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Looking For A Trusted Magento Development Company In UAE?

It’s true to say that UAE is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the Middle East as well as in the world. In the past decade, online shopping has witnessed an incredible growth by 1500% in the Middle East. More interestingly, 50%Ā of e-commerce sales in this region is contributed by the leader UAE, and these numbers are predicted to continue to rise considerably in the near future. As a result, thereĀ are more and more people looking for Magento development UAE companies to startĀ their online businesses.

5 Factors Facilitating Magento Development UAE

  • Internet penetration in the UAE reached an incredible 99%
  • Over 60% of Internet users are regular online shoppers
  • UAE is a world-class shopping destination that both attracts locals & international customers
  • UAE is the 30th-largest economy in the world by GDP & the avg. consumer spending is very high
  • UAE is one of top 10 in the Ease of Doing Business ranking of 190 countries by the World Bank

Why Tigren’s Magento Development Services?

With over 6 years of programming experience, we always endeavor to deliver the highest quality Magento development UAE services to all of our clients. Besides, we provide them with 5 “FREEs”:

  • Free Consultation

    Once you send us your project requirement, our Magento experts will examine it carefully and provide you with professional consultation – the best solutions for your project – at no cost. With years of experience in Magento e-commerce development, we can know what is suitable for your store and what is not. Contact us now to get the best advice for your Magento development UAE projects.

  • Free Estimate

    After understanding all of your requirements, our team will prepare a detailed proposal for your Magento website development project. This proposal consists of suggested solutions, time and cost estimate, project scope, payment terms, etc. While many Magento development companies in UAE will charge you a certain fee for the quote (since it takes time and effort to thoroughly understand project specifications and seek proper solutions), we offer it without extra cost.

  • Free Theme & Extensions

    In all of our Magento website design & development projects, the clients can use our themes & extensions without paying a buck. As usual, these themes and extensions are sold with an average price of $99. In case that the customers want to have more choices, we are still willing to suggest templates and modules from other providers.

  • Free Training

    Many UAE business owners came to us for their first e-commerce website. They need our help to be able to understand and harness all of Magento’s powerful features to manage their new stores effectively. Therefore, after completing the website development process, we often give our clients basic Magento guides and instructions as well as free online training.

  • Free Support

    One of the biggest concerns of Magento store owners is how they can deal with possible issues after finishing the website development process. Supposed that there was a bug that they did not figure out during testing but after moving the site to live, and the contract ended, it would be a big trouble. Owing to understand these worries, we offer 3-month (or more) of free after-service support for all of our clients to help them tackle unexpected issues with ease.

If you want to possess an amazingĀ UAE e-commerce website likeĀ Souq, Awok, Wadi, Namshi, Desertcart, Sharafdg, contact us now to get a quote for your Magento development project!

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