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The Advanced Wishlist Extension for Magento 2 is a powerful module that allows customers to create varied lists of desired products to purchase in the future. Especially, for stores providing items that are regularly purchased such as groceries, vitamins, office supplies, this extension would be indispensable for their buyers.
  • Easily save products for later purchases
  • Create multiple product groups in wishlist
  • Freely set name and take notes for each group
  • Receive reminder email of Wishlist from the store
  • Share Wishlist to social networks or through email
  • Manage Wishlist items conveniently (delete, move, add to cart)

Installation Service

Product Description

To begin with, the Advanced Wishlist Extension is developed based on wishlist function of Magento core but added by many special features to enhance the customer experience in online stores. Like normal wishlist function, the fundamental purpose of this extension is to help buyers to save their wanted products to see in the next time. The difference is that after choosing items to save, the Magento Advanced Wishlist also enables purchasers to create a specific group to save in. These groups can be created based on product categories (shoes, cosmetics, trousers,…), user purposes (stuff bought for family/ companies/ themselves) and so on.

Especially, for buyers that get used to shopping online routinely, the extension will help them enormously to avoid time-consuming and repeated tasks – searching, adding products to cart – to repurchase again and again. They just need to check their last Wishlist and then modify if needed or go directly to checkout step.



Instantly Add Products to the Wishlist

The customers can instantly add their favorite items to the wishlist when they are on the Homepage, Category Page, Product Page or even Shopping Cart.

    • On the Homepage
Magento advanced wishlist in homepage


    • On the Product Page
Magento add products to wishlist without login in product page


    • On the Shopping Cart
Magento 2 wishlist extension in shopping cart page


What they need to do is clicking on the wishlist icon, choosing product attributes (quantity, color, size, …) and then selecting a group to add that product.
In case that there is no available groups or the customers want to save the product in a new group, they can easily create a new one directly on the wishlist popup.

Magento multiple wishlists save product to multiple groups


Easily Create and Manage Product Groups with Advanced Wishlist

Besides creating new group right when adding products to the wishlist, the customers can more actively generate a new one in their account dashboard.

In My Wishlist, the extension offers a variety of functions to help the users manage their groups effectively:

  • Take notes/ write description for each group or item in the group
  • Delete unwanted product(s) or the whole group
  • Move an item to another appropriate group
  • View and Update product attributes (quantity, color, size,…)
  • Add all/ any product(s) to cart directly in My Wishlist
Manage wishlist groups in customer account


Receive Wishlist Reminder from the Store

Wishlist magento extension email reminder
Sometimes, the purchasers might forget the useful Wishlist that they had created before. Owing to that, the Advanced Wishlist Extension gives the customers an opportunity to subscribe and receive Wishlist notification emails. In addition, the users can decide when sending reminder email and number of reminder in My Wishlist configuration.


Freely Share Favorite Wishlist on Social Networks Or Via Email

This special Wishlist Extension allows the customers to share their favorite wishlist in the four most popular social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus. Then, their friends can consider those shared posts as precious reference or suggestion for their shopping.

Moreover, the wishlist owner can send the email to anyone to share about their wishlist. Consequently, the store owner can enjoy benefits indirectly: more and more people knowing their products without spending huge money on promotion.

Magento share wishlist facebook



Set time for automatically closing the popup

In the back-end, the administrator is able to make the Ajax popup automatically closed after the products were added successfully. Then, the customers can choose to continue their shopping or view their wishlist.

Magento wishlist extension general setting


Customize Email Template Sent to Customer’s Friends

Although the main email content will be edited by the customers, the admin can customize other parts of the email. For example, they might add store logo, short introduction of products and services or promotion, and so on.

Magento wishlist extension email setting


Select which social networks to display

The Advanced Wishlist Extension provides 4 social network options for store owners including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. However, the admin can select to display all of these channels or only a few of them. Furthermore, you can choose whether to show the total number of like and share next to sharing buttons.


Change Log

Version 1.0.2: Updated (Compatible with Magento 2.3.1)

Date: March 30, 2019

Version 1.0.1: Updated (Compatible with Magento 2.3.0)

Date: January 14, 2019

Version 1.0.0

Date: November 18, 2018

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