Progressive Web App Builder Vs Progressive Web App Theme

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Contemplating between a progressive web app builder and a ready-made theme to see which one works for you? Then read this article, and you may find the answer to this difficult question.


PWA Builder

They are handy and simplified tools to help you build your PWA. Each comes with a coding stack with detailed instructions. A few prominent names are PWA Builder, PWA Studio,, and Goodbarber.

pwa builder

Here is a closer look inside the PWABuilder’s starter pack for you to understand these tools more clearer: 

Lit-element is included for the ease of developing experience. It’s React-like but with many web components’ benefits like fast rendering and reduced bundle size.

Next, they include Rollup.js to help you with the web standards, especially with es-modules. Dynamic imports and rollup can automatically handle the bundle in place.

The setup also provides workbox’s pre-cached service worker, allowing your PWA to work offline and optimize the loading process without extra work.

And here’s the premium PWA offer from Goodbarber:

  • 1 PWA for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • 1 Android native app
  • 1 universal iOS native app for iPhone and iPad
  • Extras: SEO, SSL, advanced and straightforward add-ons, unlimited pages, and downloads.

PWA Theme

A PWA theme is a full-stack solution, complete and ready to use. Each provides a separate PWA storefront and APIs to connect it with the website backend. But it will need installation and site adaptability. Check out this PWA demo by Tigren

pwa manifest generator
  • It’s built on PWA Studio

TigrenPWA theme, one of the best Progressive Web App themes and templates, is built with PWA Studio to ensure the highest compatibility with the Magento platform. Plus, this method reduces total development time.

  • The PWA Storefront design can be customized

This is to craft the perfect brand identity from fonts and colors to the logo, banners to favicon. TigrenPWA designs adhere to the call for simplicity, accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and consistency.

  • Feature-rich PWA

Pealing the fore-front layer, they support all primary conditions of a decent Magento store. Kick-off the next layer, they back up PWA’s features to keep it lit, highly secured, and smoothly minted.

Tearing the third layer, they uplift e-commerce with advanced functions with improved technologies. And for stripping the last layer you can even customize or upgrade these APIs to satisfy further requests.

Now that you’ve learned more about progressive web app builders and themes, let’s break down our comparison.


They are beneficial tools to build PWA in a time- and cost-efficient manner. They both provide open-source and paid versions and require an installation process.



PWA Builder

PWA Studio and PWA Builder are free PWA builders while Goodbarber charges $25-96/month, and charges around €2-50,000.

PWA Theme

pwa icon generator

The price range of PWA themes jumps from zero to $3,000. The free themes only provide simple designs and basic features. The cheap ones are the partly complete ones that developers use to learn more about PWA.

The premium theme is the best option for a complete PWA, like the TigrenPWA theme. It has powerful functions, conversion-aid design, free installation, and 3-6 months of after-service support. So let’s discuss the cost here a bit.

A PWA theme is pricey, but you don’t have to pay a monthly or annual fee for your PWA. You get the same components for PWA development, most commonly a desktop, and mobile version, but you only need to pay once with PWA themes.

Plus, PWA builders can’t support high-end, impressive-performed e-commerce functionality. So for thriving online businesses, this isn’t an ideal choice. If you both have to pay more for regular maintenance and updating, won’t it be better to reduce another expense?

Getting PWA builders is not the only way you can get an affordable and efficient PWA to kickstart your online business. With a supreme PWA template from low-cost countries, you can pay the same for more.

With TigrenPWA, you can enjoy the high quality it brings with the least outlay possible. We offer a competitive $799 with top-notch Magento PWA performance and reliable long-term support.

Target Users

PWA Builder

The open-source version of the progressive web app builder is heavily functional. It stresses the PWA technologies and features while leaving the design rather dull. They don’t aim to deliver a practical solution but rather the support tool for developers to build PWA faster.

The paid version is for merchants, especially those who want to build an incomplex and effortless PWA on their own. With limited customization, they’ll get access to multiple handy options to create their design and function.

However, you cannot use your creativity to craft a unique online presence. And if you hire developers to add more performance, the fee can be enormous compared to custom services with similar features.

pwa builder open source

PWA Theme

Store owners are butter and jam with PWA themes, whether they want to upgrade their websites or build a brand-new PWA. They can choose a satisfying one among dozens of complete designs end-to-end.

Applying a theme means you’ve done half of the way. The rest is to make sure sire functions go well with PWA and customize theme design or a custom build if necessary.

Besides that, freelancers or agencies can use open-source or low-cost themes to accelerate the coding time for their PWA projects.


PWA Builder

PWA Builder would be more useful among developers.

PWA Theme

PWA themes are for both developers and store owners.

PWA Builder And PWA Theme: Which Is Better?

If you’re not a tech-enthusiast, PWA builder contains a certain level of risk as it can lead to daunting consequences along the road such as “spaghetti” code, the “knot-fatigue”, over-complexity or below-standard performance, and more.

With PWA builder, you would be required to do everything right and perfect from the upfront or spend wasted hours to untie the knots and start all over. Not to mention the extra hours to research and ask around for things you aren’t familiar with.

The PWA theme comes in handy for store owners as they are a complete solution for practical use. Although they’re costly, PWA themes can provide you the powerful advanced features and the ability to upscale your site.

Moreover, it saves you time on design and brings you a reliable connection that you can reach out to at urgent times and for future support.

A premium theme like TigrenPWA is undoubtedly a catch for small and medium businesses to upscale their ROI. 

tigrenpwa theme


Using Progressive web app builder or theme, you’re choosing an easy and fast-paced shortcut to build and own a true your-way PWA. Here are some notes takeaway about their differences:

The progressive web app builder is highly favored among developers or half-insiders to learn more about PWA technologies. They include a tech kit to help you handle the coding independently with limited functionality only.

While using themes for PWA integration will benefit store owners the most, with diversified design ready to use, extra performances equipped, and sometimes, post-services perks such as free support for up to 6 months with TigrenPWA.

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