Stock In The Channel

Founded in 2009, Stock In The Channel transformed the IT Channel by providing sales and procurement automation. Specifically, the firm offers resellers a single trade-only site where it is possible to share, buy and sell IT hardware. 

Stock In The Channel has now expanded its services in 22 countries, with over 25,000 registered customers across Europe, North America, and Australia.

Now, they have become the largest search engine for IT resellers, manufacturers, and distributors. With over 60,000 registered users and 1.5 million page views a month, resellers are able to find the right products at the right time.

It's our pleasure to help build the great and powerful system of Stock In The Channel.


- Provide a comprehensive solution for B2B & B2C E-commerce

- Develop custom Company Account management functions

  • Manage company accounts across B2B organizations with different roles, permissions
  • Grant limited access to Controls, Roles & Permissions for each user in the company

- Create and manage multiple price lists for specific company accounts, business units, or individual buyers

- Allow company's buyers to save and edit multiple shopping lists

- Develop custom Quotes & Orders functions:

  • Build a unique flow for placing quotes and orders on the site
  • Assign specific roles to users in the company, associated with different flows to complete the order

- More features: RMA, Log in as a customer, Live chat support, Third-party systems synchronization, etc.