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Looking For A Reliable Magento Development Company In New Zealand?

Do you know that there is still a lot of room for New Zealand e-commerce market to grow? On the one hand, as a developed country, the GDP per capita of this country is very high (approximately $43,000) and the average consumer spending is always at a high level. Moreover, Internet penetration in New Zealand isĀ about 86.2% and smartphone penetration is over 70%. On the other hand, there are less than 40% of Kiwis are online shoppers (roughly 2 million), which generated $4.2 billion in the last year. This means that you still have a great opportunity to conquer the remaining 60% of the market. For Kiwi entrepreneurs to start an online business, it’s essential to partner with a trusted Magento development New Zealand company.

NZ E-commerce Market By Numbers

  • One out of four Kiwis prefer purchasing on the e-commerce websites to on the physical stores but almost 60% like both types.
  • Approx. 30% of NZ online shoppers will buy clothing or accessories, 18.7% purchase books, CDs and DVDs, and over 20% prefer toys and gifts.
  • 75% of New Zealand purchasers like use their credit cards for online shopping payment.
  • Nearly 80% of buyers prefer making an order via desktop, the remaining like shopping on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Online spending of Kiwis is increasing year by year.

Our Magento Development Services

  • Free Project Consultation

    After receiving your web project requirement, our team will examine it thoroughly and provide you with the best advice and the best e-commerce solutions without any cost. With over 6 years of experience in Magento development, we can suggest what is appropriate for your needs. Contact us now to get professional consultation from for your Magento development New Zealand projects.

  • Free Proposal (Estimated Time & Cost)

    Once we understand all of your project specifications, we will give you a detailed proposal that includes web development solutions, time and cost estimate, project scope, etc. Actually, many Magento development companies in New Zealand will charge you an extra cost for the quote (due to the time and effort it takes to examine your project requirements as well as to figure out the solutions), but at Tigren, we offer it at no cost.

  • Free Magento Theme & Modules

    In all of our Magento web design & development projects, the clients can freely use our ready-made templates & modules without paying a buck. It’s worth noting that these Magento themes and extensions are being sold at Tigren store with the price from $89 and above. However, if the clients want to have more choices from other providers, we are still willing to find and suggest the proper ones.

  • Free Magento Training

    Many NZ entrepreneurs came to us for their first e-commerce store. That’s why hey need our help to understand and take advantage of all of Magento’s powerful functionalities to manage their new website effectively. Therefore, after delivering the final website, we often provide basic Magento guides and instructions as well as free online training for most of our clients.

  • Free After-service Support

    One of the biggest worries of Magento e-commerce store owners is how they can tackle sudden issues after completing the web development process. For example, if there was a bug that they did not notice during testing but after production mode when the contract ended, it would be troublesome. Understanding these concerns, we offer 3-month (or more) of free support for all of our clients, to stand by and help them address possible issues timely.

Magento Development New Zealand – FAQs

You can easily find a lot of Magento Development New Zealand companies by using search enginesĀ with keywords “NZ Magento developers, Magento eCommerce development company, Magento agency in New Zealand, etc.”.

However, selecting the most suitableĀ Magento development company is a different story.

With years of experience in Magento, we are confident to provide you with the best website design & development service. At Tigren, you will enjoy the best quality of work at an affordable price, high-quality support, great customer service and communication.

We always endeavor to deliver clients’ project at its best:

On the website front-end: your customers will enjoy an attractive and fully responsive website design,Ā optimal page load speed, convenient product and catalog browsing, intuitive navigation, fast and smooth checkout, etc.

On the website front-end: you can manage your products, orders, customers, subscribers, returns, stocks, banners and images, and so on easily and effectively.

Yes, you can. However,Ā the new requirements (e.g.: customizing the theme and extension, developing a custom feature…) are considered “out of scope” of the initial proposal and contract. Therefore, we will need to examine those again as well as estimate the extra time and cost. If you agree, we can proceed.

On the other hand, in case you just want to make minor changes such as changing the banners, font, colors of the theme, there will be no extra cost.

After 3-month free after-service support, if you still need ongoing support from us, you should consider using our Monthly Support PackagesĀ (Silver,Ā Gold, and Platinum), starting from $300/month.

By using our support service, your site will be always updated (Magento, theme & extensions new versions). Also, we can help you to fix unexpected bugs, install and configure new modules, manage source code, and so on.

We can communicate via different channels such as email, phone, Skype, Whatapps, video conference, and so on. For each project, there is a project coordinator who will beĀ your major point of contact.

Want to build an awesome e-commerce website like The Iconic, Sephora, iHerb, Harvey Norman, Mighty Ape, Good As Gold, Fashionz, Glassons…?Ā contact us now to get a quote for your Magento development New Zealand project!
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