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It is true that e-commerce has been flourishing in recent years and choosing an appropriate platform for your online business is the first step on your way to success. When it comes to e-commerce platform, Magento can be considered as the most preferred and perfect one for enterprises of all levels. It has empowered nearly 250,000 e-commerce stores to establish their presence on the internet and make a fortune.

As one of the leading Magento development companies, Tigren endeavors to exploit all of the Magento’s rich features and powerful inbuilt functionalities to serve your e-commerce development. We offer a wide range of Magento development services such as converting your design’s PSD to Magento storefront, customizing and powering up your current Magento store or building a new website from scratch. With more than 5-year experience on Magento development and strong business know-how, we are confident to meet different clients’ needs and give your business a breakthrough.

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Together, we will build a flawless Magento store – both look and feel and help you to get significant ROI.

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Here are some outstanding Magento development projects we have worked on over the last years. Hope that your project might be the next!

Why choose us?

Our superb Magento solutions promise to grow your business and provide you the constant assistance to ensure the smooth running of your Magento e-commerce store.

  • Short Lead Time

    In the harsh e-commerce industry, time is money. Therefore, we endeavor to deliver to you the best results in the shortest period of time.

  • Certified Magento Developers

    Certified Magento Developers

    With 5-year experience on Magento and business know-how on average, our team will definitely satisfy you.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

    You will receive world-class customer service. Everytime you need, we are here regardless of different time zones. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

  • Everything In Your Control

    You will be involved in our professional project tracking software and be able to follow each of our steps during the whole working process.

What will you get?

Our superb Magento solutions promise to grow your business and provide you the constant assistance to ensure the smooth running of your Magento e-commerce store.

  • Responsive design

    Your website is designed to look cool on any devices from mobile and tablets to desktop computers.

  • Aesthetically Appealing Design

    We create websites that is pleasing to the eyes, which are harmonized from colors, images, to textual content.

  • Fast Page Loading Time

    No matter how many functions are there in your website, we still have a solution to optimize the page speed to the maximum performance.

  • Highly Functional Website

    Your website is not only beautiful in design but also convenient for both you and your customers with lots of useful features.

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Other Services

Besides Magento Website Development, we offer more Magento services that you might be interested in:

Magento Mobile App Development

Magento Mobile App Development

Develop stunning Magento mobile apps from scratch or based on ready-made apps that are sure to impress your potential customers.

Magento Website Development

Magento Website Development

Build awesome Magento websites that engage customers, engender loyalty and empower retailers. Let our professionals build a website as unique as you.

Magento Performance Optimization

Magento Performance Optimization

Carefully examine and give the best advice to make your Magento store run fast and smoothly and keep customers stay longer with you.

Magento Website Design

Magento Website Design

Create appealing and user-friendly interfaces that make your users thrilled to visit your website and lead to high conversion rates and traffic.

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 Migration

Conduct a smooth and data loss-free migration of data, code, themes, extensions with necessary customization, with the minimum lead time.

Magento Support

Magento Support

Provide strict surveillance and continuous maintenance and support for your online business. Address any obstacles on the way to success.

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