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Cookie Consent

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Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent add-on for PWA Studio is your go-to solution for seamlessly integrating a cookie popup into your Magento PWA. Positioned discreetly at the bottom of the desktop/ mobile screen frame, our popup politely requests your visitors' consent to use cookies. These cookies serve essential purposes, including tracking, enhancing browsing experiences, delivering personalized content, and presenting targeted advertisements.

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Why Cookie Consent Integration

Cookie Compliance Made Effortless

Don't let your Magento PWA store fall short on compliance and user experience. Elevate your online presence with the Cookie Consent add-on for PWA Studio and embark on a journey of improved engagement, enhanced personalization, and data-driven success.

Seamless Integration:

While Magento PWA Studio doesn't natively offer cookie compliance functionality, our add-on seamlessly bridges the gap. Effortlessly integrate this must-have feature into your Magento PWA store without any hassle.

Stay Compliant:

Regulatory requirements surrounding cookies and user consent are constantly evolving. With our Cookie Consent add-on, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure your website is compliant with the latest standards.

Enhance Trust:

Displaying a cookie popup demonstrates your commitment to user privacy and builds trust with your audience, resulting in enhanced credibility and customer loyalty.

Targeted Marketing:

Unlock the potential of personalized content and precisely targeted advertising. By gaining users' consent, you'll be able to tailor promotions and recommendations to match individual preferences, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates.

Global Reach:

As an online merchant, your audience spans the globe. Our add-on's flexibility allows you to adapt your cookie compliance strategy to meet varying international regulations, ensuring you can confidently operate on a global scale.

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