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Looking For A Trusted Magento Development Company In USA?

More than 210 million online users and 504.6 billion US dollars generated from online sales in 2018 have made the US e-commerce industry more attractive than ever. If you want to enter this promising market, choosing the right Magento development USA agency to help you build a powerful website is one of the very first steps.

In fact, there is no difficulty in finding a wide range of Magento development companies or Magento developers in the USA, either from New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Portland, San Francisco, Seatle, or Philadelphia. However, many choices often make the store owners confused and uneasy to decide which is a reliable agency to cooperate with. Therefore, you should define your budget and set some criteria before comparing among Magento development USA companies and choose the most suitable one.

If you are a start-up, a small e-commerce business, or a big store owner who want to use your budget wisely, Tigren Solutions is one of the first choices when it comes to excellent but affordable Magento website design and development services.

With over 6 years of experience in Magento development, we are confident to say that we can deliver your e-commerce project at its best quality. Our Magento experts can give you the best consultancy (at no cost) and the best solutions (high effectiveness, minimum time, and within budget).

Compared to other Magento development USA companies, we definitely offer a better price since low labor cost is one of our competitive advantages. Contact us now if you want to get an exact quote for your upcoming website development project.

Seeking an agency that offers high-quality but affordable Magento development USA services, you had the answer!

Our Magento Development Services

Different from many US Magento development companies, we only focus on Magento related services and we endeavor to give you the best.

  • Magento Website Development

    Our team of skillful and enthusiast Magento developers will make your dream online store come true after the shortest period of time. If this is the first time you have built a Magento website and known almost nothing about the development process, don’t worry since you have our back! If you find it hard to select proper theme/ extensions/ hosting, we can suggest. If you don’t know how to use and manage your Magento website, we will give you the guide!

  • Magento Website Design

    The needs and requirements for website appearance are different from this business to another. In case that you expect a unique web design to be outstanding in thousands of US Magento development store, our creative website designers and frontend developers will try our best to give you a “one and only” design – exclusive, appealing, innovative but still user-friendly. On the other hand, if what you need is just a simple and popular design without investing a lot of money on it, we will recommend/ provide some fitting themes and templates.

  • Magento Migration

    It would be the right decision to move from other platforms to Magento, the leading e-commerce platform now. With tremendous experience in Magento migration from WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, OpenCart, etc., we can give you a smooth and effective transformation (no data loss, optimal time and cost). Also, we offer a reasonable Magento 1 to 2 migration service that will provide you with more attractive website design, more powerful functionalities, more intelligent admin panel, and more flexibility.

  • Magento Upgrade/ Revamp

    After a long time of operation, most of the e-commerce stores need revamping to boost their performance or simply bring freshness to the customers. If you don’t have enough technical knowledge to upgrade the site yourself, let’s get the help from prestigious Magento development USA companies. With rich practical experience, Magento developers can suggest and make your website much better by customizing the existing theme, installing a new theme, extensions, updates, developing custom features and so on.

  • Magento Extension Development

    We are providing an array of high-quality extensions that are fundamental for all Magento 2 websites. Visit our module store and pick the essentials for your business. Apart from it, we offer all of our Magento modules for free for clients who use our Magento new website development or Magento 2 migration services.

  • Magento Custom Function Development

    Although Magento is a wonderful platform, it cannot fully meet some unique needs of e-commerce businesses. In many cases, the store owners look for special functionalities but either Magento defaults or all of the available Magento extensions cannot fulfill. That’s why we provide the custom function development service for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites. For example, if you want to integrate your site with a third-party shipping carrier/ payment gateway but there is no connection module, we can help.

  • Magento Website Optimization

    After developing a new Magento store or updating/ migrating to another Magento version/ edition, it’s essential for your site to be optimized in terms of PHP, MySQL code, JS, CSS, configuration or images. By using our cost-effective Magento optimization service, your website will be at its best performance for sure.

  • Magento Monthly Support

    As you might know, Magento only provides support for Magento Commerce edition and even cease its Magento 1 support system in the near future. Therefore, if your website is running on Magento Open Source or Magento 1, finding help from other sources when rising an issue is a must. And we would like to become your trusted source of assistance. We can both help you to tackle urgent issues and provide regular support on a monthly basis. As a result, your website will be maintained the high performance and minimum downtime.

  • Magento Mobile App Development

    Besides Magento website design and development, one of our core services is Magento app development. We will help you to build an incredible mobile app that is designed with the utmost care, keeping your app users in mind. As a result, you will be able to retain your existing customers as well as acquire new ones.

Choosing the right platform is pivotal for e-commerce businesses’ successes.
However, choosing the right website development company to build a store on your selected platform even matters more.
If we have an opportunity to be your Magento development company, we will never let you disappointed but excessing what you expected!
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