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Looking For The Best Magento Development Company In UK?

In recent years, the demand for hiring Magento development UK companies has been increasing dramatically. The reason might be that more and more people see the high potential of going ecommerce when more than 80% of the population in this country are Internet users. Moreover, online sales revenue experienced strong and stable growth, reaching astoundingly 586 billion British pounds in 2017 (according to Statista).

Apart from that, from many surveys, Magento is considered the most prevalent e-commerce platform in the UK, which is empowering over 15,000 online stores. Therefore, you can believe that Magento will be an ideal choice to start your e-business, regardless of your trade fields or scale.

However, choosing the right e-commerce platform is not enough, you will also need to select the right Magento agency to develop your dream website. And Tigren is here to help you do that.

Although we are based in Asia, we possess tremendous experience in working with UK e-commerce businesses.

Moreover, different from many Magento development UK agencies, Tigren is focusing on delivering only Magento services, and more importantly, at significantly more affordable pricing.

Why Tigren?

  • Our Experience: 9/10

    Founded in 2012, we have accumulated more than 6 years of experience in Magento, from e-commerce website design and development, mobile app development to extension development. Up to now, we have had lots of great opportunities to serve clients worldwide, not only from the UK but also from the US, Canada, Australia, Irelands, Netherlands, France, Japan, etc., and implemented hundreds of small to large Magento development projects.

  • Our Quality: 9/10

    We understand that “6 years” might not be a long time compared to many Magento development UK gurus; that’s why we restlessly learn and update new technologies to enhance our knowledge and skills. Our team, for a typical Magento web design development project, includes the project manager, technical manager, project coordinator, designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA and tester, who all contribute to delivering “the best of the best” quality to our clients.

  • Our Pricing: 9/10

    Since we are located in Asia where labor cost is a huge competitive advantage, we can still provide the best e-commerce solutions while staying within the tight budgets of small to medium businesses. If you want to know the exact cost for developing your Magento web development project, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

  • Our Support: 10/10

    From our experience, one of the biggest concerns of the store owners on a Magento project is how their website performance is after completing the development process and how they can handle possible issues. Therefore, we provide our clients with 1-3 months of free after-service support to make sure that they have no problems when managing the new site. The clients can get in touch with us via email, phone, live chat, ticket and receive our response within a few hours. Although we have only 40 hours at the workplace, we are willing to help our clients beyond our official working hours or on the weekend when there is an urgent situation.

  • Our Attitude: 10/10

    We endeavor to make all of our clients happy “before, during, and after” the Magento development process. Every time receiving a new proposal request, we spend a lot amount of time examining the requirements, looking for the best solutions, searching for proper themes, extensions, and payment gateways, etc. to recommend for the clients without any fee. Then, before starting the project, we will give our clients a detailed project schedule and timeline so they can easily follow the development progress. During the development process, we try our best to meet all of the deadlines. And when the project ends, we still stand behind to give the stores timely support.

We will build a solid foundation for your e-business as long as you give us a chance!

Magento Development UK – FAQ

This is a tough question. The more complicated your Magento website is, the longer time it takes complete its development process. However, in general, you will need to spend at least one month to build a simple online store, and from 1-3 months or even more to develop a website with complex functionalities and design. Therefore, if you need to know the exact time spent on your Magento development, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will examine all of your requirements and help you to estimate the total number of hours needed for your project.

The cost of your Magento website design and development project is directly proportional to its total time of implementation. Assumed that the hourly rate of your selected Magento development UK agency was $30, and it was estimated to take $180 hours to develop your site, so you would have to pay $5,400 to the developers. Also, you needed to allocate your budget to purchase a theme, extensions, domain, hosting, and so on. Contact us to know both the estimated time and cost for your upcoming Magento development plan.

Actually, Magento appears to be quite¬†intricate for the beginners, especially for the store owners who don’t have a technical background. Nonetheless, you should not worry about this issue. By selecting us as your trusted partner, you will get used to Magento quickly and know to monitor your new store effectively thanks to our comprehensive guide and support before, during and after your Magento development process.

Yes, it is. Several years ago, Magento 2 was unstable with a lot of bugs and security issues but it has become better day by day. As a result, Magento 2 outweighs Magento 1 in all aspects from design (both frontend and backend), functionality, user experience, to the number of available themes and extensions. Apart from it, Magento officially announced the shut down of Magento 1 support in 2020, which contributes to increasing the motivation to migrate Magento 1 to 2 or develop a new site from scratch on Magento 2.

Seeking for the best UK Magento development company might not be a good idea for many e-businesses, particularly the start-ups. Provided that you could figure out the top Magento agency in the UK, are you sure to afford the expensive pricing that they propose? (at least $15,000 for a simple Magento website development project). Due to that, you had better look for the most suitable Magento development firm, who can not only meet your needs and requirements but also offer more reasonable pricing than other Magento development UK agencies for sure.

Actually, no. We believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” package for all UK e-commerce businesses.¬†Either the requirements of the websites or the expectation of the store owners are varied, so are our solutions. Don’t mind telling us what you need and even share with us your budget, we will give you a custom Magento development package.

As you might know, Magento Open Source is a self-hosted e-commerce platform that you can download for free while Magento Commerce is a premium hosted solution with a relatively high annual cost. Although both of these Magento editions can provide a solid foundation for an online store, Magento Commerce is more suitable for large firms with more advanced features (e.g.: B2B, page builder, visual merchandising, etc.). For smaller companies, Magento Open Source is enough.

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