ShopEddies is a one-stop online store for anyone who is looking for high-quality parts for cars, trucks, RVs, power sports at the best prices. Up to now, they have provided up to one million items across many marketplaces, especially in the US and Canada.

Realizing the huge potential of Progressive Web App, ShopEddies decided to convert their Magento 2 website to an amazing PWA.

Based on TigrenPWA, ShopEddies PWA has lightning speed, app-like functions, and a clean design. In addition, it is equipped with some advanced e-commerce features to provide the best shopping experience for the users.

Project Requirements

The original website of ShopEddies was Magento 2.3 ready. However, since it used the default Magento 2 Luma Theme with minor customization, the site looked not really attractive. This was one of the motivations for ShopEddies to convert their store to Magento 2 PWA.

Also, ShopEddies wanted to use TigrenPWA ready-made theme in order to achieve its PWA in the shortest time possible. As a result, the old website design was replaced by a new powerful and well-designed storefront.

It’s worth noting that we customized the default theme (e.g.: changing the color palette, logo, banners, font...) to match the client’s brand identity.

Besides the API core functions application, we needed to make some customization work to make sure that the ShopEddies PWA is compatible with all Magento extensions on the site. For example:

  • Shop by brand
  • Improved layered navigation
  • Filter search box
  • Year-make-model filter
  • Part finders

Regards the checkout, we recommended ShopEddies convert from Magento default checkout to the convenient One-step checkout. Thanks to that, it helped to simplify the checkout process and deliver a better experience to their customers.