Magento Performance Optimization


Let’s imagine that you were a visitor, how would you feel when it takes a lot of time to load the full text and images of an e-commerce store? Would you have patience to wait or just want to leave immediately?

Why Do I Need Magento Performance Optimization Services?

Many surveys have proved that the majority of shoppers nowadays are not willing to stay in slow-speed online stores, there is a high possibility that they would leave if the site loads more than 2 seconds. This is the reason why Magento performance optimization has become the first concern of e-shopping websites.

As an e-commerce store owner, you would probably know how important Magento website optimization, or in other words, speed optimization is to your customer satisfaction and sales conversion. More than that, this is a pivotal factor that has a significant impact on your site’s ranking in Google Search Engines.

For all reasons, it’s urgent need to do site optimization for your Magento websites but overall this task is strenuous and strong expertise required. Therefore, the ideal solution is to find a reliable Magento agency who provides high-quality Magento performance optimization services to share your burden.

WITHOUT Magento Performance Optimization

  • Damage user experience
  • Fall in website traffic & rankings
  • Trigger cart abandonment
  • Decline sales conversions

WITH Magento Performance Optimization

  • Minimize page load time
  • Enhance user engagement
  • Reinforce website rankings
  • Boost your sales and revenue

Where Can I Find A High-Quality Magento Optimization Service?

There are a variety of Magento agencies who provide Magento optimization service, you should carefully choose which one has strong expertise to partner with. With 6-year experience in Magento, we have not only been building plenty of Magento stores but also helping our clients to optimize their sites with proven successes.

Our team of Certified Magento Developers will combine many techniques to boost up your site performance in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Our target is gaining absolute satisfaction from both you and your customers.


  • Quickly Find Problems

  • Give Instant Solutions

  • Implement Solutions In The Shortest Time

Your Magento Website Speed Is Super Slow?

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What Are Included In The Magento Website Optimization?

  • Magento Full Page Caching

  • PHP Tuning

  • MySQL Tuning

  • Webserver Tuning

  • Image Optimization

  • CSS & Javascript Adjustment

  • Content Optimization

  • Unnecessary Plugins Removal

What Is Magento Performance Optimization Process?

Please send us your request with your site URL
We will conduct a speed testing* for your site and identidy performance bottlenecks
We will send you a performance report + our plan (solutions, targets, timeframe) + quotation
If you agree with our plans, please complete your payment
We start to work while keep you updated the implementation progress
We deliver perfect results as our initial targets (100% refund if not) - report is provided

(*: The speed testing tools used are GTMetrix or Google PageSpeed)

What Will You Get After Using Our Magento Optimization Service?

  • Fast page load time
  • Short server response time
  • Efficient delivery of your rich content
  • Grade A on GTMetrix and Good Score in Google PageSpeed
  • Strengthen customer experience and boost conversion rates.

Don’t let your slow Magento website speed turn you down

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