accordingly. 

This would help the updating and maintenance process happen faster with ease.

Disadvantages of Magento PWA Studio

Poor Design Interface

As you will see, the Venia storefront for mobile and desktop devices is quite tedious, sketchy, and unattractive. The overall layout, font, and colour combination might not meet your expectations. 

venia storefront

Limited Features

Unfortunately, the Venia storefront doesn’t contain enough Magento core features, and it’s also not optimized for mobile, which is a bummer for the surging popularity of mobile usages nowadays.

Limited Compatibility with Extensions

As extensions or add-ons are from third-party developers, they might not be fully compatible with PWA studio as Magento frequently updates it. 

To fix this, you have to wait for the updated extensions released from those developers and then install them to continue using them.

The Abstractions And Complexibility

PWA Studio is built as the universally applicable solution in mind with the best effort possible from the Magento team. This means that there are more available codes than needed, so developers would have to exclude all the irrelevant parts to the apps to improve the page loading speed. 

Ready-made code solutions from PWA Studio can imply excessive complexity and apparent bugs, therefore time is requested to invest to untangle and clear up the misfit and complicated code structures. 

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Magento PWA Studio

  1. Should I wait for the finished development of Magento PWA Studio?

Although Studio is an unfinished project by Magento, they update this toolset and the Magento platform every 3 months. Besides, Studio has provided you with the basic needs for deployment and maintenance that you can make any needed modification. 

  1. Can I install extensions for the deficiencies in Magento PWA Studio?

Yes, extensions from outsider developers will bring additional highly useful features that PWA Studio doesn’t provide. They are easy and quick to install low cost, and handy. But be aware that they can sometimes be unstable with the overall performance due to certain incompatibilities. 

  1. Can I upgrade to PWA technology with PWA Studio in Magento 1?

Unfortunately, no, PWA Studio only supports Magento version 2.3 and above. Since Magento 1 will be outdated and Magento will soon stop supporting it, you can consider migration from Magento 1 to 2. However, several PWA theme providers are out there selling the Magento 1 solutions. 

  1. Does Magento PWA Studio improve SEO?

PWA can help increase SEO rankings by improving user experience on the site with the lightning loading speed, re-engaging with customers through push notifications, uninterrupted access even when connection loss,… Search engines like Google highly regard all these factors.

5. Which payment methods does Magento PWA Studio support?

PWA Studio supports the Braintree payment method within Venia storefront operation. Depending on particular needs, developers can use the available payment method implementation solutions to their storefront projects.  

What Is A Better Solution Than PWA Studio?

Magento PWA themes based on PWA Studio

PWA themes can overcome the limitations of the original PWA Studio. These themes are premade templates built by Magento PWA development agencies by utilizing the PWA Studio tools.

These PWA themes tend to have more attractive storefronts than the default Venia design of the PWA Studio. Their prices range from $0 to $3,000, sufficient for all budget requirements. 

There are two main types of premade PWA themes – the ones based on Magento PWA Studio and those that are not. Because themes are third-party solutions, concerns appear around the compatibility level with Magento stores.

Using themes based on the PWA Studio would be more beneficial to abide by Magento standards. Plus, this also helps avoid possible conflicts with Magento extensions in case you’d want to integrate some of them into your Magento PWA store.

Tigren PWA Theme

magento 2 pwa studio

As one of the leading Magento PWA development agencies, here at Tigren, we always aim to help our clients create a high-performing e-commerce website. With our deep understanding of PWA development and dedicated time for research, we can proudly acclaim that our Tigren PWA theme is a booming solution yet cost-friendly for your profitable online business.


When it comes to meeting businesses’ profitable goals, our TigrenPWA theme owns the design that hardly any theme can surpass. The color palette, font, banner, logo setting to layout all contributed to an aesthetic and harmonious looking to the eyes. 

Not only so, but the practical side of Tigren PWA design is also what makes it most valuable. We strictly follow the five key principles: consistency, simplicity, readability, mobile responsiveness, and ease of navigation. 

No matter what you sell, cosmetics, technologies, or hardware, you would be able to find just the right match among various trendy designs currently. 

In order to create an optimal experience on mobile, our Magento PWA premium theme also provides a unique design just for mobile with more app-like looking through bottom navigation. 

Built-in features

Our TigrenPWA theme is a complete package of PWA core functionalities and Magento powerful features.

Knowing that features by default are never enough, our Tigren PWA offers you various advanced features to strengthen your e-commerce site performance:

  • Improved layered navigation
  • Live chat
  • Shares from SMS
  • Banner management
  • Product labels

Those are only some features which are integrated into the theme. For the best experience, check out our demo here


PWA is a promising technology of the modern-day that will soon be the basic requirement for website development. Magento had stepped ahead of the game by providing a handy and valuable set of developer tools when they first realized the potentials of PWA. 

Knowing how to take advantage of PWA Studio will best benefit your Magento-based website. Ensuring high compatibility is the basic requirement for consistently high performance. 

Along with the core functionalities of Magento and PWA, and more, if you choose the Magento PWA theme based on PWA Studio, it will be an actual Kickstarter when entering the online business world.

Heiley NguyenWhat Is Magento PWA Studio? – Full Explanation

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