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The Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension provides online store owners an ability to create and manage events directly in their Magento stores. This is a perfect tool to inform customers about upcoming events as well as offer them the most convenient way to buy the event tickets.
  • Display all events in a nice calendar or grid mode
  • Sell event ticket easily as a virtual product
  • Allow to see previous, current and upcoming events
  • Allow to register for free events & buy tickets for paid events
  • Display all event information on the event details page

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Product Description

Magento is undoubtedly a powerful platform that will be the best choice to sell products online. However, if you wonder whether it is still useful when selling event tickets in your site, the Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension will not make you disappointed. The extension allows you to easily control your upcoming events in the back-end as well as manage old events’ data all in one system. It’s such a powerful event management tool for all Magento store owners.


Track all events in a colorful event calendar/ grid mode

    • Calendar View Mode:

Because the Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension is integrated with a JS calendar, all current events will be displayed in a nice calendar, which allows the customers to view the events in day/ week/ month mode, and navigate to next or previous months with ease. Moreover, when the users hover on the event on the calendar, it will show a small picture of the event and a short description.
magento 2 event calendar mode

Easily search for a favorite event
Filtering events by name/ location/ category might help the customers to find their interested events more accurately and quickly. To enable this feature, the admin must create different categories and save their events on the right groups in the back-end.
See late/ current/ upcoming events
This is one of the most important functions of the Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension. The customers can not only current events but also the special upcoming events – on the sidebar/ calendar and even take a look at the events that they missed in the past.


    • Grid View Mode:

Besides the calendar mode, the users can select to view all events in the grid mode. Here, these events are displayed in order according to their occurrence time. Also, each event is presented by an image and its summarized information (time, location and short description).
magento 2 event calendar grid mode


Easily register for free event
When accessing the event details page, the buyers can easily book a slot to join their interested event just by filling in the short Event Registration form.
Freely invite friends to join the event
This event extension allows the users to invite their friends to take part in the event. They just need to click on the button “Invite friend” in the event page then fill in the invitation form.

magento 2 event calendar event page

Easy to buy tickets for paid events like a normal product

This is the core function of the Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension. Similar to registering for a free event, the customers must go to the event details page to buy tickets for a paid event. The special thing is that buying a ticket is as easy as buying any other products in the online store. The Buy Ticket button is similar to the Add to cart button; after clicking on this button the purchasers will go to the Shopping Cart and check out as usual.
magento 2 event calendar paid event

Get necessary information of the event and the organizer

In the event details page, it will show detailed event information including time, location, number of participants, registration deadline and ticket price. Also, there are name, phone number and email address of the event organizer for the customers to keep in touch when they need more information.

Instantly share the events on Social networks

The customers can freely share their favorite events on their social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. This will help enormously for organizers to gain greater number of attentions and promote the events.



Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension

Create a new event in a couple of minute

To create an event, you just need to complete the following steps:
• Step 1: Provide event general information (name, location, time, avatar, description, color)
• Step 2: Add Organizer Information (optional)
• Step 3: Create and add the event to a specific category (optional)
• Step 4: Create and assign the event to an associated product (if it’s a paid event)


Sell event tickets like a virtual product
By assigning events to an appropriate product, the store owner can define an exact number of tickets, set the price before selling to the customers. After that, the buyers can go through a simple and convenient Magento checkout process to order and pay for the event tickets.

magento 2 event calendar configuration


Easily monitor all events
In the back-end, the administrator is able to add, edit events at ease or delete these events when it finished. Moreover, all necessary events’ information also are summarized in a table (number of participant, time, status), which will help event organizers to have a big picture of what are happening as well as keep track of every single event.
magento 2 event calendar backend

Automatically send confirmation emails to participants
The admin can enable the feature of sending emails to participants after they complete the registration/ purchasing process. The email content might be simply remind the customers of the event time and location or tell them what to bring with when coming to the event. The admin can easily customize the email template on the back-end.


For store owners

  • Show events on calendar/ grid mode
  • Show Calendar URL in header
  • Set number of participants and show in front-end
  • Display social share buttons in event details page
  • Show upcoming events on the sidebar
  • Set default avatar for all events
  • Automatically send confirmation emails
  • Edit calendar page title
  • Choose default view mode
  • Show different event colors on the calendar
  • Manage list of registered users
  • Add event location, description and time
  • Create and arrange events into different categories
  • Create and assign tickets for products

For customers

  • Filter events by category
  • Search events by name and location
  • Switch between view modes
  • Send event invitation emails to friends
  • Buy event tickets like a virtual product
  • See late, current and upcoming events
  • Register for free events
  • Get all events’ necessary information


Version 1.2.1: Fixing time format issue

Date: September 24, 2019

Version 1.2.0: Updated (Compatible with Magento 2.3.x)

Date: March 25, 2019

Version 1.1.0: Fixing time consistency issue

Date: January 25, 2019

Version 1.0.0

Date: June 15, 2017

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The magento event module is packed with lots of features, and I think the price is reasonable for such rich functional.

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Why haven’t you created this extension earlier? I struggled a lot with selling online tickets and manage online events before using your event calendar extension. The cost of the extension is quite high but it pay off.

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We needed a reliable extension to take care of event and ticket management. This module works just as described and allows plenty of options. It deserves 5 stars!

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Support is very good.

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I want to thank the team for this add-on. It does everything I need and even more. It looks so nice on the front-end.

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The support team is fast and enthusiast. Good extension.

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